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Here's what I've enjoyed seeing or reading so far...hope you enjoy them as well!

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Adam's Call: At Hand Theatre's I Wanna Destroy You: Hilariously Provocative

Cast of "I Wanna Destroy You", Photo Credit: Murphy Made Photography (Matthew Murphy)At Hand Theatre company is going out with a bang as their final show, Joshua Conkel's I Wanna Destroy You, is hilariously provocative. I Wanna Destroy You takes the audience on a search for love, purpose, strength, and self-worth. When "Beau" is dumped by his lover on his 30th Birthday, the journey begins.

Anthony Johnston, Kieran Mulcare, and Geneva Carr, Photo Credit: Murphy Made Photography (Matthew Murphy)Joshua has written a play that made me laugh, think, and be entertained, which is the kind of show I enjoy most. Dan Horrigan has done a great job directing the play, while the cast of six bring this story to life! Geneva Carr, Jamie Jackson, Anthony Johnston, Preston Martin, Kieran Mulcare, and Kathy Searle all do an excellent job. Their comedic skills are on par while some (Kieran, Kathy, Preston, and Geneva) excelled to bigger heights. Everyone seemed to be in tune with their characters' personality and path, which helped make this story work.

Kathy Searle and Preston Martin, Photo Credit: Murphy Made Photography (Matthew Murphy)I Wanna Destroy You showed me that we are all on a path to desruction, some of us detonate, while others are able to put the fire out or at least keep it contained for longer. I have always enjoyed attending shows at At Hand Theatre company because they took risks on new playwrights, especially many new gay playwrights. I sure am going to miss this gem of a company, so here is hoping their hiatus is not a permanent one! With only 3 performances left, I suggest clicking here to get your tickets!

I Wanna Destroy You plays at Theatre Row's Beckett Theatre (410 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue) through June 1!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: Charles Busch at 54 Below: Divine Tale

Charles Busch can do it all...acting, playwriting, screenwriting, and now cabaret star! Until tonight, I had never seen Charles Busch do a cabaret show, but I was thrilled to have this opportunity at 54 Below. If there is one thing Charles Busch knows how to do, it's entertain a crowd. And entertain he did!

Charles' show was a mixture of songs, homages to Hollywood starlets, personal stories, and lots and lots of laughter. Assisting Charles was Tom Judson, Musical Director and Pianist. They did a wonderful duet together of The Carpenters' "Close To You." Prior to that, Charles opened the show with a great original song about what he should sing. The song consisted of everything that makes Charles Busch who he is...humor, imitations, and creative writing. One of my favorite songs performed tonight was a great cover version of Gene Raskin's "Those Were The Days." I adore this song and was so happy to hear Charles sing it.

In between songs Charles delighted the crowd with readings from Conversations with Bette Davis and Conversations with Joan Crawford as well as Ask a Man: The Key To Feminity by Arlene Dahl as well as his own monologues performed as some of his favorite Hollywood starlets. Another great thing about Charles Busch's performance style is the way he maneuvers from original work to reading others work while making it his own. He had the audience in stitches the whole evening with his comedic genius!

The best part about Charles' cabaret show was when he performed the original skit that inspired his Tony Award nominated play The Tale of the Allergists Wife. I had seen the play on Broadway, so it was a real treat to see the actual piece that led to the full-fledged production.

Photo Credit: David A. LeeCharles has found a wonderful niche with his cabaret work. I think this is the perfect venture for him to take in between his theatre and film work. He knows how to work a crowd and just looks so happy to be performing. From songs to monologues to readings, Charles Busch definitely tells a Divine Tale up on that stage. The next time Charles is performing his cabaret act, treat yourself to this delightful, wonderful, and hilarious evening!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: David Drake's The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me: Holds The Test Of Time

Cast, creatives and Larry Kramer, Photo Credit: Jenny AndersonTwenty years ago, David Drake won an OBIE Award for his one-man show The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me, and twenty years later his show still holds the test of time. I was fortunate enough to attend the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS 20th Anniversary Benefit performance on Monday, May 20 at the Gerard W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College.

I was first introduced to The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me when I met David Drake in 1998 at the American Repertory Theatre. I had never seen the play live, but did read the script after meeting David. Then in 2000, David released a DVD of The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me and that was my first time seeing him perform the show. But it was something else to be at this benefit and get to see David perform his work on stage alongside these other extremely gifted actors.

Originally performed as a one-man show, David brilliantly re-imagined The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me as an ensemble cast for this special 20th Anniversary Benefit. Bringing David's timeless and moving words to life were the talents of Brandon Cordeiro, two-time Tony Award nominee Robin De Jesús, two-time Tony nominee André De Shields, Claybourne Elder, Tony nominee Rory O'Malley, Anthony Rapp, Chad Ryan, Donald C. Shorter, Jr., Wesley Taylor, Aaron Tone, Tony winner BD Wong, and of course, David himself.

The talents of these actors all blended together perfectly. The simplistic, yet powerful staging worked excellently with the ensemble cast. From coming out to the AIDS epidemic to fighting back through ACT UP, The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me is a touching story of one-man's journey through this time in our history. David's writing is so strong which is why it continues to ring true today. One exciting part of the evening was that David added an adendum to the show, which focused on how our past got us to today and beyond. 

I do hope after last night's benefit performance that The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me gets a bigger revival. While we have come a long way in our history, we do need to revisit the past to help us have a prosperous future.

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: The Weight of Water: Dive Into This Show

Geany MasaiRUN, RUN, RUN to Myra Slotnick's The Weight of Water, a brand new, original, poignant, rich, and beautiful play about survival, choices, pride, and finding home set in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Superbly directed by Obie Award winner David Drake, The Weight of Water will wisk you into the depths of this drama.

I have seen a lot of great original shows, but for me, The Weight of Water is one example of why I wanted to cover this aspect of entertainment. It's truly an original piece of work, not based upon a book, movie, or a catalog of songs. It's based upon a real event that affected a nation. It's spoken from the heart. 

Andrew Clemons and Jamie HeinleinLinda DanielsAs I walked into The Producers' Club, the wonderfully constructed set sucked me in from the start. With the dimming of the lights and the music quieted, the action quickly seduced me while the actors enamored me with their talent. Myra's honest and realistic writing was reinforced by this talented cast! Geany Masai, Linda Daniels, Andrew Clemons, Jamie Heinlein, Jimi Little, and Keith Amato, all of whom originated these roles in Provincetown, where the show premiered, really helped bring Myra's words and David's direction to life!

Jimi HeinleinCast of The Weight of Water (from left to right): Linda Daniels, Playwright Myra Slotnick, Andrew Clemons, Jamie Heinlein, Geany Masai, Jimi Little, and Director David DrakeWith many messages at its core, The Weight of Water will make you think, laugh, and maybe even cry. This is a show with many layers and secrets that will keep you enticed until the very end. So buy your tickets now and dive into The Weight of Water! Click here for tickets!

The Weight of Water will play at The Producers' Club - Crown Theatre (358 West 44th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue) through May 16 only!

Click here for Call Me Adam's interview with Myra Slotnick and David Drake!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Mr. IRRESISTIBLE: The Rocky Horror Show for a new generation

Adam's Call: Call Me Adam's "ON THE GO Review"...Mr. IRRESISTIBLE