Tony Georges is a playwright and director on the rise! Tony is a proud memeber of SDC (Stage Directors and Choreographers Society). His directing credits include regional productions of "The Secret Garden," "Chicago," "Anything Goes," and "Beauty and the Beast." He was the founder and former Artistic Director of the not-for-profit Ector Theatricals Organization. He is currently making his Off-Broadway directorial and writing debut with "Tricks The Devil Taught Me", which opens tonight, August 18, 2011, at the Minetta Lane Theatre in NYC (18 Minetta Lane in the West Village) starring award winning actress and fellow "Adaumbelle's Quest" participant Beth Grant! Click here to buy tickets!

From my review: "Tricks The Devil Taught Me" is a show to see because of its brilliant cast and in depth script that reels you in and makes you focus throughout the whole show!

1. Who or what inspired you to become a playwright? I never particularly aspired to be a playwright; I had always imagined I would work as a director, and in particular, a director of musicals. Shortly after I moved to New York, I went to see "Doubt" on Broadway. While I was there, something clicked. Honestly, I can’t explain it. It changed the way I looked at myself, and changed my view on what I thought was possible.

2. If you could cast anyone in one of your plays, who would you choose? I adore the cast we have. So, if I could work with them again, I wouldn’t think twice. I am a fierce loyalist. Many people have been good to me in my life, and I work with many of the same people over and over again. If I had to pick someone I haven’t worked with, I suppose I would say Cate Blanchett. She’s a terrifyingly brilliant actress and a great friend to the world of theatre.

3. What made you want to write and direct "Tricks the Devil Taught Me"? How at such a young age did you write such a complex show? I started in a place where I felt comfortable. I’m from Texas, so I built around the people and places I knew. I started off by creating the characters, and then something very strange happened—they took over. Sometimes I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with them.

4. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing "Tricks The Devil Taught Me"? This show is all about understanding people. It’s a play about judgment, and how people justify their actions. I hope audiences will leave feeling that they understand these people, and that no matter how different we seem to be, we really are all very much the same.

5. What did you learn about yourself from writing and directing "Tricks The Devil Taught Me" and what you have you learned about yourself from being a playwright/director in general? I learned that I can survive on very little sleep. But, honestly, this is a tough question to answer. I can’t even begin. So much. I’ve learned so much about myself during this process. I think I like myself a little better, actually. The play has allowed me to come to understand myself in ways I never had.

6. What has been the best part about seeing "Tricks The Devil Taught Me" come to life with this cast? Have your words or initial thoughts/ideas about the show changed since seeing it up on stage? Our cast is amazing. Every day we discover something new. The collaboration has been great, and we’re so lucky that we all love each other. I’ve never worked with nicer people.

7. Favorite part of the creative process in writing a show and where is your favorite place to write? As the writer of this play, I feel extremely vulnerable…it’s like saying “I love you” to someone for the first time and waiting for them to respond. I’ve never felt that kind of vulnerability, and it’s thrilling. I mean, it’s also utterly terrifying. But I am lucky. It’s wonderful to know what this feels like.

8. Favorite way to spend your day off? Day off?

9. Boxers or Briefs? I wear those boxery brief things.

10. Favorite website? I am ashamed, but I’m going to have to say Wikipedia. I get sucked into the vortex and I find that hours can vanish and I’m suddenly an expert on one thing or another.

11. "Glinda" or "Elphaba"? No question, Elphaba. She and I have a lot in common.


12. What's the best advice you've ever received? Miss Piggy once wisely stated, “Never eat more than you can lift.” That’s pretty good advice.

13. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? It just depends. I like to shake it up.

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