Diana Falzone is a television/radio host, relationship expert, and writer. She hosted "Cosmolicious with Diana," her own national daily primetime talk show on Sirius XM. Diana is the spokesperson for Paltalk.com and she hosts a weekly interview show focusing on relationships and dating. Additionally, she is the co-creator and writer for the comic book, “Hot Mess." Diana was the first female host on Maxim Radio Sirius XM where she co-hosted "DeVore and Diana." Diana is a special field correspondent for G4TV’s "Attack of the Show" and guest host of "The Feed." Diana is a host and writer for Wetv.com. Additionally, she is the "Love and Marriage" host for the lifestyle magazine Fox News iMAG. Diana is the advice columnist for Military.com.

Her work has been published in the textbook, Sexuality Education, distributed in universities across North America. She is actively involved with military causes including the USO. She can be seen, heard and read as a relationship expert on various TV networks, radio stations, and websites. Diana graduated from The New School University with a degree in psychology.

You can catch Diana performing in "Hush the Musical," composed and directed by Charles Mandrachia, as part of the NYC International Fringe Festival from August 13-25 at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC (158 Bleecker Street). For tickets, click the date of the show you want to see! Sat Aug 13 @ 3:30pm, Tues Aug 16 @ 7pm, Tues Aug 23 @ 5pm, Wed Aug 24 @ 7pm, Thurs Aug 25 @ 6:30pm

1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer/writer/relationship expert? At a very early age I knew I wanted to do two things in my life. One was help others in some way and secondly was to entertain them. I was not quite sure what path that would be but now I can see I'm on the road to accomplishing my goals.

2. Who is the one person you haven't worked with that you would like to? There are so many that I admire in the entertainment industry that it is difficult to name just one. However, Jennifer Lopez is a media mogul. I would love to shadow her for one day.  She always has a million things going on at once and seems to never break a sweat under the pressure.

3. What attracted you to "Hush the Musical" and what excites you most about performing in the NYC International Fringe Festival? I worked with Charles when I was cast as Natasha in "Valentino the Musical" at 18 years old. He composes the most beautiful melodies. When he approached me to audition for the role of the "Wife" in "Hush" I heard one song and was sold. I'm very excited to be apart of the NYC International Fringe Festival. It is held in such high regard in the theater community and I feel very honored to be returning to the stage as a proud cast member of "Hush." In rehearsals I get goosebumps hearing my cast members sing. Amazing amount of talent in the "Hush" cast.

4. How did you decide to start writing about relationships and what made you want to cater them to towards the military? I really did not decide to start writing about relationships. When I was 22 years old I was the co-host of the SiriusXM radio show "DeVore and Diana." Our callers began asking me relationship questions, the next thing I knew I was getting asked to talk about relationships on TV, in print and beyond. I realized how much I enjoyed it and continued to take the opportunities. Now, with years worth of on-the-job experience and continuing my education for a master's degree in mental health counseling, I have become extremely passionate about assisting others in their relationship trials and tribulations.

I began volunteering with the USO when I was 19 years old. My brother attended the United States Military Academy (West Point) and was deployed to Iraq. I saw what my family and other military families went through when he was away. My family was very lucky to have my brother come back safe and sound however others were not. I started visiting bases like Fort Hood in Texas in my early 20s.  I met with the soldiers and their significant others. The relationship/dating issues that military singles and couples face is unique and not many people were addressing their needs. I was approached by Military.com to write a daily advice column and of course I said yes.

5. What do you get from performing in a show that you don't get from writing? Writing is a very singular experience. It is my thoughts and me when I write.  When I perform I feel the energy of the audience. I am the most calm when I'm singing. I'm not worrying about anything else. I'm lost in the song.

6. What have you learned about yourself from performing, writing, and being a relationship expert? I have learned that I have very high expectations of myself whether I am writing, performing or being a relationship expert. Overall, I have high expectations of how I am as a person. My life's goal is to be good to others and give back more than what I receive. 

7. Favorite way to stay in shape? I don't work out in the traditional sense. I like walking. It keeps me in shape and gets me to my point of destination without taking away from time in my day to accomplish other tasks.

8. Favorite skin care product? Anything SkinMedica. I'm a big advocate of moisturizer and I stay out of the sun.

9. Favorite website? My favorite websites are www.hotmesscomic.com, military.com and maxim.com.

10. Superman or Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman without a doubt! 


11. What's the best advice you've ever received? The best advice I ever received was the outcome will be the outcome regardless if you worry or not.

12. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? If I could dream about anyone while I sleep, it would be the person I'm dating. Cue an awwww.

13. What was it like to be the first female host of Maxim Radio Sirius XM? It was an interesting transition being the first and only female on Maxim Radio. I had to earn the listeners' respect. Could I hang with the guys or not? The answer was yes but let's just say I learned more about beer, bacon and boobs than any woman should. I look back on those years on Maxim Radio with such fondness. I love the Maxim brand and still work with them to this day.

14. What made you want to write the comic book "Hot Mess"? What made me decide to write my comic book Hot Mess, which is co-created and co-written by Geoff Skinner, was my love of the Archie comics growing up. I read Betty & Veronica before I went to sleep each night. As I got older I realized that mostly every comic was for men and any female comic book protagonist was usually a bombshell pin-up. I wanted to give a younger audience specifically girls their own comic book that would not only entertain them but help them during their formative years.

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