Graham Alexander has been making music and touring since the age of 10. He formed his first band with friends known as "The Roadrunners" playing the NYC and Philadelphia live music circuit. Gaining a following on this route, "The Roadrunners" released two albums in which Graham wrote or co-wrote most of the songs. Their debut album in 2003 was called "The Roadrunners: Cellar Sessions" and their sophomore album, "Breakaway," was released in 2006. Shortly after this release, the group parted ways and Graham began to move onto his own writing and projects such as penning the soundtrack for Emmy Award winning director Ken Sheil, touring, and performing on Broadway. Graham has played alongside such groups as Badfinger, Spencer Davis Group, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Smithereens, The Hollies, Peter Noone, and America.

Graham has also lent a hand to a number of Music Video television shows ("Wetten Das," BBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC), films ("Across The Universe," "Friends of Ken," and "Splinterheads"), and video games (Beatles Rock Band).

Graham just released his debut EP "Graham Alexander, Vol. 1" and is currently performing as Paul McCartney in the Broadway show "Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles" at The Brooks Atkinson Theatre (256 West 47th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue) through September 4th.

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Take a sample listen to Graham's debut EP and experience the talent that is Graham Alexander! 

Graham Alexander, Vol. 1 by GrahamAlexander

1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? Ya know....I kind of fell into it really...because my love was being a musican...and writing I started a band when I was younger...and started playing out live just out of the love of playing..and singing....So I guess in short the answer would love of playing, singing, and writing is what made me want to become a performer....boring? probably...maybe it goes deeper than that...but truth is I haven't evaluated it yet. BAH!

2. Who's the one person you haven't worked with that you would like to? I would LOVE to work with a number of people...but I guess If I had to work with one person artistically.....or musically rather....I might say producer David Kahne....or Bob Dylan....this is a great question....cause again my answer is more vague then i'd like it to be.

3. What made now the right time to release your debut album? Well, Its the right time....because I really dislike the way most people are making and writing records today. The music industry isnt magic anymore...its status quo....Rock music isnt rebellious anymore...its been bottled and typified...can you imagine a time when records were EVERYTHING to young people??? I can't...cause I wasn't there...but I'd like to be there again....with real artists....playing, writing, singing...and producing their records....and trying artistically to always do better....shouldn't music be about playing and singing...and writing???...rather than auto tuning...and programming everything?.....if there was an auto paint for brush artists we would never buy another painting again.....This isn't a knock on anyone specifically......because there are some really talented artists out there today....most of which are, unfortunately, the product of industry standards.

4. What is your favorite part in the creative process of putting an album together? My favorite part.....Is really the writing...I write and write and write every day....always have...always will. Its one of those things thats in my blood....and to write is to really release stress (sometimes it builds it)...but theres no better feeling than getting a great song down on paper or tape.....even with just a guitar or piano.....because if its a GREAT will be EASY to record..and it will FALL into place on a record 98% of the time....

5. Since you star in "Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles" on Broadway, did The Beatles influence your music style? If so, how? Oh for sure....there isn't an artist in a studio today that isn't....even if they don't know it. Does the music SOUND anything like the any more than Lady Gaga....or Sara Bareilles..... I love MUSIC in general....i'm really really very picky about what i like....and mostly....anything I do like has to do with how its written....and the Lennon/McCartney Songwriting team...(fortunately for me....and all of music)....was one of the greatest most prolific, popular music songwriting teams of all time.....together and alone they wrote some of the songs that bridged the gap from 3 chord rock almost classical popular elegance...if that makes ANY sense....So while the sound dosen't really influence me their writing does (along with people like Dylan, Cole Porter, The Gershwins).

6. Favorite place to practice/write on your own? Not too picky about where I am...I love writing in my dressing room.......writing backstage has a vibe.

7. Favorite way to stay in shape? Performing...the show is a pretty tough show for my character...and I love just putting out as much energy as possible every night....I've also got a nice walk from stage to dressing room...but thats not really staying in shape as much as its just not being lazy.

8. Boxers or Briefs? Mostly Boxer Briefs...I am a convert from Boxers....always weird ones...Dogs, Spongebob, Smiley Faces, Christmas Trees....TMI????? prolly.

9. Favorite website? My CURRENT favorite website would be YOURS...i am very much enjoying your blog at the moment....other than that.....FACEBOOK. (why not?)

10. Superman or Wonder Woman? I've never had a preference...but Wonder Woman is pretty fly. lotsa bling. I could deal with that.


11. What's the best advice you've ever received? Best advice....Don't ever stop...never ever ever stop doing things.....keep matter what....things will ALWAYS....turn your way....even if they dont seem to at first...or at second....or at third.....keep GOING.

12. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? Interesting....I guess....I'd have to dream about someone I couldn't actually see in real maybe a relative who has passed on...???? Maybe someone from 200+ years ago...WHO KNOWS. (great question...sloppy answer).

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