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Call Redialed: Seth Rudetsky: "Seth’s Broadway Diary, Volume 3"

Seth RudetskyIt's always great catching up with Seth Rudetsky! His Broadway stories are always so engaging & enjoyable. It's no wonder, he just released his latest book, Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3 from Dress Circle Publishing. Filled with the juicy tales of working with such Broadway luminaries as Patti LuPone, Andrea Martin, Andrea McArdle, Gavin Creel and so many more, Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3 is a can't put it down romp on-stage, back-stage, and everywhere in between!

If you think Seth's book are loaded with goodies, wait until you see what he revealed direct from the orchestra pit!

Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3 can be purchased at!

For more on Seth be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

1. You just released your latest book Seth's Broadway Diary, Volume 3. What was the first story you knew had to be in this book? When I got to play an entire concert with Patti LuPone! It was such a thrilling experience. Every time I’d heard her sing from Evita, it was always "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina." I was much much much more obsessed with "Buenos Aires" and "Rainbow High." These are songs I listened to all the time as a kid and I never got to see her play the role. I thought I’d never hear her sing them live. I tentatively asked her to sing them in our show…and she said YES…and in the SAME KEY!!! Plus she gave me so many amazing stories about Evita, and Les Miz and Anything Goes, etc. There is so much Patti scoop in this book and I love it!

2. Which story were you on the fence about including, but ultimately you felt it would help complete this volume? Well, I actually did cut it. During the years that all my interviews and shows take place in this book, my doggie got sick. I documented it while it was happening but it was too depressing to put in the book.

Patti LuPone and Seth Rudetsky3. As you go back through these columns, what would be one or two that made you pinch yourself and think, "I can't believe, me, Seth Rudetsky, from North Woodmere, Long Island, got to do this" (that as a kid you only dreamed about)? Well, definitely, the entire Patti LuPone experience. I never even met her until I was 29 and all I got to say was an awkward "I love you!" And the next thing I know I'm making her belt half the Evita score. Then things like working with Andrea McArdle. Anyone who grew up loving Broadway in the '70s was obsessed with her voice. She was the Broadway star we all wanted to be.

4. Since your columns are called Onstage & Backstage, what is something that happens on stage that causes chaos backstage during a show? One of the things I continue to get in trouble for is when I’m writing a show: often times I’ll tell an actor a new line I thought of and tell them to add it to that performance. I always forget that everything is mic’d nowadays and when an actor has a new line or cuts a line, it completely screws up the sound people. Half the time my so-called amazing new line is said and no one hears it because the actor’s mic is off!

5. It seems like everyone you work with becomes a friend of yours. Whose friendship were you most surprised by? Definitely Andrea Martin. I watched SCTV religiously as a teen. My friends and I would memorize her sketches, especially her feminist musical with Catherine O’Hara called "I’m Taking My Own Head, Screwing it on right, and No Guy’s Gonna Tell Me That it Ain’t!" Suddenly, I'm an adult and she's on my window frame in my apartment scrubbing my windows because they're "filthy" and redecorating my apartment. And by "redecorating," I mean taking objects and literally throwing them out because they don’t match her aesthetic. Sadly for me, she's always right.

Seth Rudetsky, Photo Credit: Jay Brady6. I have a new segment to my interviews called "I Can See Clearly Now," where I try to clear-up misconceptions about people. What do you feel is the biggest misconception out there about yourself that you would like to clear-up once and for all? I think people always think I'm incredibly busy. I, myself,  think people who have actual 9 to 5 jobs are incredibly busy! I can make my own hours, I can go to the gym, I can take breaks whenever I want, I get to travel to super fun places. To me, busy is having to wake up and get ready for work, work 8 hours, travel home, make dinner for family. I'm very impressed that those kind of people have time for fun, gym, and creativity.

7. Since you have interviewed so many people over the years yourself, what is one question I didn't ask you that you wish I had (please provide the answer to said question)?

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: I read all the time and love so many writers! Please read these people because they are amazing: Elin Hildenbrand, Stephen McCauley, Phillip Pullman, William Goldman, Curtis Sittenfeld, Sarah Waters. Thank you!

8. Has anyone ever rejected an interview request from you? If so, who? Lots of people! Celebrities get so many requests for interviews and sometimes they're just too busy. Also, I only like to to do them live, face-to-face. People sometimes want to do them over the phone and I think that sounds so awkward on the radio because I can't tell when person is about to talk, stop talking etc. I hate it and I always say no if that's all they're available for. So I guess the answer is, I have rejected interviews from people!

Seth Rudetsky, Photo Credit: Lauren KennedyMore on Seth: 

Seth Rudetsky has worked as the music director and/or pianist for some of Broadway’s biggest stars: Audra McDonald, Andrea Martin, Gavin Creel, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, Jessie Mueller and many more. He spent years as a pianist on Broadway playing such shows as Les Miserables, The Producers and Ragtime and currently divides his time between being the afternoon deejay on the Sirius XM Broadway channel/host of Seth Speaks as well as touring North America doing his show Deconstructing Broadway. His novels, My Awesome/Awful Popularity Plan, and the sequel The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek are available on the Random House label and his Broadway musical Disaster!, which was a New York Times "Critics Pick," is licensed by MTI.


Call Answered: Jessica Morris: "One Life To Live", "Ladies of the Lake", "A Christmas Cruise", "The Wrong Man"

Jessica Morris, Photo Credit: Tim SchaefferI'm always amazed at how much one person can do! Best known for her portrayal of "Jennifer Rappaport" on ABC’s One Life to Live, I am not surprised how much Jessica Morris has going on! I was exhausted just reading about it. So needless to say, I had to find out she does it all.

Jessica can be seen in so many things right now, I don't know how she had the time to do our interview, but she did and I couldn't be more grateful! This holiday season be sure to stay glued to your TV because you'll get to see Jessica along with Vivica A. Fox & Rib Hillis in ION's original holiday movie A Christmas Cruise airing December 16 at 9pm and on December 29 in The Wrong Man on Lifetime Movie Network.

Additionally, Jessica is currently filming the second season of Amazon's highly-anticipated web series Ladies of the Lake which will return in the summer of 2018! 

For more on Jessica be sure to visit and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? I was very shy as a child to the point where my teachers were concerned, because I would make good grades but barely spoke a word in class. But I grew up performing as a dancer. I was a member in the local dance studio's company, went to competitions, auditioned, and danced year after year in The Nutcracker Ballet. When I did my first play, being on the stage already felt like home to me. And people were shocked to see timid me playing such a confident character. It turned out that playing someone gave me the courage to express myself. At that point, I fell in love with acting and never stopped.

2. You have so much going on from filming Season 2 of Ladies of the Lake on Amazon to your upcoming original holiday movie, A Christmas Cruise on December 16 on ION TV, The Wrong Man on Lifetime Movie Network on December 29, + about nine other projects in various stages of completion in addition to getting ready for the holidays. In this busy time, how do you stay centered, healthy, and moving forward? I have been very busy, and it honestly is hard to find time to work out, meditate, and do all the things necessary to keep myself balanced. I made the choice not to travel this holiday season, which will give me a little more down time for myself and for some rest and reflection, which is much needed. Writing is an amazing creative outlet for me, as well. It keeps me sane.

Jessica Morris3. Before we get in depth about your current projects, let's go back in time to One Life To Live, where you played "Jennifer Rappaport." What was the best part about being on that show? What was your favorite story line? Which story line made you roll your eyes and say, "I can't believe this is happening, but how cool I get to live this out as an actress"? The best part about the show was everything that I learned. I was a brand-new actress. It was one of my very first jobs. I grew up a lot and learned so much about my craft.

I loved the story line when my character's mom went crazy. It was some great stuff to work with and, Catherine Hickland, the actress that played my mom, was so convincing that it was scary and easy to react off.

When I lied, and told "Christian" that I was pregnant with his baby, that got a bit silly. But it was fun to get into being so manipulative and calculating.

4. Since we only have "One Life to Live," what is something you learned while on the show that you will carry with you forever? I learned to really appreciate every moment. It was a bit of a struggle to pick up my life in L.A. and move to NYC for five years so suddenly. Much of the time I was in New York for the show, I was desperate to come back to L.A. But since being back, I have missed my experience there and only thought of it fondly. So, I realized that I need to be happy right where I am every day.

Jessica Morris5. Now, let's get to the present. We'll start with Ladies of the Lake on Amazon, where you play "Crystal Amhurst," a trophy wife who is willing to do anything for her husband's attention & love. First, how did you first come to be part of this project & what are you looking forward to most about the new season? Secondly, what is the craziest or most unusual thing you have done to gain someone's attention/love? The producer, Michael Caruso, offered me the role, and as soon as I read the script, I was so excited to jump on board. In this new season, I am looking forward to "Crystal" being less of a victim and taking control of her life.

The craziest things I have done to get someone's attention? Hhmm, there are a handful of these stories, and some of them could get me arrested, so I will plead the fifth.

6. As mentioned above, you will be starring in the ION Original movie A Christmas Cruise airing December 16. In this film, you play "Pam's" best friend "Becky" who drags "Pam" along on a holiday themed sail in the hopes "Pam" will unexpectedly find the love of her life. What do you still aspire to do in your own life? What is the most unexpected thing to happen to you in your career so far? I have actually never been on a cruise. I need to make this happen soon. Also, there is so much traveling that I have put off because of work or not wanting to miss opportunities. But I plan on taking time to travel more in 2018. And I aspire to keep writing. In my career, I never really thought that I would end up writing scripts that I could star in. I have sort of surprised myself this year with a couple of developments on that front.

7. On December 29, you will be seen in The Wrong Man on Lifetime Movie Network where you play "Kim," a woman who after the untimely death of her grandmother, returns to their home to slowly discover the friendly, handsome man caring for her grandfather isn’t at all what he seems to be. What's the biggest loss in your life you have suffered? What do you miss most about this person? I have lost a few people in my life, and it is never easy to process this kind of pain. Definitive endings are something that are very difficult to wrap my brain around. When I think of these people, who are no longer in my life, I think about their smile, the sparkle in their eyes and their hugs.

8. You also starred in two Lifetime movies, The Wrong Roommate & The Wrong Student. What is something you did as a student that in looking back, you wish you didn't do? I was a good student and made excellent grades -- until I had my heart broken by my first love. I was destroyed. I thought I would never get over it. So, I kind of gave up during that time, and my grades began to slip. I failed a couple classes. I regret that. I will never again let a boy or a man come in the way of my success in life. Or, I will at least try.

Jessica MorrisJessica Morris9. There is a picture on your Instagram where you are at a bowling alley with your friend. What is something that was a sure-fire strike in your life and what is something that was a spare, just one pin off? Most of the time it's one pin off. I guess anytime I book a role I feel that it is a strike. And I must say that making the decision to move to Los Angeles was a definite strike. I have always felt that this is the right place for me.

10. There is another picture on your Instagram where you are alluding to a secret project. What is one secret you have not revealed in any other interview that you are ready to share with the world here? Unfortunately, I still cannot talk about that project. It should be coming out in 2018 though. But I do have a secret about the world: No one knows what the heck they're doing. We are all just pretending like we do. We are all excellent actors. Some of us just learned our lines better.

Jessica MorrisMore on Jessica:

Known for her portrayal of series regular "Jennifer Rappaport" on ABC’s One Life to Live, Jessica has cultivated her career as the leading lady in various television shows and independent films. Also making a memorable appearance in Universal’s theatrical success Role Models. Jessica has recently been the star of Lifetime TV’s hit movie The Wrong Student and has also had strong guest starring roles on popular primetime shows, including Fox’s Rosewood and TNT’s Perception. Jessica stands out as an actress who conveys honesty and depth through all of the characters she plays and has also discovered her passion for screenwriting.


Call Answered: Megan Freels Johnston: "The Ice Cream Truck"

Megan Freels JohnstonAs an ice cream (cookies-n-cream) & horror film lover myself, I couldn't wait to get a big scoop on the making of Megan Freels Johnston's The Ice Cream Trucka provocative psychological thriller that stars Deanna Russo (Being Human, Gossip Girl) as "Mary," who moves back to her suburban hometown after her husband gets relocated for work. As her family ties up loose ends back home, she moves into their new house alone. And although the move makes "Mary" nostalgic for her youth, there’s something very sinister about that Ice Cream Truck that patrols her suburb.

The Ice Cream Truck is available on DVD through Amazon!

For more on Megan be sure to follow her on Twitter @number1megan

For more on The Ice Cream Truck visit and follow the film on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

1. Who or what inspired you to become a writer/director? I was just a producer originally. I think I got fed up with how long it took movies to get made. I got into the film business because I just love movies. So after a few years of things not going forward as a producer I decided to make a movie myself with a small budget. That was my first film Rebound. I am a big fan of retro horror and the suspense films of the 60s and 70s so they serve as my creative inspiration.

2. Your new psychological thriller, The Ice Cream Truck has just been released on DVD. What do you like about writing in the psychological thriller genre? I love playing with things that are scary inside and outside the mind. It’s fun to do both in the same film. People are so complex so the story ideas that revolve around human emotions and anxiety are limitless.

Scene from "The Ice Cream Truck"3. How did you come up with the concept for The Ice Cream Truck? I lived in an area of Los Angeles that happened to have a lot of ice cream trucks. I am also from the Midwest suburbs so I grew up around ice cream trucks. I just felt like there is something so creepy and strange about getting ice cream from a virtual stranger’s car. So I had to write a story about it. But I wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t your typical B horror movie.

4. What was the most complicated part of the film to make? What was the most fun? Making indie films are always a challenge because you have financial constraints. You can’t just do whatever you want. You have to be realistic and work with what you have. So that is always the hardest part. Making this film was a total blast. Everyone loved the project and wanted to be there so it was just a really fun set to be a part of.

Deanna Russo as "Mary" in "The Ice Cream Truck"5. How many gallons of ice cream did you go through to make this film? We used quite a bit of ice cream, but probably more blood, to be honest!

6. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I am a Rocky Road fan. Simple, yet complex.

7. In the film, "Mary" moves back to her suburban hometown, which makes her very nostalgic for her youth. What is something from your childhood you long for as an adult? I have two kids so it allows me to be a kid in my every day life. But the one thing I have taken with me along the way is my old school Nintendo NES game system. It’s got some kinks and I still know all the tricks when it’s not working correctly but no modern game will ever compare to me. I love the original Nintendo. Kid Icarus is my favourite game.

Emil Johnson as "The Ice Cream Truck Driver" in "The Ice Cream Truck"8. You are the granddaughter of legendary crime writer Elmore Leonard. What did you learn from him that influenced your own writing? Elmore was a big proponent of writing for yourself. That is one thing I try to do. Don’t write what you think other people want. Be authentic within your voice and tell the stories you want to hear or see.

9. For a while you worked on adaptations of his work. When did the moment come when you said to yourself, "I need to write & direct my own work"? What did that moment feel like for you? Well initially that came from frustration of not getting enough movies off the ground. Even Elmore Leonard adaptations. It was supposed to be more of an experiment, my becoming a filmmaker. But it was life changing and now that’s where my true passion lies within the film business. I prefer to do my own material because I can just do it however I want which is really creatively freeing. Putting in all the work from writing a script, to being on set to shaping your film in post-production is one of the greatest feelings.

10. After completing The Ice Cream Truck, what is one lesson you learned from this film that you'll carry with you for the remainder of your life? I learned so many things from The Ice Cream Truck. I think the main thing is work with people you like and be appreciative. The rest kind of falls into place.

Megan Freels JohnstonMore on Megan:

Megan Freels Johnston is a producer and writer, known for The Ice Cream Truck (2017), Rebound (2014) and Convention (2018). She is the granddaughter of legendary crime writer Elmore Leonard.


Call Redialed: Chris Harder: "Porn to be a Star" at Stonewall Inn

Chris Harder, Photo Credit: Adrian BuckmasterLast year, Chris Harder stripped down to reveal all with me about his show #BigBrightStar. Now Chris is back, unzipping even more details of his professional life in his new show Porn to be a Star, directed by Obie-winner David Drake. Porn to be a Star is loosely based on Chris' own experiences in porn. Chris takes you by the hand on an up, close, and in your face search for fame, followers and a place to shine in the gay adult industry.

Featuring new characters and plenty of surprises to unzip, Porn to be a Star is set around the annual "Dirty Dish Porn Awards." Chris introduces you to a variety of adult performers, directors and even his mother, all weighing in on the coveted "Porn Star of the Year" trophy. Who will take home the title? Zach Parks, the trailer park kid turned Twitter socialite? Gay for pay bang bro’s, Patrick and Duncan? Or that home grown, homo-from-the-range himself, Chris Harder? (He’ll put a camera anywhere, you know.) You’ll have to click at the Dish to find out.

Porn to be a Star will play at the Stonewall Inn in NYC's West Village (53 Christopher Street) November 29-December 7 at 7:30pm. Click here for tickets!

For more on Chris be sure to visit and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

1. This November/December you are bringing your new show Porn to be a Star to the Stonewall Inn. Loosely based on your own experiences in gay porn, how does this show differ from your previous show #BigBrightStar? Well, in a nut shell, Porn to be a Star is all the good parts of #BigBrightStar restructured into a new plot with additional characters and also choreography. It really is a completely new show, but fans who saw #BigBrightStar might recognize certain monologues and characters too. Essentially I wanted to expand the scope of my work to not just be my story but the combined stories of all these different porn stars each battling to win the fictional "Dirty Dish Porn Star of the Year" award. So I would say Porn to be a Star gives you the extra inch view into the world of gay porn where as #BigBrightStar was just a taste of my own life.

2. Porn to be a Star takes the audience by the hand on an up, close, and in your face search for fame, followers and a place to shine in the gay adult industry. In our last interview we discussed how you got into the gay adult film industry, now I want to know, what do you remember about your first film---excitement? nerves? When did you realize you were a porn star? I think more than anything I was just excited for my first "on camera" experience, which was a solo scene but done in a documentary style so I was also stripping and go-go dancing. I imagine a lot of male performers might worry about whether or not they can get an erection on film and I won’t lie, I felt the same way. But once the camera was on I suddenly felt very at home with myself and things just kind of, "sprang" into action. In some ways that feeling is no different from when I’m doing a burlesque number or even acting. There is definitely an exhibitionist bone in my body and a joy that comes from entertaining an audience. I think one of the questions Porn to be a Star asks is what happens when it seems the audience is no longer watching? And what does it really mean to be a star? There are millions of stars in the sky but we don't see everyone and we certainly can't name everyone, so are they stars? And...if a porn star falls in the woods and no one hears him...actually never mind.

The Official Porn to be a Star Trailer! from Chris Harder on Vimeo.

3. What has been the best part about being a gay porn star? What was your most frightening moment? Performing on camera helped me understand my body in ways I don't think I otherwise would have realized. A common misconception about adult film performers and sex workers is that we become "numb" to sex. However, I learned how to value and use my body to literally work in ways that many people I think at times feel self conscious and intimidated by even when the camera isn't watching. That doesn't mean every day onset feels completely "empowering" or that I'm having transcendental orgasms with every scene partner either. Porn is pleasure. Porn is work. And porn is product.

The most frightening thing to happen to me onset? Well, I can honestly say I've always felt very well taken care of by my directors onset, even if I haven't always enjoyed my scene partner(s)--again, porn is work. I think the most "scary" time onset though was when I shot a scene in an abandoned cotton gin outside of Manchester--you know, a typical Monday. We were on the second floor and my friend casually said, "Watch out for the mossy areas, the floor is basically eaten away and you'll fall into the basement." Nothing like a potential death drop to motivate you through missionary!

Chris Harder4. Since the show talks about other voices commenting on what it means to be a star, what was that conversation like when you told your mom you were a porn star? My mother and my family in general were less than thrilled when I told them I was "officially Harder" online. That said, they didn’t denounce me either. I think I’m very fortunate to have a mother who wants me to succeed in life and also worries about all my life choices, whether it’s wearing a leather jacket in winter or a leather jock strap onset. At this point though I don’t think anything can faze her. In general the relationship I have with my mother has been on a long journey ever since coming out to her in high school. I even play a version of her in Porn to be a Star--spoiler alert! She requested a pink wig but we’re in talks.

5. What advice would you give someone wanting to break into the gay adult film industry? What's one warning you would tell them as well? I’ve never directly told anyone, "you should definitely do porn," because even though I don’t regret my own decision, it is one of those "big adult choices." It’s like buying a car except everyone can Google your car and then say things like, "wow, your car obviously has a lot of miles on it." Or write you really short messages on Facebook like, "Hey. Hot car."

What I️ would say above all else is respect your body. It is literally your work tool. And also, have fun. Sex should be enjoyed. Filming porn is hard work but ideally there are moments when you can actually enjoy that work—even when you have to freeze in mid-thrust while a light is adjusted.

Chris Harder6. You probably have a lot of stories you can tell about your time in the porn industry. What is one story you are ready to unzip and reveal that you have not told previously? One of the most fun yet bizarre scenes I filmed was this FBI agent/criminal scene with Wolf Hudson for I️ (as agent Harder) chased Wolf all across the giant rooftop of a reconverted cathedral in San Francisco until he masterfully disarmed me and then captured me with my own handcuffs--we call that porn magic. You can fill in the rest--Wolf certainly did--but during the shoot a bunch of construction workers on the roof directly across from us would cheer and shout encouragement. You know you're having a true San Francisco moment when you're strapped up in bondage on an abandoned cathedral now owned by a hippie colony while questionably gay construction workers provide commentary during their lunch break.

7. I have a new segment in my interviews called "I Can See Clearly Now," where I give the interviewee the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions about themselves. What do you feel is the biggest misconception out there about you that you want to clear up? To be honest, one of the hardest parts of being a performer for me, whether it’s onstage or in front of the camera, is letting go of what people think of me and specifically of my work. I want people to enjoy both my porn and my writing but you can’t be everyone’s favorite. In fact, now I would worry I was doing something wrong if I️ was everyone’s favorite. That said, I’d love it if people acknowledged that I actually am the writer of my plays and solo pieces. I️ usually get at least one person each show who says, "Did you right that all by yourself?" That to me is the equivalent of a pat on the head. But again, you can't control what people think. No matter what you do for a living, I think we are always trying to impress someone to get to that "next level." And simultaneously, we are all most likely guilty of underestimating a person we perceive to be below us in some capacity. It's more motivation for me to just get back to the work.

Chris Harder, Photo Credit: Richard Burrowes8. Let's go in a bit deeper now. Yeah, you like it deeper? Haha. The by-line of Porn to be a Star is "Porn to be a Star is funny, shocking, and biting in all the right places. My question to you is, what is the funniest thing to happen to you during sex? What's the most shocking thing to happen to you during sex? What are all the right places you like to bite someone? I like it any way as long as my scene minimum is being met.

Funniest moment: This is probably only funny to me, but I think it's hilarious that we have "lunch breaks" onset. I'd rather plow through the work but inevitably we will stop and a PA will ask me, "Do you want a burrito?" Well, not unless you want to make this a really long day for everyone else.

Most shocking moment: The day my scene partner had a burrito.

(Consensual) biting: Neck and back--just like Kelis! I like a little nipple play too although I feel like most gay men I've been with have only two speeds in that area: "rip my nipples off" or maybe, maybe give them a little flick. The journey is long my friends.

9. Along the same lines, what are your favorite things to do in bed? I can't give away all my secrets--no one would come to my play! Working in nightlife and porn has always been an interesting line for me to walk with my public and personal sex life. Every performer handles it differently but I like being able to have private, "me time" sex and relationships. I don't post a lot of photos of my boyfriend or "BTS" moments in my bedroom because I like having something for myself. Also, the lighting in my room sucks.

10. How hard does Chris Harder get? No matter what I'm doing, there's a good chance I really like my work on a given day. So I try "harder" (see what I did there) to push myself to be the best porn/burlesque/writer/actor/naked freelancer I can be.

Chris HarderMore on Chris:

Chris Harder is a New York male burlesque performer, writer, and porn star. Known as "The Raunchy Romeo of Burlesque," Harder has toured his solo burlesque performances throughout the US as well as Europe including shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. Harder was named "Best of the Naked City" by the Village Voice (2011) and also crowned "Best International Male Performer" at the 2011 World Burlesque Games, London. Recently, Chris Harder was one of the American Headliners for the 2017 Helsinki Burlesque Festival and also a featured burlesque performer at the 2017 World Buskers Festival, New Zealand. Harder is also the writer and producer of the Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy series, New York. Find out more and #getHarder at and @HarderBurlesque on Instagram and Twitter.


Call Answered: Facetime Interview with "Conversations in L.A." Emmy nominees Anne Marie Cummings & Gustavo Velasquez

Gustavo Velasquez & Ann Marie CummingsLive from The Algonquin Hotel in the heart of NYC's theatre district, "Call Me Adam" chats with Emmy nominees Anne Marie Cummings & Gustavo Velasquez about the Digital Daytime Drama Series Conversations in L.A.

Conversations in L.A. tells the story of "Michelle," a 40-something menopausal woman finding herself falling for "Gus," a hot 20-something millennial. This series defies boundaries, from the way it's filmed to how it's executed. It's a show about love, relationships, growing-up, finding yourself, menopause, & mid-life crises.

Written and directed by Anne Marie, Conversations in L.A. has earned three Emmy nominations: Lead Actress (Anne Marie Cummings), Lead Actor (Gustavo Velasquez, in his acting debut), and Supporting Actress (Vanita Harbour).

For more on Conversations in L.A. and to watch Season One visit and follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

For more on The Algonquin Hotel visit and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

"Call Me Adam" video interview with Anne Marie Cummings & Gustavo Velasquez: