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Here's what I've enjoyed seeing or reading so far...hope you enjoy them as well!




Adam's Call: New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala: Honoring Kathleen and Rob Marshall

New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala Cast, Photo Credit: Richard TermineKathleen and Rob Marshall being honored at the New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Doug BazA few weeks back I attended the New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala which honored Kathleen and Rob Marshall's work on Broadway and in film. Combining their work together, they have been entertaining us for well over two decades!

This concert featured some of the biggest names in entertainment and was lead by the New York Pops brilliant conductor Steven Reineke and backed by the extraordinary New York Pops orchestra! The evening was spectacular! To hear the New York Pops play the music from some of Rob and Kathleen's biggest successes was unreal! They gave new life to these amazing songs!

Alan Cumming singing "Cabaret" at New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineLaura Benanti singing "Unusual Way" at The New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineThe evening opened and closed with the fabulous Alan Cumming singing "Wilkommen" and "Cabaret" respectively from Cabaret. In between it was one high note after another! Some of my favorite moments were hearing Victor Garber sing "Those Were the Good Old Days" from Damn Yankees, Brian Stokes Mitchell killing it on "Where is the Life I Lead" from Kiss Me, Kate, Laura Benanti belting out "Unusual Way" from Nine, Sutton Foster triumphed with "Anything Goes" from Anything Goes, Margo Seibert and James Snyder enchanted us with "Out of Darkness" from Ever After, and Bebe Neuwirth dazzled the audience when she sang "All That Jazz" from Chicago. But the two major highlights of the evening was hearing the queen herself Queen Latifah reminding us what happens "When You're Good to Mama," from Chicago and hearing Renée Fleming blow the roof off Carnegie Hall unmiked! Two moments I'll never forget!

Queen Latifah singing "When You're Good To Mama" at The New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineRenée Fleming performing at The New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineGetting to hear the New York Pops and watching Steven Reineke conduct them is a true master class in music. They make such a great team, sounding perfect every time! I always feel so honored to be able to attend a New York Pops' concert because I get to hear a full orchestra perform some of the greatest music created. And let's face it, you just don't get that sound on Broadway anymore. I am not a musically inclined person by any stretch of the means, so when Broadway decided to limit the number of musicians that could play in the pit of a show, I didn't fully realize how much those limits would affect the music, but after attending many New York Pops concert, I completely understand why a full orchestra is so important!

Bebe Neuwirth singing "All That Jazz" at The New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineSutton Foster singing "Anything Goes" at The New York Pops 32nd Birthday Gala, Photo Credit: Richard TermineIt was so great to relive so many wonderful musical moments throughout our history! Rob and Kathleen Marshall have really made a gigantic contribution to Film and Broadway! It was terrific hearing some of their biggest hits in one evening! The talent on that stage was unreal! The New York Pops always attract the biggest names and top notch talent! If you ever get a chance to go to Carnegie Hall and attend a New York Pops concert, I say DO IT! It's an evening that you'll remember forever!

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Adam's Call: Natalie Douglas: Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton at Birdland: Stairway to Heaven

Natalie Douglas in dressing room just before hitting the stage for "Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton" at Birdland 2014, Photo Credit: Kevin AlveyIf you haven't purchased tickets yet for Natalie Douglas' show Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton which is returning to Jim Caruso's Broadway at Birdland concert series on Monday, April 20May 18, July 6, and August 10 at 7pm, then I'm not sure what you are waiting for! For tickets, click the date above you want to attend!

Natalie Douglas has one of the most soulful voices I have ever heard and when you mix in the great Dolly Parton, well, then "Don't Think Twice," you just need to attend this show!

I saw this show in September 2014 and it was magnificent! What made this show so fantastic was the way Natalie used her gifted vocal talent to make these songs her own. She and her music director Mark Hartman really styled these songs to suit Natalie's voice. All of these songs took on new meaning when I heard Natalie sing them. She really brought fresh arrangements to these timeless songs!

Natalie Douglas in "Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton" at Birdland 2014, Photo Credit: Kevin AlveyNatalie Douglas in "Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton" at Birdland 2014, Photo Credit: Kevin AlveyNatalie chose a wonderful array of songs from Dolly's vast catalog of music, focusing on many of the songs Dolly wrote herself as well as some cover songs Dolly has done throughout her career. There was a great mix of hit songs and songs that may not be as widely known. My favorite Dolly-written songs performed during this September show were "Down From Dover," (one of my favorite Dolly story songs), "I Will Always Love You," and "Jolene."

My favorite songs that Dolly has covered throughout her career were Neil Young's "After The Goldrush" (one of my favorite Dolly Parton cover songs), Michael O’Donoghue's "Single Woman" (a wonderful story song), Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil's "Here You Come Again," Yusuf Islam's (aka Cat Stevens) "Peace Train," and Jimmy Page & Robert Plant's, (with additional lyrics by Dolly Parton) "Stairway to Heaven."

Natalie Douglas in "Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton" at Birdland 2014, Photo Credit: Kevin AlveyNatalie Douglas and Jim Caruso, "Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton" at Birdland 2014, Photo Credit: Kevin AlveyWith each song, Natalie told some great stories that were either Natalie's association with the song or a fun fact about Dolly herself. Not only is Natalie an extrememly talented singer, but she is a great storyteller. She's very entertaining and captivates you from beginning to end!

I am so glad that this show is being featured throughout the next few months at Birdland because it's a show that I could sit through over and over and over again! Between Natalie's talent and Dolly's exquisite songs, Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton is like going on a "Stairway to Heaven!"

If you missed my original interview with Natalie about Hello Dolly...The Music of Dolly Parton, click here to read it!

For more on Natalie be sure to visit and follow her FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!

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Adam's Call: JANKA A-20398: I Say See It!

There is a powerful new Off-Broadway show happening in NYC at the June Havoc Theatre entitled JANKA: A-20398 written by playwright Oscar Speace and starring Janice Noga (Oscar's wife). Inspired by a 60-page letter Oscar's mom wrote after she was freed from the Nazi concentration camps, this show recounts Janka's liberation and time spent in the concentration camps.

Oscar didn't know much about his mom's time in the camps as Janka never spoke of it. This was a time in her life she wanted to forget. So, when the show opens, Janka asks the audience if she should tell her son her story and then says that she will first tell us and let us decide. So right from the start, the audience is sucked into this play. Oscar's writing style for this show is very cool in that it really is like sitting in Janka's living room listening to a story as opposed to a written script. While it's Oscar's words we are hearing, Janice Noga, should be commended for her terrific acting and making Janka so accessible to the audience.

Janice Noga as JANKA, Photo Credit: Raymond ReillyJanice's performance was mesmerizing. From the moment she opened the show, Janice, I mean Janka, invited the audience into her life. Going between the present to her time just before going into the concentration camps to her time in the camps to her liberation, Janice easily guided the audience through the time period she was in. I will say I was most moved by Janice's performance when she was taking us through the concentration camps. There was a very vivid transformation in her character and it was quite moving. The horror she suffered, I still don't fully know how she made it through. How did she not speak of it? I guess it was just too painful. I often wonder if I would have what it takes to survive something like the Holocaust? If I made it out alive, would I be able to talk about it? I just don't know. But I am so glad Janka did survive and she did write this letter and that Oscar found it and made it into this show!

Janice Noga as JANKA, Photo Credit: Raymond ReillyJANKA: A-20398 is so important to have on stage as we must NEVER FORGET what happened to the six million Jews who perrished in the Holocaust along with many other minorities the Nazis wanted to annihilate. This is not an easy show to sit through, but it is an important one, especially during this time of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Rememberance Day. 

This show is also important because it's so easy for a Holocaust or something like it to happen again, as we have seen with everything happening in the world. While most people will say I don't want to see a show like this, I say, see it! Challenge yourself and allow yourself to feel all the emotions this show brings up. We must not stop talking about the Holocaust as we must never let this happen again!

JANKA: A-20398 plays at The June Havoc Theatre in NYC (312 West 36th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue) in New York City through May 2. Click here for tickets!

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Adam's Call: George Street Playhouse's "Buyer & Cellar" starring Emmy & Tony nominee John Tartaglia: Definitely Worth The Trip!

I had seen the original Off-Broadway production of Buyer & Cellar starring Michael Urie at Barrow Street Theatre, so when I heard that George Street Playhouse was mounting a production starring Emmy and Tony nominated actor John Tartaglia (Avenue Q, Johnny & The Sprites) I jumped at the opportunity to go see this production.

John Tartaglia in "Buyer & Cellar" at George Street Playhouse. Photo Credit: T. Charles EricksonJohn Tartaglia in "Buyer & Cellar" at George Street Playhouse. Photo Credit: T. Charles EricksonLet me say, the trip out to George Street Playhouse was definitely worth it! John Tartaglia did a FANTASTIC job bringing Jonathan Tolins' show to life! This fictious show inspired by Barbra Streisand's book My Passion for Design, tells the story of "Alex More," an out of work actor, who takes a job in Barbra Streisand's "basement mall."

Buyer & Cellar was very entertaining with a lot of laughs, but also touched on a variety of universal subjects such as celebrity and what that means, what one will do to survive, and how certain decisions affect our lives. John Tartaglia embodied this well-written work of art! He effortlessly segued between characters and emotions and I loved the way John used his various talents (from character voices to his singing) to take Jonathan Tolins' words to a whole new level. I left this show with a huge smile on my face from laughing, but I also left with a lot of questions about the world we live in.

John Tartaglia in "Buyer & Cellar" at George Street Playhouse. Photo Credit: T. Charles EricksonJohn Tartaglia in "Buyer & Cellar" at George Street Playhouse. Photo Credit: T. Charles EricksonWith just four shows left (through March 29), I highly recommend going to the George Street Playhouse to take in their production of Jonathan Tolins' Buyer & Cellar starring John Tartaglia! Click here for tickets!

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Adam's Call: Karen Mason: Mason at Mama's: One Show to Definitely Go See!!

Karen Mason's new show Mason at Mama's at Don't Tell Mama's in NYC is one to definitely go see! Directed by Barry Kleinbort and Musical Direction/Arrangements by Christopher Denny, Mason at Mama's is a mixture of showtunes, standards and original songs (written by her very talented husband, Paul Rolnick and longtime collaborator and friend Brian Lasser). This show is fresh as a daisy, yet deeply rooted in a history one only wishes they could have been a part of! What makes this show so special is that the room Karen performs in at Don't Tell Mama's is the very room she helped open with the legendary Nancy LaMott in 1982. The backstory that Karen tells for this show is quite fascinating!

Karen Mason, "Mason at Mama's", Photo Creidt: Maryann LopintoKaren's voice is unparalleled! She can take any song and make it her own and boy did she ever make these songs her own! One of my favorite moments was when Karen sang a terrific mash-up of The Beatles' "Help" combined with Sondheim's "Being Alive." What a great coupling of songs. Two songs I would never think to put together, Karen did and it was brilliant! To hear Karen's control on these two songs was amazing! Another favorite moment of mine was getting to hear Karen sing "As If We Never Said Goodbye," from Sunset Boulevard, in which she played the lead role of "Norma Desmond" in over 200 performers during the show's three year Broadway when she covered for the show's stars Glen Close, Betty Buckley, and Elaine Paige. These two songs were moments that especially captivated the audience! Karen also did a great rendition of "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend." This version was a bit slowed down which made for a wonderful interpretation of this song. One more favorite moment of mine was getting to hear Karen sing "I Made A New Friend," a song written by her long-time collaborator and friend Brian Lasser. I adore this simple song about making new friends. A few of my other favorites songs were "Something's Coming," "Almost Like Being In Love," and Karen's very own marriage equality anthem (written by her husband Paul Rolnick) "It's About Time."

Karen Mason, "Mason at Mama's", Photo Creidt: Maryann LopintoI strongly encourage going to see Karen Mason at Don't Tell Mama's. Not only will you enjoy an evening of unbelievable talent, but you will also be taken on a carpet ride through time that no one can fully re-create, but Karen has managed to bring us back through as close to it's original form as one can get. With a powerful voice some fun, juicy, heartwarming stories, Mason at Mama's will take you to another world you wish could exist forever! Mason at Mama's has just two shows left, Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30 at 7pm at Don't Tell Mama's (343 West 46th Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue)! Tickets are $20 + a 2 drink minimum. For reservations call 212-757-0788 (after 4pm)!

For more on Karen be sure to visit and follow her on Facebook!

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