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Welcome to It's Showtime with Call Me Adam, my new radio show on YTP Radio every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm! It's an hour of heartfelt entertainment where I ring up 1 interview at a time, plus play some music, and help you improve your life by 1% by putting your dreams into action!


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It's Showtime with Call Me Adam May 28 Guests: Playwrights Jason S. Grossman and Micheline Auger and Singer/Songwriter Tim Di Pasqua


In the first half-hour it was great talking with playwrights Jason S. Grossman and Micheline Auger. I really enjoyed learning about the collaborative efforts of Funny...Sheesh Productions and Ivy Theatre Company. I think it's a great way for two theatre companies to grow and enrich each other's efforts. I also liked hearing about Jason and Micheline's creative process' in writing their respective plays Doubles Crossed: The Ballad of Rodrigo (by Jason S. Grossman) and The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched) (by Micheline Auger). Both shows run through June 22 and play at Tada Theater in NYC! Scroll down to find out how to purchase tickets to each of these shows!

In the second half-hour, I had the joy of speaking with singer/songwriter Tim Di Pasqua! It's been four years since Tim and I did an interview together, so it was great to reconnect! We had a lot of fun talking about his upcoming show at Don't Tell Mama which is this Monday, June 2 at 7pm! We talked about what made now the right time for Tim to start performing/touring again as well as what fans can expect from this brand new show at Don't Tell Mama. My favorite part of the interview was when I challenged Tim on the concept of feeling more grounded as an artist now that he has found love. It was a really terrific discussion! Scroll down to find out how to get tickets to Tim's show!

Get ready for another great broadcast of It's Showtime with Call Me Adam this Wednesday, May 28 from 7pm-8pm on YTP RadioScheduled guest includes playwrights Jason S. Grossman and Micheline Auger and singer/songwriter Tim Di Pasqua.

From 7pm-7:30pm (Playwrights Jason S. Grossman and Micheline Auger)

Call Me Adam gets to chat with two playwrights who shows are playing in repertory at Tada Theatre (14 West 28th Street) becuase the theatre companies producing them have joined forces to promote artistic union and collaboration within the New York City independent Theatre scene.

Funny...Sheesh Productions is presenting Doubles Crossed: The Ballad of Rodrigoby Jason S. Grossman, a staged reimagining of the film noir crime dramas of the 40's and 50's. It is a hard-boiled sequel to Jason's play, Doubles Crossed (2012). The company creates an enterprising company of actors, comedians and musicians that provide audiences with insightful, provocative entertainment at affordable prices. Click here for tickets!

Ivy Theatre, an all-women ensemble is presenting The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched) by Micheline Auger, which explores female sexuality and addresses how sometimes the lines get blurred between the personal, professional, and political. Ivy is dedicated to producing work that dynamically explores the human condition in a visceral way in order to provoke thought and challenge both the artist and the audience. Click here for tickets!

From 7:30pm-8pm (Singer/songwriter Tim Di Pasqua)

Call Me Adam chats with Bistro Award winning singer/songwriter Tim Di Pasqua about returning to Don't Tell Mama on Monday, June 2 at 7pm with an all new show! Tim's music speaks from the heart and soul. He's a gifted singer/songwriter. I am so excited to finally get to re-interview Tim to talk about this show, his music, and where ever else the night takes us! 

The phone lines will be open from 7pm-8pm, so give us a call at 646-478-0328.

Tweet your questions to me @CallMeAdamNYC

There's also going to be great music in between! So come have fun with us this Wednesday, May 28 from 7pm-8pm on YTP Radio via Blogtalk Radio! It's going to be a blast!