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Call Redialed: Scott Alan: Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 54 Below Debut Concert 

Scott Alan"Call Me Adam" catches up with songwriter Scott Alan to talk about his new album Scott Alan Greatest Hits Volume 1 and his upcoming 54 Below debut concert on January 19, 2015 at 7pm, which celebrates the release of Scott Alan Greatest Hits Volume 1!

Scott Alan Greatest Hits Volume 1 features Samantha Barks, Shoshana Bean, Stephanie J. Block, Lisa Brescia, Liz Callaway, Kerry Ellis, Hadley Fraser, Eden Espinosa, Marcus Paul James and Willemijn Verkaik, and new tracks by Marc Broussard, Taylor Dayne, Cynthia Erivo, RJ Helton, Christina Marie, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Stuart Matthew Price, Oliver Tompsett and Natalie Weiss.

Scheduled to appear at Scott's 54 Below concert include 2014 Tony Award Winners James Monroe Iglehart (Aladdin) and Jessie Mueller (Beautiful), Tony Nominee’s Joshua Henry (The Scottsboro Boys, Violet) and Chad Kimball (Memphis) as well as Lilla Crawford (Little Red Riding Hood in Disney’s upcoming film adaptation of Into the Woods), Alysha Umphress (On the Town), David Burtka (upcoming’s It Shoulda Been You), Mykal Kilgore (Motown), Natalie Weiss (Wicked), Katie Thompson (Giant), Ellyn Marie Marsh (Kinky Boots), Danny Calvert (Altar Boyz), Elizabeth Stanley (On the Town). More performers to be announced. Click here for tickets!

For more on Scott be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

Designed by Robbie Rozelle1. You have just released your new album Scott Alan Greatest Hits Volume 1 which features, well, some of your biggest hits from your previous five albums, plus a few new recordings and re-workings of other hits. What made now the right time to release a Greatest Hits album as opposed to recording a new album? To make a new album would cost too much money and putting out a Greatest Hits album allowed me the opportunity to revisit my older catalogue of music and reconstruct it enough to give these songs a new feel. In addition, since so many of my past albums are out of print, it only made sense to place the greatest hits on one album instead of spending the money to duplicate all or most of my previous albums. Everything comes down to money, which isn’t to say this album didn’t cost money, it actually cost more to make then my debut album, Dreaming Wide Awake.

2. What does it mean to you to have enough material to be able to create a Greatest Hits album? It means I’m getting really old. I’m now in that stage of my life where graduates tell me they discovered my music when they were in Junior High School. Old. Old. Old.

Scott Alan3. How did you decide which songs you wanted to put on this first collection of Greatest Hits and how did you decide which songs you wanted to re-work/change from their original recording? We did a poll on my website and about 90% of the songs were picked from that poll. As for the re-worked songs, it was important to have updates on many of the songs to make this album special and unique and not the normal "greatest hits" collection of songs that fans already own.

4. Some of the artists featured on your Greatest Hits were not the original artists you initially had record the song. Why did you choose to change some of the artists for this release? It started with the song "Anything Worth Holding on To." It’s a very personal song but it never caught on when released on my third album, What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up, even though it was beautifully sung by the iconic voice of Crystal Monee Hall. Then when I did my IndigO2 concert at the O2 and it was performed by the extraordinarily gifted talents of Cynthia Erivo, it gained a new life and a new following. I knew I wanted to try and recreate that and so having Cytnhia record the song was not even a question. Nothing will ever match the magic of the live performance but it’s so incredible to have it recorded for this album. And, to have Stuart Matthew Price re-create his performance of "Over the Mountains" was a no brainer. He was my original idea for the recording but I had already offered it to Bobby Steggert. Then we tried to have him in for the LIVE album but he was busy with Shrek. So, we finally had the timing right. Thankfully. And, "In This Moment" recorded in the studio was a no-brainer. Marc Broussard. Hello. This new version of "Kiss the Air" was featured on the special edition of LIVE, so we changed the arrangement a bit. Oliver Tompsett’s voice is timeless. And Natalie Weiss' new version of "The Distance You Have Come" was our way of going back to the original demo of what the song represented. Simplistic and organic.

Scott Alan and Taylor Dayne5. One artist who is new to this recording is the one and only Taylor Dayne who sings "I'm Coming Home To You." I have loved Taylor Dayne since she burst onto the music scene in the 80s. How did you come to work with this Grammy-nominated artist? I’m annoying and overly eager. Taylor can tell the story better but truthfully I just kept tweeting her and emailing her assistant until she said yes. I wouldn’t give up and kept on pushing and thankfully our schedules linked up and I had the opportunity to work with one of my childhood idols. I grew up the biggest Taylor Dayne voice and that voice hasn’t changed one bit. It’s still crazy to look in my phone and know I can call her, and I do. She’s so down to earth and awesome. The studio session was a blast. Just two Long Island kids. We have the same lingo and she is brilliant in knowing what she wants and how to achieve it. She’s got a brilliant mind. It was an honor.

6. On January 19, you will be making your 54 Below debut to celebrate the release of your Greatest Hits. What excites you about making your 54 Below debut? Why was now the best time to make your 54 Below debut? You know, I feel like I’m having an affair on Birdland because I've been performing there for years but when Jennifer Tepper asked me if I would be interested in doing a concert at 54 Below I couldn’t help but say yes. I mean, aren’t all the cool kids doing it? Sometimes new scenery is just what the doctor ordered.

Scott Alan7. In addition to this concert being your 54 Below debut, your first concert in a year and a half, why should fans get excited for this concert? and What do you hope audiences come away with after attending this concert? I have always feared performing in New York because I feel like I can’t just sit back and relax and be myself. Over the years, performing in London and Australia and Holland and Germany and just having the opportunity to sit back and tell my story - I’m excited to do that now, in my city. It’s gonna be a very different vibe and I’m really excited to share that with this audience.

8. Why did you wait a year and a half to return to the New York concert stage? I always think nobody will show up and so I think it’s always smart to take breaks so that the audience awaits your next visit and I don’t overdose on xanax.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? From Frank Wildhorn. He said "The day you stop thinking you’re a new voice and think you’ve learned everything there is to be learned, leave the industry." Smart advice. Thankfully, I keep learning. And advice I always tell the young one’s which is to "Always remain a fan" and I do. I continue to work with my childhood hero’s because I am still that 12 year old kid in his bedroom waiting for life to begin.

Scott Alan10. What have you learned about yourself from being a composer/lyricist? How truly therapeutic music can be if you let it.

11. How do you want to be remembered? As a father and a husband. I just need a husband and kids to father. But that is what I want my legacy to be. 


12. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? I seem to dream about flying a lot. I don’t know why. I have dreams often that I can fly. So, I guess that one?

13. If you could be an original flavor Life Saver, which one would you be? Oh, hmmmm. Is cool mint an option?

14. If you could create your own signature drink, what would you call it and what would the ingredients be? The Dreamer. Part Malibu Rum, Part Pineapple Juice, Part Citrus Absolute Vodka, part Midori Melon and topped off with a cherry. And yes. I was a bartender and that actually was my signature drink back in the day at Stonewall Inn, located in the W. Village. So I’m sorta cheating.

Scott AlanMore on Scott:

Since returning to New York City in 2003 many of Broadway's elite have sung Scott Alan's songs, including Liz Callaway, Jonathan Groff, Shoshana Bean, Adriane Lenox, Stephanie J. Block, Cheyenne Jackson, Eden Espinosa and more, all of which can be found featured on his debut CD Dreaming Wide Awake. Scott then released the follow up CD, Keys, in 2008 which features more of Broadway and West End elite singing his work, including Sutton Foster, Norm Lewis, Kerry Ellis, Randy Graff, Megan Hilty, Hadley Fraser, Julia Murney and many more.

In the fall of 2010, Scott Alan released his third album, What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up, featuring Christiane Noll, Darius de Haas, Christopher Sieber, Willemijn Verkaik, Patina Miller and more.

Scott Alan released his fourth album, LIVE, in 2012 which was recorded at the famed Birdland Jazz Club in New York City. This recording featured Samantha Barks, Lea Salonga, Jane Monheit, Marc Broussard, Ramin Karimloo, Pentatonix and many of today's brightest Broadway and West End stars. On May 24th, 2012 Scott's composition, "It's Good to See You Again" was featured on the premiere episode of the ninth season of So You Think You Can Dance. His work has also been heard in the documentary The Standbys and on VH1's reality show Off-Pitch.

In 2014 Scott released his fifth album, a seven song collection sung by the composer called Anything Worth Holding on To.

Scott Alan has sold out concerts of his music in New York City, London, Holland, Germany, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Australia.


Call Answered: Conference Call with Joe Iconis and Josh Franklin: Singing Cyndi Lauper: 54 Just Wants To Have Fun

Josh FranklinJoe Iconis"Call Me Adam" chats with award-winning composer/lyricist Joe Iconis and actor Josh Franklin about being part of 54 Below's Singing Cyndi Lauper: 54 Just Wants to Have Fun which will take place this Sunday, December 14 at 7pm (254 West 54th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

In addition to Joe Iconis and Josh Franklin, Singing Cyndi Lauper: 54 Just Wants to Have Fun features Becca Ayers (Les Miserables, South Pacific, The Addams Family), Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black, Xanadu, Assassins), Grace McLean (Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Bedbugs! The Musical), Molly Pope (Award-winning cabaret artist, Atlantic Theatre’s Found), Brian Charles Rooney (The Threepenny Opera, Bedbugs! The Musical), and Gabrielle Stravelli (Award-winning jazz vocalist).

For more on 54 Below visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram!

1. This Sunday (December 14), you are performing at 54 Below in Singing Cyndi Lauper: 54 Just Wants to Have Fun. What made you want to be part of this show? 

Joe Iconis: As a child of the 80's I was always very aware of Cyndi Lauper and I really fell in love with her when I saw the video for Goonies 'R' Good Enough. It combined so many of my favorite childhood obsessions (Magical Pirate Ships! Badass Rocker Chicks! Italian criminals! Captain Lou Albano!) that it was almost too much to handle.

Josh Franklin: The amazing catalogue of Cyndi's and of course Lucia Spina...she's hard to say no to. 

Cyndi Lauper2. What are you looking forward to most about this concert?

Joe Iconis: I'm looking forward to seeing Annie Golden tear into some Cyndi Lauper classics.

Josh Franklin: Hearing what cool things the other artists will do with this material.

3. What excites you about performing at 54 Below? 

Joe Iconis: It's just the most beautiful room and it has a strange rock and roll spirit about it. Or, as much of a rock and roll spirit as a fancy supper club can have.

Josh Franklin: Having had my CD release concert there last year, I'm familiar with the amazing staff and venue. There's so much history in the space and so many greats have performed on that stage. It's nice to have the opportunity to come back. 

Joe Iconis at 54 Below4. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing Singing Cyndi Lauper: 54 Just Wants to Have Fun?

Joe Iconis: I hope audiences write personal checks to everyone in my group as a thank you for being such great entertainers. Money changes everything, you know. Somebody told me that once.

Josh Franklin: I hope to familiarize them with some of Cyndi's less well known material. She has such a wide range of style. It's was a blast searching through all of her many records for interesting tunes to tackle.

Josh Franklin at 54 Below5. Out of all of Cyndi's songs, how did you decide which song you wanted to sing?

Josh Franklin: I searched through her records on Spotify and tried to find lyrics I could identify with as well as a melody that I could put my stamp on. I was really overwhelmed by the vast amount of writing she's done! So many great tunes.

6. How has Cyndi Lauper and her music influenced you and your own performing?

Joe Iconis: I love performers who allow themselves to be strange and contradictory and confrontational. I love singer/songwriters who aren't too precious about the fact that they are singer/songwriters. People whose image is sometimes at odds with the music they create. I love performers like David Bowie and The Ramones and Dolly Parton and The White Stripes where there is quite a bit of "theater" in the presentation so it makes you forget what brilliant writers they are. I think Cyndi falls into that category in a huge way and it's something I'm continually inspired by.

Josh Franklin: She's always has a "no fear" attitude that I admire. She's always 100% and 100% Cindi.

Cyndi Lauper7. What is your favorite Cyndi Lauper song and album?

Joe Iconis: My favorite song of hers is "That's What I Think," and I love it because of how simple it is and it's the only song in the history of music that ever made the recorder sound so fucking badass. My runner up is the Pee-Wee's Playhouse theme song.

Josh Franklin: Too many songs to choose from but I think her Memphis Blues album is pretty rad because it's so different. It's clear she loved that style and wanted to change it up for an entire album. Not many artists have the ability to do that...nor the cajones.

Cyndi Lauper8. If you could sing a duet with Cyndi Lauper, which song of hers would you want to duet with her on?

Joe Iconis: I think we'd do a really confusing version of "Hole In My Heart (That Goes All The Way To China)." 

Josh Franklin: I'd make her write us a brand new hit.

9. One of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs is "Hat Full of Stars." If could you have a lucky "Hat Full of Stars," what would you put in it?

Joe Iconis: Kazoos.

Josh Franklin: My dog, my piano, and a million dollars. 

Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper10. Throughout Cyndi's career, she has taught us to show our "True Colors," from Broadway's Kinky Boots she showed us to "Just Be," and helped "Raise You Up." How do you "Just Be"/show your "True Colors?" and How do you Raise people up?

Joe Iconis: As a writer, I try to give people opportunities who wouldn't normally get them. As a human being, I make sure to tell the people I love that I love them. I try to be honest and passionate. As a drinker, I tip my servers Very well.

Josh Franklin: I'm pretty good at just chillin with my dog and good friends. I put who I am and my "True Colors" into my music and in everything I do. I choose a handful people to raise up by being a loyal and loving friend. Hope to inspire the rest with my art and a smile.

Joe IconisMore on Joe:

Joe Iconis is an award-winning writer and performer. He is a creature of Manhattan and can frequently be spotted banging away on a dirty old piano. His songs were featured on Season 2 of NBC’s Smash. As a composer – lyricist – bookwriter he has authored the musicals Bloodsong of LoveThe Black Suits (with Robert Maddock), ReWriteThe Plant That Ate Dirty Socks, and We The People. His concert act, Joe Iconis and Family, frequently plays The Beechman Theater, 54 Below, and Joe’s Pub. The original cast recording of Joe’s theatrical rock concert Things To Ruin, is out on Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight records. He’s been nominated for two Drama Desk Awards, a Lucille Lortel Award, and is the recipient of an Ed Kleban Award, a Jonathan Larson Award, and several other fancy-sounding writing awards. Joe is deliriously inspired by Robert Altman, Dolly Parton, Martin Scorcese, Sardi’s, The Rolling Stones, whiskey, The Muppets, and The Family of artists he frequently surrounds himself with. For more on Joe be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube, and Instagram!

Josh FranklinMore on Josh:

Josh Franklin is an accomplished Broadway performer known for his roles on Broadway in Anything Goes, Ghost, Legally Blonde and Grease. He received wide recognition for his first national tour roles as "Bob Gaudio" (Jersey Boys), "Danny Zuko" (Grease), "Chad" (All Shook Up), "Billy Crocker" (Anything Goes) and in Disney’s On the Record. He most recently starred as "Bobby Child" in Crazy For You at the Stratford festival this season. He received his B.F.A. from Webster Conservatory and is an accomplished songwriter, musician and recording artist. He was selected to perform for the PBS special A Capitol Fourth (2009) live in Washington, DC. Josh has just released his self titled debut pop album; produced by Grammy award winner, Peter Wade (click here to purchase). For more on Josh be sure to visit and follow him on Twitter!


Call Answered: Behind-The-Scenes Rehearsal Facetime Interview with Anthony Nunziata for 54 Below solo debut

"Call Me Adam" went behind-the-scenes with recording artist Anthony Nunziata as he prepares for his debut solo concert at 54 Below in NYC. Anthony let us into his rehearsal studio, where he and musical director Tedd Firth, were busy at work preparing for this big night.

Anthony will be making his solo concert debut at 54 Below on Friday, November 28 at 9:30pm with Tedd Firth - Piano/Musical Director/Arranger, Tom Hubbard - Bass, and Sherrie Maricle - Drums. Click here for tickets!

For more on Anthony be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

Behind-The-Scenes Facetime video interview with Anthony Nunziata and Tedd Firth:


Call Redialed: Steven Reineke: New York Pops: By Special Request: An Evening With The Orchestra

Steven Reineke, Photo Credit: Michael Tammaro"Call Me Adam" once again chats with The New York Pops' Musical Director Steven Reineke. This time around we discuss the second concert of their 32nd Season, By Special Request: An Evening With The Orchestra, which will take place on Friday, November 14 at 7:30pm at Carnegie Hall in NYC (57th Street and 7th Avenue). By Special Request: An Evening With The Orchestra will feature popular symphonic pieces by European masters; selections from great American composers such as Copland, Gershwin, Bernstein with Essential Voices USA; and the New York premiere of "Festival Te Deum" written by The New York Pops very own Steven Reineke. Click here for tickets!

For more on The New York Pops be sure to visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Steven Reineke conducting The New York Pops, Photo Credit: Johanna Webber1. On Friday, November 14, The New York Pops continues their 32nd Season with By Special Request: An Evening With The Orchestra. What do you like most about doing these special request concerts? I love that we've begun a tradition of featuring the orchestra and its wonderful musicians each season. We collaborate throughout the year with so many incredible guests artists and soloists but at the heart of it all, it's the orchestra that makes each concert so special with their amazing musicianship and versatility. 

Doing a program like this really allows the orchestra to shine. The repertoire I've chosen is very demanding, giving us a chance to push ourselves and challenge the orchestra to reach even greater heights artistically.

2. During this show, you will perform your composition "Festival Te Deum," which will be making its New York debut. What excites you most about premiering this song during By Special Request? What, if anything, makes you nervous about having an audience hear one of your compositions for the first time? I'm very excited to conduct this piece in New York for the first time. I don't often program a lot of my own music here but I thought this was a great opportunity to show our audience another side of me. I'm not sure many of them realize that I'm also a composer. It's always a little scary to perform your own music for an audience because it's very personal. I just take a deep breath and hope that it connects with the listener and has an impact on them.

Steven Reineke conducting The New York Pops Gala, Photo Credit: Richard Termine3. How did you decide which songs you were going to perform for this concert? The second half of the program is dedicated to iconic New York composers - Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein, and George Gershwin. It all started when I realized the date of the performance, November 14th, fell on Aaron Copland's birthday. He would've been 114 years old this year. That's when I decided to feature his music and pair it with Bernstein and Gershwin. The first half of the concert features some great music from the European symphonic repertoire.

4. Since the evening is called By Special Request, what is the one special request you get asked the most in regards to The New York Pops? Patrons and fans are constantly giving me their ideas and opinions regarding what they would like to see and hear. I really like that and take it all to heart. Honestly though, the number one thing I've heard from patrons over the years is that they sometimes just want to hear the orchestra featured without guest artists.  I think this is a huge compliment to the musicians of The New York Pops. That's why I decided to create a concert each year called By Special Request: An Evening With the Orchestra.

5. If you could request anything of the New York Pops' audience, what would you ask them? Please tell all of their friends to buy subscription packages or single tickets to our concerts! Also, feel free to use social media to spread the word about this great orchestra. If you enjoyed a concert, then tweet about us or post on Facebook. We want everyone to know how special our concerts are and to continue to sell out our performances.

Steven Reineke conducting, Photo Credit: Richard Termine6. Once again, you are teaming up Judith Clurman's Essential Voices USA for this evening's concert. How did you first come to work with them and what makes you want to continue to team up with them for your concerts? Judith Clurman and the chorus were recommended to me the first season I was with the orchestra. We brought them in for a concert and I was blown away by their sound and professionalism. Judith is an extraordinary conductor and prepares the chorus beautifully. We know each other so well at this point that she knows exactly what I'll like or not.

7. What makes this By Special Request concert different from previous ones? For these concerts, it seems as though I've alternated programming film music one year and classical repertoire the next. This year we are back to classical pieces. I'm excited that this one also includes music from opera, ballet, and theater.

8. If you could be any original flavor Life Saver, which one would you be? Pineapple. It's the most interesting of the five original flavors.

Steven Reineke conducting The New York Pops, Photo Credit: Johanna Webber9. If you could have a song written about your life, what are some key elements you would want to make sure the lyricist wrote into the song? For example, I've had two theme songs written for for my past radio show and one for a live interview series I used to conduct. The key elements I wanted to make sure got written into each theme song was that I did entertainment interviews and then the lyricists wrote my theme songs around that idea. That I was born to be an entertainer and that I think love is the most powerful force in the universe.

10. How do you want to be remembered? Um, I sure hope that I'm not going anywhere very soon!!! I would like to be remembered as a kind, thoughtful, and generous person that gave everything to my work and lived life to the fullest. Hopefully, I also touched some people through music along the way.

Steven Reineke, Photo Credit; Michael TammaroMore on Steven:

Steven Reineke is the Music Director of The New York Pops at Carnegie Hall, Principal Pops Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Principal Pops Conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Reineke is a frequent guest conductor with The Philadelphia Orchestra and has been on the podium with the Boston Pops, The Cleveland Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia. His extensive North American conducting appearances include San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Edmonton and Pittsburgh. As the creator of more than one hundred orchestral arrangements for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, Mr. Reineke's work has been performed worldwide, and can be heard on numerous Cincinnati Pops Orchestra recordings on the Telarc label. His symphonic works Celebration Fanfare, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Casey at the Bat are performed frequently in North America. His numerous wind ensemble compositions are published by the C.L. Barnhouse Company and are performed by concert bands around the world. A native of Ohio, Mr. Reineke is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, where he earned bachelor of music degrees with honors in both trumpet performance and music composition. He currently resides in New York City with his husband Eric Gabbard.

Steven Reineke conducting The New York Pops, Photo Credit: Richard TermineMore on The New York Pops:

The New York Pops is the largest independent pops orchestra in the United States, and the only professional symphonic orchestra in New York City specializing in popular music. Led by Music Director Steven Reineke, the orchestra performs an annual subscription series and birthday gala at Carnegie Hall. The New York Pops was founded by Skitch Henderson in 1983 with a mission to create greater public awareness and appreciation of America’s rich musical heritage. The New York Pops is dedicated to lifelong learning, and collaborates with public schools, community organizations, children’s hospitals and senior centers throughout the five boroughs of New York City. PopsEd allows thousands of New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds to participate in fully customizable music programs that blend traditional education with pure fun. 


Call Answered: Scott Lowell: The Elephant Man on Broadway/Queer As Folk

Scott Lowell, Photo Credit: Kevyn Major HowardBest known for playing "Ted Schmidt" on Showtime's Queer As Folk and "Dr. Douglas Filmore" on Fox's Bones, "Call Me Adam" chats with actor Scott Lowell about making his Broadway debut in The Elephant Man starring Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, and Alessandro Nivola, which will play at the Booth Theatre in NYC (222 West 45th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue) from November 7-February 15. Click here for tickets! 

The Elephant Man tells the story of a 19th-century British man who became a star of the traveling freak show circuit. When the renowned "Dr. Treves" takes "Merrick" under his care, he is astonished by the man’s brilliant intelligence, unshakable faith and, most of all, his resounding desire for love and understanding. He introduces "Merrick" to the beautiful actress "Mrs. Kendal," who is deeply touched by this pure and genuine soul. As a complex friendship blossoms among the three, "Treves" and "Kendal" struggle to protect "Merrick" from a world of questionable intentions…and so begins a story of love as unique as The Elephant Man himself.

For more on Scott be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

1. In 2012, you starred in the pre-Broadway production of The Elephant Man at Williamstown Theatre Festival with Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, and Alessandro Nivola. At that time, what made you want to audition for this production? Growing up and going to school in CT I had always wanted to work at Williamstown (the Crown Jewel of Summer Theatre Fests!) and I had just met Scott Ellis the previous Fall out in CA (and we hit it off immediately). When I saw that he would be directing Elephant Man w/Bradley I got very excited. I had always been a fan of the play and knew there were a few multi-character tracks in it (my bread-and-butter back in Chicago) so I got in touch and asked if I could put myself on tape for some of the roles. Scott graciously agreed and fortunately he was feeling generous when he watched my tape and agreed to let me join in the adventure.

Broadway cast of "The Elephant Man", Photo Credit: Walter McBride2. Now, two years later, you are all starring in the Broadway production from November 7-February 15 at The Booth Theatre. What are you looking forward to most about working with this cast again? Exactly what we have been doing: not merely dusting it off but really re-examining it and going even deeper with it than we were able to with the brief rehearsal period we had up in the Berkshires.

3. What do you identify most with about the story of The Elephant Man? The notion of never judging a book by it’s cover--that you never know what kind of beautiful soul may be lurking under the most off-putting of exteriors.

Scott Lowell "The Elephant Man", Photo Credit: Walter McBride4. You play a few different roles in The Elephant Man. What do you enjoy most about playing several roles in one show as opposed to having one role? Do you relate more to one of your characters than another? It’s a great challenge and can at times be less satisfying than having one character with an arc…but challenges bring great rewards sometimes. In this case, it’s the reward of helping tell the story of this incredible man. I usually do relate more to one of my characters when I’m doing multiple roles but to be honest I haven’t played favorites yet with any of them in this show…but I’m leaning towards "Snork." I mean, his name alone...

5. It's been two years since you performed in this production of The Elephant Man and have had two years of life experience. How do you think these past two years of living will enhance your portrayal of the roles you are playing? ALL my characters will be a lot GRAYER!

Scott Lowell as "Dr. Douglas Filmore" on Fox's "Bones"6. While you are known for playing "Ted Schmidt" on Showtime's Queer As Folk and "Dr. Douglas Filmore" on Fox's Bones, you have had an equally successful career on stage, but never performed on Broadway prior to The Elephant Man. What excites you about making your Broadway debut and what are you most nervous about? This is truly a childhood dream come true for me. I grew up around New Haven, CT and would come to NYC to see shows all the time and read the Sunday New York Times Arts & Leisure section every week (I was VERY good at finding the "Ninas" in the Hirschfeld drawings!) and all this is what made me want to become an actor. I saw Sunday in the Park with George multiple times at The Booth Theatre and the fact that I will be making my Broadway debut on that very stage gives me goosebumps. I LOVE working on stage and to FINALLY be invited to work on a Broadway stage after 27 years of a professional career is absolutely the greatest reward I can imagine. Now, what am I nervous about? Being deemed unworthy of that reward and never invited back. That’s all. No big deal, right?

7. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing this production of The Elephant Man? A greater sensitivity to their fellow man and an appreciation for the extraordinary skills and talents of Bradley, Patricia, Alessandro and all my fellow cast mates.

Cast of Showtime's "Queer As Folk"8. In addition to The Elephant Man, you are also creating a web series called Adoptable!, based upon your life experience of finding your birth parents. What made you want to create a web series based upon this experience? What advice would you give to other adoptees searching for their birth parents? This web series reunites you with your Queer As Folk castmates Sharon Gless and Gale Harold. What is the best part about working with them again? The story of the search for my birth parents back in 1997 - 99 is one I’m often asked to relate by friends and storytelling groups mostly because it’s a world mysterious to most people and because there were so many awkward and humiliating (and therefore FUNNY!) moments all along the way. Also, because it taps into that basic question I think everyone has: Who Am I? I decided basing a long-form storytelling method was the best way to do it and an independently produced web series offered me the best chance to tell the story MY way.

My biggest advice to adoptees wanting to begin the search process would be to enter into it with very low expectations and need. If you’re looking for your birth parents to somehow fill a void in your life or replace the family you grew up with somehow, you will be setting yourself up for too much disappointment. I can’t imagine a harder decision for a woman to make than to give up her child so just be prepared that after doing something like that opening that door again for her may be complicated.

We haven’t shot the first season of ADOPTABLE! yet (only a teaser so far) as we are currently raising money for it through 11/9th ( but I know Dame Sharon, Gale and I will have a WHOLE lot of fun in the scenes I have written for us.

Scott Lowell and Peter Paige on Showtime's "Queer As Folk"9. Looking back, what did you enjoy most about starring on Queer As Folk? Did the success of the show change you in anyway? I loved that QAF was actually a very theatrical, collaborative, ENSEMBLE-based experience for most of us and that it challenged me to a degree I NEVER thought television acting would. Also, to be part of a groundbreaking series that still, ten years after we stopped production, is something people THANK me for doing all over the world and tell me how it changed their liveswowI mean, its everything you hope to achieve as an artistPLUS having a steady gig for FIVE years was intoxicating. The show definitely made me a better actor and a better heterosexual too!

10. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? That I’m happier when I’m working and entertaining others even if it’s for free!

11. What's the best advice you've ever received? Once when I was feeling a lot of pressure that I was put here on this Earth for a reason and that I wasn’t living up to my potential my mother said: "Well, maybe you were put here for a reason but maybe that reason is nothing more than touching the peoples' lives that you touch on a daily basis. That’s reason enough, don’t you think?"

12. How do you want to be remembered? For fulfilling many dreams while harming very few.


13. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Viagra.

14. If you could be an original Life Saver flavor, which one would you be? Wint-O-Green.

15. If you could have a song written about your life, what are some key elements you would want to make sure the lyricist wrote into the song? For example, I've had two theme songs written for for my past radio show and one for a live interview series I used to conduct. The key elements I wanted to make sure got written into each theme song was that I did entertainment interviews and then the lyricists wrote my theme songs around that idea. Raccoons, Spider Monkeys, Puggles, Sushi, Peace, Love and Understanding.

Scott Lowell, Photo Credit: Steve GranitzMore on Scott:

Scott Lowell is best known for his role as "Ted Schmidt" in Showtime’s popular and critically acclaimed Queer As Folk for which he was twice nominated for a Prism Award. The groundbreaking and provocative series originally ran in the U.S from 2000 –2005 and is currently airing in countries all over the world. Scott was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the suburbs of New Haven, Connecticut. He majored in theater at Connecticut College and also studied acting at the National Theatre Institute (he was fortunate to study at both schools with the legendary Morris Carnovsky). He shortly moved to Chicago where over the course of a decade, he immersed himself in the local theater scene, including performances at the famed Steppenwolf and Goodman. He also landed his first TV role in Chicago on Early Edition.

Scott moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and quickly found himself busy in a number of successful commercial campaigns, guest roles on sit-coms and a lead in a sci-fi television film. In 2000 he landed QAF and spent the next five years shuttling back and forth between LA and Toronto, Canada where the series was filmed. He also kept busy traveling around making speeches for a number of civil rights organizations (including the Human Rights Campaign) and political campaigns as well as appearing as a presenter and Host of a number of GLAAD Awards shows.

Since QAF has wrapped Scott has appeared on stage in 12 Angry MenOrson’s Shadow and Present Laughter (Pasadena Playhouse); The Big Meal (Artists Rep); The Elephant Man (Williamstown); Blithe Spirit (A Noise Within); The Pain and the Itch (Furious/Boston Court); The Heidi Chronicles (Berkshire Theatre Fest). Chicago: Picasso At The Lapin Agile and Twelfth Night (Steppenwolf); Light Up The Sky (Goodman); Chicago Conspiracy TrialA Perfect Ganesh; Laughter on the 23rd FloorAssassins as well as a number of independent films and television series including Bones where he has appeared as "Dr. Douglas Filmore," CSICastle, CSI:NY, NCIS, Heroes, Criminal Minds, Leverage and as various voices in the animated series American Dad. He has also been hard at work writing screenplays on his own and with his writing partner, Eddie Jemison as well as developing ideas for television and the web including the series Adoptable and the podcast CharActors!. Scott also works as a mentor for the Young Story Tellers Foundation and raising awareness for the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.