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Here's what I've enjoyed seeing or reading so far...hope you enjoy them as well!


Shakina: One Woman Show at Sophie's NYC: Live Out Your Truth and Speak From Your Soul

I haven't been so moved by a show as I was tonight at Shakina's One Woman Show at Sophie's in NYC! A show about truth, strength, self-love, acceptance, and empowerment from living as your true self. No one demonstrates this fact better than Shakina. Growing up a boy while wanting to be a girl, Shakina took us on an emotional, heartfelt, raw, and honest ride of her journey to becoming the woman she is meant to be!

Shakina SingingWith songs written by some of today's rising and established composers/lyricists such as Joe Iconis, Joel  Waggoner, Sam Salmond, and Julianne Wick Davis, Shakina weaves her story together perfectly! I laughed. I cried. I was moved. I was inspired. I think I have to go as far as to say this is one of the best written, directed, and performed solo shows I have ever seen. Shakina's story is tight, to the point, and mesmerizing.

These are just a few of the powerful lines I heard throughout the night: "We live in bodies that are betraying us." "When you meet someone, are you going to affirm their dream, reject it, or ignore it." "I walk the streets prepared for the impact."

This last line moved me the most because for as confident and self-assuured as Shakina is, it shows a real vulnerability that I didn't expect.

ShakinaI'm glad Shakina brought One Woman Show to Sophie's. The intimacy of the room leant itself to bringing me even more into the depths of this captivating story. 

With just one show left, of her extended run, tomorrow, Friday, May 2 at 11pm, I can't urge you enough to go see what it really means to live out your truth and speak from your soul! Sophie's is located inside the Broadway Comedy Club at 318 West 53rd Street (between 8th & 9th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

If you missed my interview with Shakina about One Woman Show on It's Showtime with Call Me Adam on YTP Radio, listen to it here at your leisure:

For more on Shakina be sure to visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Let's all affirm Shakina's dream of becoming the woman she is by donating to her KickStartHer campaign to help her raise money to have her gender reassignment surgery. Campaign runs through May 31, 2014!


Adam's Call: New York Pops featuring Chris Botti: Rockin' Good Time

Adam Rothenberg/Call Me Adam and Chris BottiCarole Radziwill ("The Real Housewives of New York City") and Adam Rothenberg/Call Me AdamI had another splendid evening at Carnegie Hall listening to the New York Pops as I attended their 31st opening night season. Lead by New York Pops' Musical Director/Conductor Steven Reineke, the concert featured Grammy Award winning instrumentalist Chris Botti, who, along with his band, really rocked Carnegie Hall! The evening was a slightly different sound than the usual New York Pops concert, but it welcomed change. Check out some pics below to the fun we all had afterward!

Click through photo gallery below. Credit: Call Me Adam/Adam Rothenberg

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: Review of Varla Jean Merman's Twice Upon a Mattress: Will My Prince Ever Come at Provincetown's Art House Theatre: Comedic Insight into Finding Your Place in the World

Varla Jean Merman in "Twice Upon A Mattress...Will My Prince Ever Come" at the Art House in Provincetown, MA 2013The Art House is another great spot in Provincetown for shows. From Broadway performers to drag shows, The Art House is lighting up the town with delight!

On this trip, I took in Varla Jean Merman's newest show Twice Upon A Mattress...Will My Prince Ever Come? In this hilarious look at princesses of a certain famous children's brand, Varla Jean Merman scored big with songs and comedic moments. She looked deep behind these woman with humor and insight into how each princess waits for her prince to come. Throughout this show, Varla uses the various princesses to help her find her place in the world, something we are all looking for, of which, some of us have found. It's quite interesting to watch Varla's journey to figure out where she belongs.

Varla's take on popular songs of this famous children's brand is quite enjoyable. She hit all the right notes with her parodies. Her comedic timing is hilarious! Varla plays with and off of the audience very well, making everyone feel as though they are part of the show.

Adam Rothenberg, Varla Jean Merman, Paul C. Focazio after "Twice Upon A Mattress...Will My Prince Ever Come" at the Art House in Provincetown, MAIf you are looking for your place in this world, come feel the love of Varla Jean Merman's Twice Upon A Mattress...Will My Prince Ever Come? at the Art House in Provincetown, MA (214 Commercial Street) through August 31. Click here for tickets!

For more on Varla be sure to visit and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


Adam's Call: Review Linda Eder at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount in Provincetown, MA: More Than Heaven

The Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MA is ON FIRE this year with its line-up of entertainment! I have seen three shows there during my week here and all of them have lived up, if not, surpassed my expectations.

Linda Eder at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount was my final show. It was by far one of my best moments here thus far. To see Linda in such an intimate environment is unreal and it really demonstrates her diversity as a performer. The sold-out crowd reveled in her performance. Linda gave her all singing a wealth of songs throughout her career. It was trip down memory lane and a fond memory she created. It was "More Than Heaven!"

Linda Eder in concert 2013, Photo Credit: Maryann LopintoLinda belted her heart out, singing all her big hits such as "A New Life," "Bring On The Men," "Vienna," "Man of La Mancha," and "Someone Like You." She also delighted the audience with several gems...some of which I had never heard her sing before. A few stand-out moments for me were her cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep," which Linda rocked, "Son of a Preacherman," and Jessi Colter's "I'm Not Lisa." My favorite moments in the show were hearing the stories behind the songs Linda chooses to sing or record.

For instance, a song that is very dear to Linda's heart is from Evita because this was the first musical she ever saw. As she said, she saw this production, Off-Broadway, off-off-off Broadway, so far off-Broadway that it was in her homestate of Minnesota. And she saw the understudy of the understudy play "Eva Peron." But that show remains special to Linda because it was her first introduction to musical theatre. Following this story, Linda dove into "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," and took to heights I had never experienced before! She really triumphed on this song!

Linda Eder in concert 2013, Photo Credit: Maryann LopintoLinda also told a story behind another favorite musical of hers, Les Miserables. This was the second show she saw in London and it's the melodies and lyrics she loves most about this show. I couldn't agree more with her. The music to Les Miserables has always been some of my favorite musical theatre songs of all time. So, I was thrilled when Linda eased into "I Dreamed A Dream," seducing the audience with that radiant voice of hers. I hope Linda records this song on an album soon, along with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina."

A great story Linda entertained us with was her first performing theatrical experience in her school's choir. She so badly wanted to sing the part of "Maria," but being one of the tallest girls in her grade, her choir teacher had another role in mind for her and cast her as "Mother Superior," where she got sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." It wasn't the role she wanted, but this lended to a gorgeous rendition of this classic song. Linda certainly knows how to engulf an audience with her vocals. Not a single pin dropped during this number and the audience reaction afterward was wild!

A very heartwarming story Linda told was about her song "More Than Heaven," off her latest album "Now." She was on the road around the time of the Tsunami and she wanted to express her feelings for all of those affected by this terrible disaster. Linda had just recorded this song and the lyrics seemed perfect for the rough times this world was going through, so she dedicated this song to all those affected. I had loved this song for a while, but now love it even more.

Linda told all these stories with ease and humor, which really added to the enjoyment of the show. I feel so grateful I got see one of music's most talented and powerful singers in such a great venue as The Crown & Anchor's Paramount.

Linda Eder's tour continues on. Click here to find out when Linda will be in your town! This is one show, you won't want to miss!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Adam's Call: Review of Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made In China: Energetic and Lively

Adam Rothenberg, Miss Richfield 1981, Paul C. Focazio after "Miss Richfield 1981: Sweet & Sour: Made in China" at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount in Provincetown, MAThe Crown & Anchor is on fire with shows in Provincetown, MA! For a second night in a row, I took in another one of their sold-out shows, Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China. This energetic and lively show is fueled by the talents of the extremely talented Miss Richfield 1981. With strong comedic timing and powerful vocals, Miss Richfield engulfed the crowd from the moment she entered the room.

Detailing her possible exit of the United States, Miss Richfield takes the audience around the world with songs, games, and lots of comedy. Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China is another show for those who can handle off-beat and darker comedy. Miss Richfield has found a humorous way to make fun of everyone.

My favorite part of Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China was her interaction with the audience, which happened throughout the whole show. Miss Richfield was fast on her feet with quick wit comebacks when playing with the crowd. She got the laugh every time she spoke with someone. It takes a real talent to get that kind of reaction.

The other aspect of Miss Richfield's show that I loved was when she sang. Miss Richfield's vocals are unreal...big, powerful, and controlled. When she sang, the sold-out crowd listened! I've seen many drag shows in my lifetime and while many of them are great singers, I haven't heard anyone quite like Miss Richfield. Hearing her sing, made me want her to do a whole show of songs. Maybe somewhere down the line she will or will release an album of her songs. That would be terrific!

Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made In China, plays at The Crown & Anchor's Paramount. The room is huge, at least double the size of Crown Cabaret. Miss Richfield filled it to capacity. I loved the set up of this room because it felt like an intimate, yet grand concert room. The Paramount fit perfectly to the style of Miss Richfield's show. 

If you are looking to see a very dynamic performer, with excellent comedic skills and a fantastic singing voice then I highly suggest checking out Miss Richfield 1981 Sweet & Sour Made in China at The Crown & Anchor: Paramount in Provincetown, MA (247 Commerical Street). She plays through September 21. Click here for tickets!

For more on Miss Richfield 1981 be sure to check out and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!