Call Redialed: NEW Olivia Newton-John Interview: "A Woman of Song"

Call Redialed: NEW Olivia Newton-John Interview: "A Woman of Song"

In 2009, a dream came true for me, I interviewed one of my favorite performers, Olivia Newton-John. Now 2 years later, to have the opportunity to interview her again, is even more of a dream come true. It meant the world to me that I was given a few minutes on the phone with Olivia herself to do the interview, so I got in as many questions as I could.

Olivia Newton-John is celebrating 40 years of being an entertainer! She has sold over 100 million albums, won four Grammy Awards, numerous People's Choice, American Music, Country Music Awards, and an Emmy Award for songwriting. Olivia has worked continuously throughout her career between music, movies, television, and books! Since I last interviewed Olivia, she's been recording new music, building the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center (which is scheduled to open it's doors in 2012), guest-starring on "Glee," promoting her husband's skin care renewal system "Amazon Rain," and this December embarking on a mini-tour!

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1. You've been an entertainer for over 40 years. Ahhh...haha! Hard to believe. Me: I know, I know, but thank God your still at it. Olivia: Yeah, I still feel very grateful that I can still do it and I still have fun. Me: Yes, yes, and you definitely still have a big fan base. Olivia: Oh, thank you. Me: You're welcome.What have you learned about yourself and what has kept you grounded in an industry that can lead others down a darker road? Oh my God, good questions. I've learned not to be afraid of making mistakes. I think that goes for life as well. I used to be so terrified on stage that I would make any kind of a mistake. I was always a perfectionist and so when I made the mistake, I thought I was going to die, but then I realized it was all okay and that mistake became a life lesson.

I think because I grew up in Australia, I think I'm lucky with my upbringing and my friends. I've always had a realistic take on who I am and not an overblown idea of what I was capable of. I guess low self-esteem has been a pretty good thing (hahaha). I'm just a grounded person in general and I like to do grounded things. When I was younger, when I got home, I would jump on my horse and ride, but now-a-days, I do the laundry or go for a walk or bike ride or my husband and I go out into nature somehow. I just like the basic things that are important to me. I do go to the red carpet events and enjoy them, but that is not the center of my world in anyway.

2. What has been your proudest moment so far: either professionally or personally or both? Personally, would be of course the birth of my daughter. I don't think anythig comes close to having a child and that moment when she was born and watching her grow up has been the greatest joy in my life. Me: It seems that you have a very close relationship with her which you're very lucky to have. Olivia: Yeah, we do. She's a wonderful girl.

3. I'm very excited because this December you are headed out on tour again. What excites you about this upcoming tour? Seeing my band again and seeing the public again. I haven't been on tour in a while here in the states. I did a few shows in South America earlier this year. This is a very short tour, but it will be fun to catch up with everybody and sing again because it's part of who I am. I love to sing, so it will be a lot of fun. Me: Well, we're looking forward to it. Olivia: Thank You.

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4. You have a new movie coming out this January called "A Few Best Men." What attracted you to the movie? What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing the film? I just hope they laugh because that's what it is. It's just a wacky, outrageous comedy. I think everyone just needs a good laugh now-a-days. And the boys are so, so funny in it.

5. You look exactly the same as you did when you first started out, at least I feel you do. Olivia: Oh, you're too kind. Me: What is your secret to looking so great and feeling so great? I think I'm really lucky. I'm in love. I have a wonderful husband and I'm really happy, which really counts. I'm doing things that I feel strongly and passionate about like building the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center and working with my husband John on his Amazon Rain Herb company, both of which are very important to me. I think mostly taking his herbs everyday. We travel 90% of the time because I go with him for his work and he comes with me for mine, and I think without the herbage, I wouldn't be feeling so good. I'm very grateful for his company and his herbs. His skin care Amazon Rain is really amazing as well, which I use.

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6. You are working on an album of dance remixes. What can fans expect from this album? What made you want to do an album of all dance music? It just kind of happened because in Australia a mixer down there, Dan Murphy, took "Magic" and remixed it and then they did a video that was really special and that kind of has sparked a lot of interest with remxies and we had a lot of inquiries from remixers about it. I had been making some tracks with my nephew, Brett Goldsmith, in Australia for the last 8 years. We would sometimes to get together to write a song or play around and these tracks were just there and we thought why don't we put those out and record some new ones and we've got ourselves an album that hasn't been released before. Also with the new movie, "A Few Best Men," John Farrar has written a song for me called "Weightless" and that is on the soundtrack and the closing song in the movie and that is a dance track. So it's like I've kind of got two different projects going on with dance music, which is not something I've planned on, but here's a whole new genre. Me: I'm very excited about this. Olivia: Oh, thank you. 


7. In 2010, you starred in two episodes of "Glee." What did that whole experience mean to you? What was it like to record a new version of "Physical" and get to do it with Jane Lynch? It was just fun. I met Ryan Murphy and he asked me if I liked to be part of the show and at that time, I hadn't even seen the show, which I was a bit embarrassed about because it was such a big hit, but I had been traveling, for a change (haha), which is why I hadn't seen it. I did then watch it and thought it was hysterical and everyone was jumping up and down "Oh, you're going to do "Glee" that's amazing." Jane was so much fun and so lovely. We had a wonderful time. It was just great. Me: I loved your two-episode arc. I love the new version of "Physical" so much I put it on my gym mix. Olivia: Oh good. Thank you.

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