When I was a junior in college I interned at Mix 98.5 in Boston. One of the jobs of the interns was to dress up as the station's mascot, The Mix Moose. My first day at my internship, I had the opportunity to go to a local CVS dressed as The Mix Moose. Well, after the event, I was walking down the first aid aisle of CVS and tripped over my feet and fell into the shelving units of medicine, knocking everything down. So when Heidi Vanderlee of Shark Party Media reached out to me about interviewing Shonali Bhowmik about "Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets," which is set in a CVS, I had no choice, but to say yes! "Bed Bugs and Hot Pockets," a show about working at CVS, mass surveillance, technology, social media and our romanticism of it all, will play in the South Asian International Performing Arts Festival on August 8 & 9 at Access Theater Black Box!


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