Adam's Call: Anthony Rapp's Without You

525,600 More Visits To You

I could definitely take an additional 525,600 more “Visits to You.”

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Anthony Rapp’s one-man musical Without You at New World Stages in NYC. I first saw this show in 2010 at NYMF. For as much as I loved the show back then, 13 years & a pandemic later, this show took on a whole new meaning.

Anthony kicked things off singing “There is no future, there is no past” & that moment transported me back to my days of listening to the RENT CD in college & then getting to see it on Broadway when Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal returned to their original roles for a limited time towards the end of RENT’s original run.

To transport someone back to an exact moment in time is no easy task, but Anthony achieved this effortlessly, which enabled me to be invested in the show right from the start. Anthony told a lot of backstage stories from his journey to RENT. I loved hearing these tales that, outside of this show, I had not heard before.

I loved the way his stories talked about the relationships he formed with Jonathan Larson & his fellow cast members. I related these tales in a new way because of the lessons I have learned about the importance of relationships over the past 13 years, but especially these past two years. I truly believe it was the relationships that made RENT so electric, in addition to a powerful book, music & talent.

When I saw Without You in 2010, my mom was thriving in her recovery from breast cancer. In the past few years she has battled lung cancer (and won) & more recently liver cancer, which isn’t curable, but manageable.

The scenes where Anthony talked about his mom’s own cancer diagnosis resonated differently with me. I think I had a different reaction to those scenes today because I know my mom won’t get better like she did with breast cancer. Even though I believe my mom has A LOT of years ahead of her, I definitely empathized with Anthony’s fears of losing his mom when he first found out about his mom’s diagnosis.

In addition to RENT & losing his mom, Anthony also talked about his sexuality & finding love for the first time. I have always admired Anthony for living his life out & proud. He was definitely someone I looked up to during my own coming out journey.

The show not only spotlighted Anthony’s road to RENT & the loss of his mother, but it showcased his incredible vocal ability along with his strong acting skills, seamlessly moved from one character to the next.

In addition to some of the RENT songs, I LOVED hearing Anthony’s original songs & his rendition of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion.”

I am so glad Anthony brought this show back. Without You is inspiring, comforting & relatable. It is even more powerful & emotional than when I first saw it 13 years ago.

If you are a fan of RENT or Anthony Rapp in anyway, this is one show I would highly recommend.

Anthony Rapp's Without You currently plays at New World Stages in NYC (340 West 50th Street)

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