Marc Shaiman

Winner of both the Tony and Grammy Award for the score to the smash hit Broadway musical "Hairspray", Marc Shaiman is a legendary composer, lyricist, musical director, producer, and vocal arranger. Marc started his career as a vocal arranger for the one and only Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. He eventually became her Musical Director & Co-Producer for many of her recordings including the Grammy Award winning songs "Wind Beneath My Wings" & "From A Distance." One of Marc's greatest moments working with Bette was their collaboration of her Emmy Award winning performance on Johnny Carson's final "Tonight Show". In addition to the above honors, Marc has also won an Emmy Award for Billy Crystal's Oscar Medleys and nominated for five Academy Awards for the films "Sleepless in Seattle", "The American President", "The First Wives Club", "Patch Adams", and "South Park: Bigger, Louder, and Uncut". In 2002 Marc received the "Hollywood Outstanding Achievement in Music-in-Film" award. In November 2008, Marc wrote the satiric mini-musical "Prop 8-The Musical", a 3 minute video protesting the passage of California's Proposition 8. The video debuted on on December 3, 2008 & garnered 1.2 million views (currently it has over 4 million views).

Up next for Marc is the world premiere of the Broadway-bound musical "Catch Me If You Can" (based upon the 2002 Dreamworks movie) at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre from July 23-August 14 ( Remember, for all things Marc Shaiman visit

1. Who inspired you to become a musical director/producer/arranger? Barry Manilow (for Bette Midler), Nelson Riddle (for Frank Sinatra), Peter Matz (for Barbra Streisand)

2. Who is the one person you haven't worked with that you would like to? I'm stumped.

3. Which project are you most proud of? Duh...HAIRSPRAY! With my collaboration with Bette Midler for her appearance as Johnny Carson's final guest a very close second.

4. Is there ever a time you thought about quitting? No. Well, maybe one day for about 2 hours, but it passed.

5. Do you have any strange or unusual talent that no one knows about? No, every thing strange and usual about me is out in the open.

6. If you could dream about anyone while you sleep, who would it be? My dog Walli Woo?

7. Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? I don't like coffee, so clearly DD.

8. Favorite kind of shoes? Ones that actually fit.

9. Favorite website? Hmmm, how 'bout

10. Favorite musician/singer? Impossible to chose one. Many of the names above would be obvious candidates!

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