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Here's what I've enjoyed seeing or reading so far...hope you enjoy them as well!


Adam's Call: Review of Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made In China: Energetic and Lively

Adam Rothenberg, Miss Richfield 1981, Paul C. Focazio after "Miss Richfield 1981: Sweet & Sour: Made in China" at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount in Provincetown, MAThe Crown & Anchor is on fire with shows in Provincetown, MA! For a second night in a row, I took in another one of their sold-out shows, Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China. This energetic and lively show is fueled by the talents of the extremely talented Miss Richfield 1981. With strong comedic timing and powerful vocals, Miss Richfield engulfed the crowd from the moment she entered the room.

Detailing her possible exit of the United States, Miss Richfield takes the audience around the world with songs, games, and lots of comedy. Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China is another show for those who can handle off-beat and darker comedy. Miss Richfield has found a humorous way to make fun of everyone.

My favorite part of Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China was her interaction with the audience, which happened throughout the whole show. Miss Richfield was fast on her feet with quick wit comebacks when playing with the crowd. She got the laugh every time she spoke with someone. It takes a real talent to get that kind of reaction.

The other aspect of Miss Richfield's show that I loved was when she sang. Miss Richfield's vocals are unreal...big, powerful, and controlled. When she sang, the sold-out crowd listened! I've seen many drag shows in my lifetime and while many of them are great singers, I haven't heard anyone quite like Miss Richfield. Hearing her sing, made me want her to do a whole show of songs. Maybe somewhere down the line she will or will release an album of her songs. That would be terrific!

Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made In China, plays at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount. The room is huge, at least double the size of Crown Cabaret. Miss Richfield filled it to capacity. I loved the set up of this room because it felt like an intimate, yet grand concert room. The Paramount fit perfectly to the style of Miss Richfield's show. 

If you are looking to see a very dynamic performer, with excellent comedic skills and a fantastic singing voice then I highly suggest checking out Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China at The Crown & Anchor: Paramount in Provincetown, MA (247 Commerical Street). She plays through September 21. Click here for tickets!

For more on Miss Richfield 1981 be sure to check out and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


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Adam's Call: Dina Martina: Hilarious at The Crown & Anchor in Provincetown MA: Wunderbar

Adam Rothenberg and Dina Martina after her show at The Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MAI have seen Dina Martina about five or six times now and each time she scores bigger than before! Celebrating her ninth summer in Provincetown, MA, Dina's latest show at The Crown & Anchor's Cabaret is wunderbar!

It's almost impossible to fully describe just how amazing, humorous, and fun a Dina Martina show is. Dina's humor is not for the easily offended. Dina's humor is unique and at times dark, but to me, it is definitely off-the-charts hilarious. This show was no exception. Dina delighted the sold-out crowd to a combination of story telling, comedy, and song. Her stories take the audience on a journey through her reality, which at times, seem like another planet. But it's that out of this world fantasy that makes Dina's story so grand and enjoyable. Dina has such a grasp on performing that it appears effortless for her to draw the audience in.

The songs Dina parodied in this show were fantastic! With every show, Dina chooses one hit classic song after another. This time around, Dina wowed the audience with renditions of songs by Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, Daft Punk, and a medley of showtunes. Dina's knack for comedy illuminated during these songs. She hit all the right notes with every song!

Dina used to perform at The Vixen in Provincetown, but in recent years moved to The Crown & Anchor's Cabaret. I love seeing her at The Crown & Anchor's Cabaret for several reasons. First of all, The Crown & Anchor is situated in the center of town. Dina always deserves to be in the center of it all. The Crown & Anchor's Cabaret is also a very intimate room, so no seat is more than 20 feet from the stage. It's this intimacy that helps make Dina's show extra fun.

Dina Martina will be at The Crown & Anchor's Cabaret (247 Commercial Street) through September 14! If you want to see a different kind of performer, then I highly suggest going to see Dina Martina! Click here for tickets!

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Adam's Call: HOMO The Musical: A Gay 'Ol Time

I had a gay 'ol time at the NYMF production of HOMO The Musical! This fun, original musical made me happy to be gay and proud of all the steps forward the gay community has made to achieve equality. A fun book, written by Lola Rock-n-Rolla, about an alien from Planet Homo who inflantrates a religious Middle American family by posing as a suburban housewife. Lola's book was witty, poignant at times, and definitely made a statement about where a lot of society is at today in regards to the acceptance of gays.

Gina Volpe's music and lyrics were enjoyable. She wrote some great rock-n-roll songs that helped push they story along. David Drake's direction put everything together! David has a great eye for shows with a message no matter how campy they are. I've seen David's work time and time again and I'm always impressed with what he does.

One of the things that made me really enjoy this show was that it felt as though it was a mash-up between Debbie Does Dallas meets The Rocky Horror Show, both of which I enjoyed when I saw them years back. Many of the characters seemed to have elements of characters from those shows, which allowed me to immediately identify more easily with them. Whether it was intentional or not, I think it's a great that HOMO The Musical! paid a little homage to these two shows.

Bringing this show alive more was a great cast of talented performers. I was impressed by all of them. Meg Baessler's comedic talent was delightful every time she was on stage. Thomas Poarch was perfectly cast as the G-d loving preacher dad "Harry." From his mannerisms to his voice, he played to the heavens. Sam Given gave a bravo performace as the "Gaylien." His humorous acting ability added a lot to his character. I don't think there was a better way to play it. He certainly won me over with his voice as well. Blair Goldberg had one of the best scenes of the night which was a great salute to the many horror films of our time. Alexander Coe did a fine job as the son "Billy." He's cute, had a delightful singing voice, and was wisely cast. Danielle Erin Rhodes was hands down my favorite of the night, primarily because of her incredible vocal quality. She literally rocked every song! I can't wait to see more for her. Christopher Trepinski, who I had previously seen in Naked Boys Singing, was terrific as "Teddy." His dynamic acting ability made him stand-out a various times throughout the show.

I think this show has real potential of going somewhere. It's fun, campy, and made me leave with a smile. I think it still has some work to do on it. While the show is only 90-minutes with no intermission, I feel it would work that much better at about 75-80 minutes. There were a few moments when I thought the show was over and it continued on, but since this is still a work in progress, that might be worked out by it's next incarnation.

With two performances left, I would suggest checking out HOMO The Musical at NYMF. It's good times that will make you smile and laugh. HOMO THE MUSICAL plays at PTC Performance Space (555 West 42nd Street, between 10th & 11th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

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Adam's Call: Ethel Sings: Made Me Want To Learn More

Tonight I took in a new play by Joan Beber with direction by Jules Aaron called Ethel Sings is an imaginative take on the execution of Ethel Rosenberg and her husband Julius.

Cast of "Ethel Sings", Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyThis show was livened up by its very talented cast. Everyone deserves recognition because I could tell just how much effort each performer put in to this show. A few of my personal favorites were: Shelby Kocee who lead the cast as "Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg," did an outstanding job. From her acting to her singing, Shelby really hit all the right notes; Richard Chassler who portrayed "Roy Cohn," really showed multiple sides to his character. His hard-ass attitude made me fear him at times and his brilliant comedic moments made just laugh; I also really enjoyed Ben Goldsmith who played "Ethel's" son "Michael." In addition to his fine physique, he really shined in the second act, while his guitar playing throught the show was always in the spotlight; Finally, Julia Silverman was wonderful as "Ethel's" mother "Mrs. Greenglass." She had some tough moments that got to me.

Cast of "Ethel Sings", Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyBen Goldsmith, Ross Alden, and Shelby Kocee in "Ethel Sings," Photo Credit: Michele Young PhotographyEthel Sings definitely made me want to learn more about the Ethel Rosenberg trial. I didn't know much about it prior to the show, but now I want to know more. While I liked the second act more than the first act, I do think this show is still worth checking out, especially if you are a history buff or like to support new work. For $18, you'll get an evening at the theatre. Click here to purchase tickets!

Ethel Sings runs through this Sunday (July 21) at Walker Space Theatre in SoHo (46 Walker Street)!

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Adam's Call: Julian PO at NYMF: On It's Way

Cast of "Julian PO", Photo Credit: Steven Rosen Photography LRThe summer theatre festivals are upon us and I had the chance to take in Julian PO as part of the 2013 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF). I was initially attracted to this show because it starred some of my favorite performers Chad Kimball, Luba Mason, and Jason Gotay.

Adam Rothenberg and Chad Kimball after "Julian PO" at NYMF, Photo Credit: Raellen ForemanLuba Mason and Adam Rothenberg after "Julian PO" at NYMFWhen "Julian PO" comes to middle America to end his life, things don't go exactly as planned. In a show about life, dreams, and self-worth, Julian PO has the potential to be an even better than show it was. I was enthralled by the performances given by Chad Kimball as "Julian Po," Luba Mason as "Lilah Leech," Jason Gotay as "Tom Potter," and Sean Cullen as "Henry Leech." Chad's turn as "Julian Po" was great. He really made me feel for his character's hardships and as always, it was a joy to hear him sing. Luba's portrayal of "Lilah Leech," the wife of the town's mayor, "Henry Leech" was superb. She really captured the heartache her character felt and definitely had me cheering by the end. Her vocal quality was prestine. I was so happy she had several featured solos. She deserved them! I have only seen Jason Gotay sing at some of Bobby Cronin's concerts, so to get to see him in a full production was wonderful. His acting and of course singing were delightful to watch. He was on top of his game and it was great to see him steal the spotlight. Sean Cullen also impressed me as the town's mayor, "Henry Leech." I found myself hating his character, but loving the way he brought his character to life. 

Chad Kimball as "Julian PO", Photo Credit: Steven Rosen Photography LRChad Kimball as "Julian PO", Photo Credit: Steven Rosen Photography LRI think this show has a lot of potential. While I liked the general idea of the book by Andrew Barrett, I would like to see it pulled together a bit more. I think some stories could be cut out to allow other stories to play a bigger role and allow us to really get inside this town even more. I also wanted stronger songs. My favorite thing about going to see a musical is being able to sing the songs long after the show is over. I would like to see that happen with Julian PO. I remember liking certain songs, but I can't recall their names or any of the lyrics. I felt there was real potential for that to happen.

I think Julian Po scores well for a show that is just starting out. I look forward to seeing what is next for Julian Po. For more on Julian Po be sure to visit

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!