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Adam's Call: Amy Marcs' "Nice T!ts": Heart, Laughter, and Barbie Dolls!

Amy Marcs in "Nice T!ts", Photo Credit: Colleen SturtevantAmy Marcs' Nice T!ts at The PIT Loft in NYC has it all...heart, laughter, and Barbie dolls! I never thought a show about one's journey with breast cancer would make me laugh, cry, and then laugh even more, but that's just what Nice T!ts did. Amy took one of life's lowest blows and came back swinging her way to champion! Amy has created a show that everyone can relate to. 

In just one-hour's time, Amy took us through every step of her breast cancer, from the day of diagnosis all the way through her double mastectomy and beyond. She took us to support groups, doctors offices, Toys 'R' Us, and even to bed. She left no detail out. What made this show so awesome was the way Amy infused her brand of comedy throughout the really tough moments. One minute I was getting emotional during her surgery and the next moment I was rolling with laughter as Amy cracks a joke about how she was feeling the following day.

Amy Marcs, Photo Credit: Juan Felipe RangelAmy Marcs in "Nice T!ts", Photo Credit: Colleen SturtevantAmy painted the grim picture of breast cancer perfectly, while infusing a rainbow of colors from her genius performance skills. It's like Amy mentioned in our interview together, she was able to make light of her breast cancer pretty quickly because she is a performer and I have to say, she's a damn good one!

My favorite part of Nice T!ts was a whole montage and interaction with Barbie. Amy brilliantly used Barbie as a symbol for what she was going through when preparing for her double mastectomy. The writing, the use of video, and the way Amy interacted with Barbie was all spot on. It was so interesting to hear the comparisons between Barbie and the process a woman goes through while getting ready for a double mastectomy. 

Nice T!ts never diminishes the seriousness of breast cancer, it just finds a way to make it a little easier to digest.

Amy Marcs, Photo Credit: Cassidy HornAmy Marcs in "Nice T!ts", Photo Credit: Colleen SturtevantWritten and performed by Amy Marcs with direction by Peter Michael Marino, Nice T!ts has just 3 performances left. I highly encourage you to go see this show! Nobody wants to talk about cancer, so why not be entertained by it!

Nice T!ts will play at The PIT Loft (154 West 29th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue) Sunday, 10/16 at 4pm, Monday, 10/24 at 8pm, and Thursday, 10/27 at 8pm. Click here for tickets!

If you missed my interview with Amy Marcs, you can read it here!

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Adam's Call: The Color Purple on Broadway: Shook Me To My Core

It's been a little over a month since I've been so moved or inspired by a piece of theatre. The Color Purple on Broadway shook me to my core! It was only intermission and I had already wanted to make plans to see this show again! 

Cynthia Erivo, Danielle Brooks, and the cast of "The Color Purple"Allee Willis', Stephen Bray's, and Brenda Russel's music/lyrics hit hard! I felt each word resonate within me. I love that this production is scaled down from the original Broadway run. It made me connect even more with the story and emotions running throughout the show. To watch "Celie" go from feeling like she was worthless to having so much self-awareness/esteem is something everybody can relate to. 

Cynthia Erivo gives it her all and then gives even more. She is fantastic as "Celie." She IS "Celie!" Her acting is equisite! Her voice is like no other! Her performance got deep under my skin. There is a reason "Celie" sings "I'm Here" and hearing Cynthia sing that song made me say, yes indeed, Cynthia IS here! I mean how many performers get a standing ovation midway through the show? Not many, but Cynthia deserved it!

Jennifer Hudson and the cast of "The Color Purple"Danielle Brooks is terrific as "Sofia." I love Danielle as "Taystee" on Orange is the New Black, but seeing her in The Color Purple made me see her in a completely different light, showing off her acting chops in a way she doesn't get to demonstrate on Orange is the New Black. She has an amazing singing voice and her "Hell No!" has become my new anthem. 

To see Jennifer Hudson live on stage and hear that voice sing was pure delight! The whole cast is fantastic! They are one of the reasons I loved this show so much! From all their performances, I could tell how much each of them truly enjoy being in this show.

Call Me Adam at "The Color Purple"The Color Purple is powerful! It's inspirational! It sends out a positive message about self love! It's a show everyone must see!

The Color Purple plays at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre in New York City (242 West 45th Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue). Click here for tickets and follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and at!

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Adam's Call: Shakina Nayfack: POST-OP: Spirits Don't Break

Shakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubThere is a new anthem being shouted from the stages of Shakina Nayfack's new show, POST-OP, "Manifest Pussy!" Maybe it's not a new anthem, but it's not something I've heard discussed on a regular basis. In this show, Shakina is opening herself up and exposing herself in a way more people should. When you live an authentic life, there is a constant glow around you, and that glow is illuminating from Shakina! Her new one-woman show POST-OP, still in development, at The Wild Project in New York City's East Village, is about Shakina's pilgrimage to Thailand to have her gender reassaignment surgery, from her final night in NYC through her KickstartHer campaign to her arrival in Thailand to her surgery to life today as the woman she was born to be.

I am so proud of Shakina for living her truth and showing others it's okay to be who you truly feel you are meant to be. As tattooed on her chest, "Lie still on the day of Pain and the day of Joy will greet You!" This quote could not be more true for Shakina. 

Shakina Nayfack, Photo Credit: Susan Rosenberg JonesShakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubThe thing I like best about Shakina is her honesty. Her rawness. Her courage. Her strength. And mostly, her authenticity. Shakina is Shakina. She doesn't sugar coat anything. She tells it like it is and you know exactly what she is feeling. She is the real deal and this show is no exception! I laughed. I cried. I was transported. I felt as though I was on this pilgrimage with Shakina from beginning to end. Shakina moved me in ways no one else has before. 

There are fun upbeat songs like "B.N.P." to mantra's like "Spirits Don't Break," to heart-tuggers like "Down The Shower Drain." There is so much to this show, more than I could ever fully convey here. This show really sums up Musical Theatre Factory's slogan "We're Working On It" because it's shows like this that they are presenting. Shows that speak to everyone. Shows that make you feel. Shows that move you. Shows that take you outside your comfort zone. Shows that change you. The best way to experience this tour de force, also known as POST-OP, is to go see it for yourself!

Shakina Nayfack performing "POST-OP" at Joe's PubIn this developmental stage, POST-OP has just 2 performances left at The Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street, between Avenue A & B) on Saturday, October 24 at 8pm and Sunday, October 25 at 7pm! Click here for tickets!

For more on Shakina be sure to visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

For more on Musical Theatre Factory visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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Adam's Call: Barry Levey's Hoaxocaust: Can't stop thinking about this show

It's been well over 3 hours since I left Baruch College Performing Arts Center in NYC after seeing Barry Levey's, Hoaxocaust, as part of the 2014 International Fringe Festival Encore Series. Hoaxocaust is a compelling, thought-provoking, emotional, can't stop thinking about, how will I sleep tonight one-man show about those who deny that The Holocaust ever happened.

Barry Levey in "Hoaxocaust"I have not been so moved, riled up, and pushed forward with thoughts in a long time. Between my home life and my 7th/8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Laskey, I certainly grew up learning all about the horrors of The Holocaust and about the family members who were lost in it and those who survived. I mean, it was embedded in my brain that we must "never forget" and "we must keep talking about it so another Holocaust doesn't happen."

Even with this upbringing, the message of Barry's show seeped deep into my head. For the first time, I thought, could these deniers be right? Could it be possible that The Holocaust never happened? It astounded me that these thoughts were going through my head, but with what Barry presented, I could see how someone who's not as strong-willed as me could truly believe these deniers.

Dr. Ruth at a previous performance of "Hoaxocaust"It's terrifying to know that Holocaust deniers are out there, but it's even scarier to think that maybe one day their beliefs could become the norm. I mean, the survivors of The Holocaust are dying. The direct family members of the survivors are dying. If these family members don't pass along this history to future generations, who will be able to keep their legacy alive? I know there is plenty of documentation out there that The Holocaust happened, but with all the hate in the world and after seeing Barry's show, it does make me wonder, are there enough of us out there to make sure people know about The Holocaust? In the 1930s, no one thought The Holocaust would happen, but it did. We have succeeded in not letting another one happen, but who knows what the future will bring. Hate is everywhere and in some parts of the world (even right here in the United States of America), these Holocaust deniers are living, gaining members, and getting their message out there. If the ending of Barry's show is any indication of what we are dealing with, well, then you will see why I can't stop thinking about this show!

Barry Levey in 'Hoaxocaust"Barry has 2 performances left. This Sunday, September 21 at 3pm and Wednesday, September 24 at 7:30pm at Baruch's Performing Arts Center (55 Lexington Avenue, entrance on 25th Street). Click here for tickets!



Adam's Call: Jeremy Abram: Hit a Home Run with Out of the Game at The Duplex

With a soulful, powerful, and electrifying voice, Jeremy Abram hit a home run with his show Out of the Game (directed by Tracy Stark) at New York City's oldest cabaret and piano bar, The Duplex!

I am so glad I got to attend Jeremy's show. I had interviewed Jeremy on my radio show, It's Showtime with Call Me Adam in April, and at the time, I had only heard a few clips of Jeremy sing from previous shows he had done, but I knew then, he had a great voice. Well, tonight, I learned he doesn't have a great voice, he has an incredible voice who sang the songs of Carole King, Anita Baker, Darius de Haas, and many others.

The Duplex was a great spot for Jeremy to perform at. The intimate theatre allowed the audience to really experience the strength of Jeremy's vocals up close in addition to his positive energy and sexy smile he flashed so often. The room was filled with many adoring fans who couldn't get enough of Jeremy. 

After seeing Jeremy's show tonight at The Duplex, I can easily say that I'm a fan and look forward to attending many more of his concerts!

For more on Jeremy be sure to follow him on Twitter @jermaliciousdef!

If you missed my interview with Jeremy talking about this show, click here to take a listen!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!