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Adam Dannheisser: The Cottage Interview

Adam DannheisserAdam Dannheisser is the Resident Director of Rock of Ages on Broadway as well as an original and current cast member. He's currently directing Sandy Rustin's (Rated P [For Parenthood]), (mostly) non-violent, romantic comedy, The Cottage presented by The Award-Winning Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) at Good Shepard United Methodist Church, 30-44 Crescent St (@30th Rd), in Astoria, Queens.

The Cottage is a rollicking farce inspired by the works of Noel Coward. Set in the English countryside in 1923, this tale of sex, betrayal and, oh yes, love, unfolds when Sylvia Van Kipness decides to expose her love affair to her husband and her lover's wife. Click here for tickets!

1. Who or what inspired you to become a director? I have wanted to direct for a long time. I love performing, but feel that I experience a fair amount of tongue biting -- always wishing to have more of a voice in the shaping of things. I was most inspired in grad school (NYU acting program) by innovative and daring directors such as Mark Wing-Davey and Robert Woodruff.

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? I have so many amazingly talented friends that I have never gotten a chance to work  with. That is why it is a real joy to be directing Kevin Isola in The Cottage. We went through NYU together -- his ethic, aesthetic and comic abilities have always floored me. I haven't gotten to spent this much time with him since 1995 :-)

3. What attracted you to directing The Cottage? The play is really well crafted and realized. I instantly felt connected to it. The style, the comedy, the room for some playful conceptual ideas -- I'm thrilled that Sandy felt like writing a play. :-)

4. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing the show? I want people to laugh, to recognize themselves at times in the play and to think for a bit about the meaning of fate, love, fidelity, and true destiny. But not for too long. I don't want anyone leaving their spouse over it :-) Although that would be kind of cool. Ha?

5. What are you looking forward to about working with this cast? They were all my first choice for their respective roles. They are hilarious and honest actors. Brave and curious. And awfully nice people to boot.

Playwright Sandy Rustin6. What has your favorite part of the creative process to bring Sandy Rustin's script to life? Sandy and I have a wonderfully collaborative relationship. Maybe it's because our kids play baseball together in the suburbs of New Jersey. But it has been a real joy shaping this with her. We both love funny, and know that it must be steeped in truth. It's not enough to lay on top of the covers of this play-- you've got to get under the sheets. Basically, Sandy and I are metaphorically sleeping together.

7. What do you get from being a director that you don't get from being a performer? A fuller voice. A chance to work with this creative and committed design team. And I don't get into trouble for being late to rehearsal.

Adam Dannheisser in Broadway's "Rock of Ages"8. What have you enjoyed most about being the resident director and a performer at Broadway's Rock of Ages? I love the challenge of maintaining the tautness of comic storytelling -- both as director and performer. It is one thing to make people laugh, but a far greater challenge to make people laugh at the same moment 1500 times. It's a real exploration in comic detail and freshness.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? Marry Jen West.

10. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Gotta go with Spinjitzu. My sons would never forgive me. Google it.


11. Favorite way to stay in shape? Wait, who said I was in shape? Just kidding. Triathlons.

12. Boxers or Briefs? Neither. Wink.

Adam DannheisserMore on Adam:

Broadway: CymbelineThe Coast of Utopia, Proof, Twelfth Night, The Tempest. National Tour of Contact (Ovation Award Nomination). Off-Broadway: Henry V, Henry VIII, The Tempest, Macbeth (All with NYSF, Public Theater); The Arabian Nights (BAM), The Blues Are Running (MTC). Regional: Awake and Sing! (Arena Stage), Safe In Hell (Yale Rep.), The Provok’d Wife (ART), Beast On The Moon (Portland Stage). Film: Down to Earth, A Price Above Rubies. TV: Damages, Law And Order, Brotherhood, Third Watch, Law And Order: CI, Sex and the City, Mad About You. MFA: NYU.


Jaylen Moore Interview

Jaylen MooreJaylen Moore is a rising actor who's making quite a name for himself in television, film, and theatre. Jaylen can currently be seen in Showtime's hit show Homeland as "Eric Baraz," as well as in the feature films Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire, The Escape Plan (with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Aztec Warrior (2014).

For more on Jaylen be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

1. Who or what inspired you to become an actor? My dad! Since I was young enough to remember, my father was obsessed with movies. He is from Afghanistan and has always loved American films. So as soon as I was old enough to speak, I was watching Superman, Batman, Conan, Rambo, haha yes Rambo, my dad didn’t care about the violence in it. He loved action and we would watch them even though my mom would tell him NOT to include me. LOL! Rocky, All the Bruce Lee movies, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, the list goes on and on. One day my father took me to see, BATMAN with Jack Nicholson as the, "Joker." When I got home, I was so pumped from the film I ran into the bathroom grabbed my sister & moms makeup, and began to paint my face like the "Joker." When I was done I came out and my dad turned on the video camera. He began to do this crazy sinister laugh ala, "The Joker," and I would mouth it and act as if I was doing it. This was the spark! I loved the camera and to play characters. Also live performances. My older sister was a dance teacher and into musical theater, so I was in every dance recital and holiday show. Tap/Jazz/Ballet/Hip Hop, you name it my little sister & I would join my older sis. I was known for a mean Michael Jackson performance that won me Dance competitions as a kid. All of this fueled what my career coach, Barbara Deutsch calls your PILOT LIGHT. The creative light within that gets stoked when the applause happens or when you get acknowledgment while others are watching you on camera. That freeing, amazing, feeling. The Artist way!

So on that tangent, I guess you could say Jack Nicholson along with any action hero in the 80’s is what inspired me to become an actor. =)

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? Oh man! There are so many talented actors out there that I would love to work with. Will Smith, Hugh Jackmon, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hardy, Russell Crowe, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Jessica Chastain, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, Robert Dinero, Halle Berry, John Travolta, etc..

3. What initially made you want to audition for Homeland? One of my best friends got me hooked on it.  He said, "Jay..You and your wife are going to LOVE this show! Borrow my first season on Blu-Ray and if you love it, order Showtime and catch up. Trust me!" On that note we did. Binged watched Season One, and most of Season Two till we caught up to the live feed. I told my wife Britt, "I must be on this show! The writing, the acting, the production value, everything about this show is AMAZING!!!" Then the right audition came around and wala! I now play the role: "ERIC BARAZ."

4. What do you like about being on the show? What do I LOVE about being on the show? Ha! I mean who wouldn’t LOVE being on this hit show? I love that on my first day, right away everyone from the crew, production, to the series regulars were all so friendly and inviting into their family. This is always what an actor wants. In that type of friendly and warm environment, it made it easy for me to just BE and do my job well! In addition to that, I always believe in order to grow in life in anything, involve yourself in a playing field with others that are better then you, & more seasoned then you! Working with Damian Lewis, Claire Danes, and Mandy Patinkin, was an amazing experience. Getting to "Play" with them in on the acting field, forced me to step up my game as an actor. And on scenes I was not in, I’d stay in video village, watch and learn. I love watching other talented actors. It truly is the best school. The school of life and experience!

Jaylen Moore as "PeaceKeeper" in "Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire"5. You are going to be in quite a few upcoming films, Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire, The Escape Plan (with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone), and the action/comedy Aztec Warrior. What excites about the release of these upcoming projects? I am very grateful to have worked on these amazing projects! Escape Plan was so much fun to work on. I grew up idolizing the ACTION TOUGH GUYS, Arnold & Stallone! Ha! I mean come on…what young boy didn’t want to be an action hero with muscles like those guys? The child in me was so excited to be a part of a film with the old school action stars. As well as a great opportunity to act with Jim Caviezel. He’s a phenomenal actor! Catching Fire was so much fun! I am a huge fan of the books and when I got cast in the stunt/acting role, "PeaceKeeper," I was very excited to be a part of this amazing trilogy. In this film I work under the creepy villain, "Romulus Thread." I get to be his tough hands, taking down some of the lead characters and joining him in fights. As for Aztec Warrior, that for me was on of the most physically challenging roles I have worked thus far in my career. Man was it fun! I cannot give away too much yet, but a lot of martial arts, fighting, physical movement, in addition to acting scenes was required from me for this role. Working with Luis Guzman was a blast. It is so hard to take that guy seriously. He is so funny and can make you break in any moment!

Jaylen Moore as "The Lover" in "The Réjane Project"6. In addition to your television and film career, you have a theatrical background. What do you enjoy about working theatre that you don't get from working in film/television? Do you have any plans to come to New York to do theatre? Theatre is a whole different beast! It is a different kind of rush compared to film & television. You cannot re-create the energy and rush you feel on a live stage in front of a live audience. That is the ultimate high! Especially when you nail it and get your applause & cheer. See in theatre if you screw up, keep going. HaHa! You can never stop and just hope the audience didn’t pick it up. If they did? Well then improv it and laugh it off. Film & TV you have the option of doing another take which is easier and so much more pressure taken off of you. Theatre has a certain magic to it. The stage, the seats, the darkness you look out to knowing those seats are filled. Especially Musical Theatre! That is my favorite. If the right opportunity came about for me to play a killer role in a musical on Broadway, believe me, I would not think twice!

7. You also speak Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Pashto, and Spanish. What do you like best about learning other languages? Well I grew up in a household with my father speaking Farsi/Dari to my sisters and I. My mom spoke Spanish occasionally, but it was mainly English & Farsi/Dari. I’ve become conversational in Arabic & Pashto due to all the voice over and looping jobs I have booked. As for Spanish I truly am not fluent yet, working on it, but conversational. I love to learn different languages. It’s my favorite thing to do when I visit another country. I love people. I love Human Beings and I love to connect with people in their native language. When my wife and I went to Italy I began to study Italian 6mo’s before we left, just so I could speak some to the locals and fully experience their culture. We had a blast and everyone actually thought I was Italian. Ha! When we went to Turkey I learned as much as I could in a few weeks and it got us by in the markets. They all thought I was a local. =) I guess that’s the benefit of being, "ethnically ambiguous" and having a good ear for languages.

Jaylen Moore8. How do you feel social media has helped your career? At first I was a slow learner and a little against the social media boom. I was on Myspace and thought I was so cool with my wallpaper background and music. Haha! Then when that died out, in came Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Stage 32, and many more…Can you tell I’m on all of these? I now love it. I feel it’s a good way to keep those who support you, including your fans, up to date in your life and career without having to personally email or call. The flip side of that is I get to see what’s going on with all of my friends as well! As I said earlier, I love people and I have tons of good friends who all have busy lives. It’s nice to be able to catch a peek into their life and see what’s going on when we can't get together. Because of this, I have had some contacts of mine or friends of friends see a post of mine that I’ve been working on a project and that person will contact me saying, "Oh my gosh! We were looking for someone to play this role, saw your post and thought he is so perfect for this! Contact Jaylen!" Not everyone has had this kind of luck, but I have thus far.

9. What's the best advice you've ever received? "NEVER GIVE UP!" Plain and simple. I have received lots and lots of great advice in which I could probably write a book about. But to keep this from becoming a novel, I’ll stick with the one that keeps circulating around me from positive friends. Well, how about one more:

"Life is too short to not live in happiness. If you are not happy, STOP! Re-evaluate! MAKE a change and GO! It’s the only way. Take a risk, choose to live your ultimate Utopia or live life in darkness. Your choice and nobody else’s!"

10. If you could have any super power which one would you choose? Superman! I mean come on, who would not want that power? I would use my super powers to create a Happier and Safer world!


Jaylen Moore in Fit Life Magazine11. Favorite way to stay in shape? The program I am on now is my favorite. Along with eating what I call CLEAN. Allowing one cheat day and wiggle room on the weekends.

Monday: Rings & Martial Arts

Tuesday: Cardio (Swimming) & Pilates

Wednesday: CrossFit

Thursday: Power Yoga & Parkour

Friday: CrossFit

Saturday: Open (Bball, Football, Hiking, Biking, Beach Volleyball, Yoga, Martial Arts, etc..)

Sunday: REST

12. Boxers or briefs? Boxer Briefs! Comfortable, reliable, and as my wife would say, "Sexy!"

Jaylen MooreMore on Jaylen:

Jaylen Moore is on a roll having booked eight features since 2012. And it’s no wonder - he can sing, dance, make you laugh while shooting a semi automatic weapon, perform stunts, and kick ass in in the next. He also speaks Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Pashto, and Spanish – think of him as an "Action Hero and Renaissance Man" all in one.

Recently, Jaylen was seen in the Weinstein Company’s feature, Random, opposite Ashley Green, in the Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion for director Joseph Kosinki, in the indie sci-fi thriller Sons of Liberty, and in the MTV comedy film, Ladies Man: A Made Movie. He has appeared on over six episodes of Conan as "Wolfboy" spoofing Taylor Lautner.

In director Andrew Niccol’s The Host, Jaylen played "Seeker Song," a role that required him not only to act, but to perform stunts using his training in martial arts and fighting. In The Host, he acted opposite Saorise Ronan and Diane Kruger and worked directly with writer Stephenie Meyer of the Twilght saga.

Jaylen brings to acting, his extensive background as a Los Angeles athletic coach and trainer. His exotic good looks are a result of parents that hail from Spain and Afghanistan. He began in theatre, studied at Chicago’s Second City, and appeared in the Ovation Award winning musical City Kid where he met his future wife, actress/screenwriter, Britt Logan - proof that musicals can change your life.


Montego Glover: New York Pops Interview

Tony Award nominated actress Montego Glover and clarinet player Dave Bennet team-up with the world-renowned New York Pops, under the direction of conductor/musical director Steven Reineke for an evening of big band/swing music featuring a tribute to the 75th anniversary of Benny Goodman’s legendary live recording at Carnegie Hall with some very special surprises on Friday, November 1 at 8pm at Carnegie Hall (881 7th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

For more on Montego be sure to visit!

1. On November 1, you will be performing with The New York Pops as part of their concert "Sing Sing Swing." What excites you about this upcoming evening? The music, the dancing (we'll have a couple dancing to a few of the tunes), and working with Steven Reineke, Dave Bennett, and the Pops for the evening.

New York Pops conductor/musical director Steven Reineke, Photo Credit: Richard Termine2. What does it mean to you to get to perform at Carnegie Hall with The New York Pops? The New York Pops is a tremendous orchestra, one of the best in the world. It is truly my honor to collaborate with them for the evening. And Carnegie Hall is a beautiful, iconic venue that no artist can really resist. I always say there's something intoxicating about the view from that stage and the energy there.

3. What are you looking forward to most about working with New York Pops conductor Steven Reineke? I adore Steven. He is a gifted musician, a very generous artist and dedicated to honoring the music. Every time I work with him I learn so much and I have a great time doing it.

4. What do you enjoy most about Big Band/Swing music? How did this style of music influence you? I love the motion and emotion of Big Band music. It makes people move and stirs an emotional response. It's music you can really feel on all levels. I remember my grandparents playing this music when I was small. It was my first introduction to it and I can certainly say helped shape my idea of the roots of music.

5. What do you hope audiences come away with after attending this concert? I hope audiences will have fun, learn a few interesting facts about swing/big band music, and come back again and again to hear the New York Pops.

Montego Glover6. One component to this evening's show of "Sing Sing Swing," is that one lucky couple will be appear on stage with the orchestra. You were one of the judges of this contest. What did you enjoy about being a judge and searching out this talent? Swing music makes people move and the best thing about being a judge for this competition was watching so many couples move with joy and abandon to the music. Really, really fun.

7. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? I was 12 years old. I was taking an amazing acting class and the other students and I had put on a school production. As we took our bows at the end of the performance I remember standing in a line, holding my cast mates hands, listening to the applause, having loved every minute of the process of putting up the play and I thought "I'm so happy. This is what I wanna do". And so it began.

8. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? That's a broad question. At the moment I'd say Cherry Jones and Phylicia Rashad, Mark Rylance. This list gets longer every day!

9. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? I'm far more resilient than I thought I could ever be. I'm a hard worker.

10. What's the best advice you've ever received? Tell the truth. Keep your word. Mind your money. Stock your mind and body with good and nutritious food.

Montego Glover in "Memphis" on Broadway, Photo Credit: Sara Krulwich11. You received a Tony nomination for playing "Felicia Farrell" in Broadway's "Memphis." Looking back, what did you enjoy most about this time in your career and what did it mean to you to be nominated? I enjoyed creating and ultimately performing the role on Broadway the most. Being nominated meant being favorably recognized by a community that I hold so dear for one of the most important works in my career. A blessing and a privilege.

12. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? The power to put litter bugs away forever!


13. Favorite way to spend your day off? Quiet, quiet, quiet. And time alone.

14. Favorite way to stay in shape? Kettlebell, kickboxing, and yoga.

15. Favorite skin care product? Johnson's baby wash. I've used it for years as a face wash. Why wouldn't you treat your skin like a baby's?

Montego GloverMore on Montego:

Award-winning actress Montego Glover last starred on Broadway as "Felicia Farrell" in the Broadway hit musical, Memphis (Tony Award, Best Musical 2010), for which she received a Tony Award Nomination for Lead Actress in a Musical as well as a Drama League Nomination. She won both the Outer Critics Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award for her performance. Montego made her Broadway debut in the roles of "Celie" and "Nettie" in The Color Purple.

Clarinetist Dave Bennett, Photo Credit: Kevin WinshipMore on Dave Bennett:

Michigan clarinetist Dave Bennett has performed in over thirty-five US States and Canada and has appeared with thirty orchestras with his Tribute to Benny Goodman combo. Called "the closest ever" to Benny Goodman’s sound and style, Dave was featured on two NPR network radio programs with The Jim Cullum Jazz Band on Jazz at Riverwalk. In April 2008 he made his European debut at The Bern International Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Steven Reineke, New York Pops Conductor/Musical Director, Photo Credit: Michael TammaroMore on The New York Pops and Steven Reineke:

The New York Pops is the largest independent pops orchestra in the United States, and the only professional symphonic orchestra in New York City specializing in popular music. Under the leadership of dynamic Music Director and Conductor Steven Reineke, The New York Pops continues to re-imagine orchestral pops music. The orchestra performs an annual subscription series and birthday gala at Carnegie Hall. The New York Pops is dedicated to lifelong learning, and collaborates with public schools, community organizations, children’s hospitals and senior centers throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Pops Education allows thousands of New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds to participate in fully customizable music programs that blend traditional education with pure fun.

Steven Reineke is the Music Director and Conductor of The New York Pops at Carnegie Hall, Principal Pops Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Principal Pops Conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Reineke is a frequent guest conductor with The Philadelphia Orchestra and has been on the podium with the Boston Pops, The Cleveland Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia. His extensive North American conducting appearances include San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Edmonton and Pittsburgh. As the creator of more than one hundred orchestral arrangements for the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and the composer of symphonic and wind ensemble compositions, Mr. Reineke’s work has been performed worldwide.


Video Interview with the cast of Bucks County Playhouse's Rocky Horror

In my newest video interview, "Call Me Adam" went inside the rehearsal studio, in New York City, with the cast of Bucks County Playhouse's production of Rocky Horror. Joining me was Broadway's Nick Adams, Kevin Cahoon, Nick Cearley, Jen Cody, and Jeremy Kushiner. Rocky Horror plays through November 2 only! Click here for tickets! 

Bucks County Playhouse is located at 70 South Main Street in New Hope, PA.

For more on Bucks County Playhouse be sure to visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Part 1 with Bucks County Playhouse's cast of Rocky Horror:

(from left to right) Nick Adams, Jen Cody, Jeremy Kushiner, Nick Cearley, and Kevin Cahoon

Part 2 with Bucks County Playhouse's cast of Rocky Horror

(from left to right) Nick Adams, Jen Cody, Jeremy Kushiner, Nick Cearley, and Kevin Cahoon


Jerick Hoffer/Jinkx Monsoon: The Vaudevillans Interview

Jinkx MonsoonJerick HofferJinkx Monsoon is the alter ego of Jerick Hoffer who was the winner on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO. He's continuing his New York debut at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC in The Vaudevillians, a musical comedy co-starring composer and musician Major Scales featuring such hit songs as "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "Drop It Like It's Hot." The Vaudevillans plays through November 11. Click here for tickets!

For more on Jerick/Jinkx be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

Jinkx Monsoon, Photo Credit: Jose A Guzman Colon Photography1. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? Simply put, the movie Death Becomes Her. At a young age I saw that movie and said, "I want to do that when I'm grown up!" I didn't know what 'that' meant for me at that time, but now-a-days I just refer to it as the moment I realized I wanted to be Meryl Streep.

2. Who haven't you worked with that you would like to? Bette Midler, Sarah Silverman, Bernadette Peters, Maria Bamford and...hell, let's say Daniel Radcliffe.

3. How did you come up with your alter ego, Jinkx Monsoon? She's a mix of...well, Better Midler, Sarah Silverman, Bernadette Peters, Maria Bamford, Ha ha, and of course some Lucille Ball, Madeline Kahn, Carol Burnett and then (not JUST cuz she's my namesake) Jennifer Saunders as "Edina Monsoon."

The Vaudevillans at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City4. You are about to make a grand return to The Laurie Beechman Theatre as The Vaudevillians. How did you initially come to create this duo? What is like after all these years to be performing your hit songs again? How did it feel to discover these other artists perform them during your absence? For the Vaudevillians, their whole life is to be on stage, so now-a-days when the outcry for Vaudeville has been deafened by movies and stereos, it's nice to find any theater that will take them in. As for all their songs being stolen...that's kinda bittersweet. On one hand, of course they're upset to find all their music has been ripped off...But it's nice to know that it had such an impact that it has stood the test of time. But like I said, any chance to get on stage in front of a live audience once more? We'll take it!

Joan Rivers and Jinkx Monsoon at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City5. What excites you about returning to perform at The Laurie Beechman Theatre? The staff at the Laurie Beechman get our show....They get  theater. They are as in on the joke as anyone else. This is proved by their expert understanding of not just the ins and outs of our show, but what I've seen at every show I've been to there. The entire staff, from concierge to waiter to house manager to busboy....EVERYONE is there to make sure that you get the most out of your evening, and that you leave the show with a positive, theater-going experience. It's rare to find that these days. But it exists! It's alive and well at The Laurie Beechman Theatre.

6. What does this venue offer that another one might not? Intimacy, with just enough theatrical sensibility to make it "an evening of live entertainment" rather than just "dinner and a show." If that makes any sense. Ha ha.

7. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing The Vaudevillians? A new found respect for "the classics"...Meaning, these are songs we all know and love, but presented in a traditional sense. I think the best way of summing up our show is by stating, over the last century, so much has changed, and yet so little.

Jinkx Monsoon, RuPaul, and Major Scales8. You were on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. What went through your head when you found out you were going to be part of this show? What was the best part of being on RuPaul's DragRace and what did you learn from Ru himself? When I heard I was going to be on RPDR5, I remember thinking "this can't possibly be true. I wished, hoped, and dreamed about this....and now it's reality?!? No F*cking way!!!!" And I still, to this day, still kinda feel that way. But what I learned from Ru is, you can't just sit and want it to happen. You gotta fight, finesse and WERK your way into your destiny. But once you get there, be proud of what special things you have to offer. Ru taught me, that no matter who you are, if you do it to 100% of your ability, you can do anything!

9. In addition to The Vaudevillians, you have also appeared in several theatrical stage shows, out of drag as Jerick Hoffer, in Seattle including Spring Awakening, Rent, and the upcoming Hedwig and The Angry Inch. What do you get from theatrical work that you do not get from your singing career? Well, I LOVE singing. But my favorite way to do that is in front of a live audience. You get something in front a live audience that you get no where else. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. If you truly wanna hone your skills, no matter what they may be, do it in front of a live audience. The laughter, the response, the kinetic energy in the room...that doesn't lie. You can't delude yourself in front of a live crowd. Simply put: "you either got it, or you ain't." - "Mama Rose," Gypsy.

Jinkx Monsoon, Photo Credit: Jose A Guzman Colon Photography.10. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? Take NOTHING too seriously.

11. What's the best advice you've ever received? No matter what critiques or criticisms you face; it's about the WORK, not YOU.

12. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Shapeshifting, like "Mystique" in X-Men. Drag would be ten times easier and I could spend that three hours doing productive things. Ha ha ha.


13. Favorite way to stay in shape? Portion control and walking any/everywhere you can.

14. As Jinkx, favorite skin care product? Dr. Jen's King of Cool, after shave gel, available from Atomic Cosmetics.

15. As Jerick, boxers or briefs? Briefs. I like to be all in one place.

Jinkx Monsoon, More on Jerick Hoffer/Jinkx Monsoon:

Jerick graduated with a degree in theatrical performance from Cornish College in Seattle. With ten years experience on stage, Jerick is a seasoned Portland-born entertainer who has captured the attention of his native northwest region. As early as 2006, Jerick appeared as the lead dancer in the world's largest drag queen chorus line, which made the Guinness Book of World Records. By 2012, he had advanced to roles in Seattle theaters, playing "Moritz" in Spring Awakening (produced by Balagan Theatre) and "Angel" in Rent (produced by The 5th Avenue Theatre). Earlier this year, Jerick played "Hedwig" in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (produced by Balagan Theatre and Seattle Theatre Group).