I first came to know Baltimore Russell when he and his husband, John Dylan DeLaTorre, created the web media series People You Know. When I found out Baltimore & his sister, Jennifer Pallanich, were writing their debut fiction book together, I knew I just had to get the inside scoop! Luckily, Jennifer & Baltimore answered my call & I got all the details on their first novel, Awakening (Children of the Solstice Book 1), a fictional story where disasters ring the planet as the earth cries out for heroes to save it. Can these Children of the Solstice work well enough together & master their new powers in time to halt the prophecy and save humanity from cataclysmic devastation? Awakening (Children of the Solstice Book 1) will be released on October 18!


Call Answered: Interview with director/actor Antonio Minino

Call Answered: Interview with actor/producer Guy Kent