Derrick's Mom, Michael Snell, Adam, Derrick SorlesOn Sunday, April 24, 2011, I attended Best Gay New York's party at Vlada in NYC to celebrate their 3rd year in existance. Best Gay New York is New York's Best Source online for Gay, GLBT, LGBT and Gay-Friendly News, Entertainment and Events.

This party brought together bloggers, actors, singers, writers, and others who Best Gay New York have supported over the years! Some of those in attendance were singers Adam Joseph and Mister Chase (who treated us to a performance of his latest high-energy single "Addicted") as well as Nathan Manske, creator of "I'm From Driftwood" (a print/video blog tell true gay stories from everyday people around the world), and actors/writers Jesse Archer (from Off-Broadway's "Birdy's Bachelorette Party" and films "Boy Culture," "A Four Letter Word," and "Violent Tendencies") and Casper Andreas ("The Big Gay Musical," "A Four Letter Word,' "Between Love and Goodbye," and "Violent Tendencies").

When I started this site a little over 2 years ago, Best Gay New York was one of the first sites to do a feature on "Adaumbelle's Quest." Now more than 2 years later, I finally got to meet the founders of Best Gay New York, Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles. It was a real honor to not only be invited to this party, but to get to meet Michael and Derrick in person!

Thank you for such a terrific evening!



Happy Easter!