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Call Redialed: Charles Busch debut CD: Live at Feinstein's/54 Below

Charles Busch, Photo Credit: Frederic ArandaGetting to interview drag legend and Tony nominee Charles Busch is always a joy! I have been a fan of Charles' plays and films for many years, but in recent years, I have also been captivated by his cabaret shows.

Charles has a real knack for cabaret. He's a fantastic storyteller which is key in cabaret. The stories are the set-up to each song as well as keeping the show moving forward. Charles is never short of an entertaining story, no matter how funny or heartbreaking it is. His delivery is always spot on. All those years of play/film writing and acting have really paid off! Let's not forget about his voice. Prior to Charles diving back into cabaret four years ago on a regular basis, I was always entertained by his singing, but now I'm in awe of it. I hope one day to have a cabaret show half as good as Charles'.

I'm so excited to share this new interview with Charles as we talk about his debut CD from Broadway RecordsLive at Feinstein's/54 Below. From self-confidence to great to sex to his Aunt Lillian, Charles discusses it all!

Click here to purchase a digital copy and click here to purchase a physical copy of Charles Busch's Live at Feinstein's/54 Below!

For more on Charles be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook! 

For more on Broadway Records visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

CD designed by Robbie Rozelle1. You just released your debut CD, as part of the Live at Feinstein's/54 Below series. You've been doing cabaret shows for several years now, what made 2016 the right time to record one of your shows? A few years ago, I recorded some of my shows at Feinstein's/54 Below and I wasn't pleased with my performance. I still had a lot to learn. Last June Tom Judson, my musical director, and I decided to again record two of our shows at Feinstein's/54 Below. I was still very dubious. I wasn't sure if just hearing me was enough. I do a lot with the face, dear. I gave the rough tracks to several very critical friends, who basically don't have a good word to say about anyone or anything. Well, they were very enthusiastic. So I though "Okay, I guess I'm ready."

2. What did you like about the recording process? How was this process similar and different for you from writing a play? The CD was recorded live. My fantasy was always to do a studio album where I could nitpick and go over phrase by phrase a million times. It would be very expensive and have had to be self-produced and P.S. there are other ways I'd prefer to go broke. So frankly, I couldn't tell you about the recording process. I was just doing my act as good as I can and tried to forget that we were recording it.

3. The CD was released on the Broadway Records label. Why did you choose to go with them? Broadway Records seems to be the premiere label for Broadway shows these days. And they have a relationship with Feinstein's/54 Below. They've produced many live albums there and very good ones.

4. What do you want people to come away with after listening to this CD? Now that I've gotten more used to listening to myself, I'd say it's an excellent and accurate representation of the work Tom and I have been doing for the past four years. I'd like the listener to feel as though we're doing the show in their living room but they don't have to feed us afterwards.

Charles Busch and his Aunt Lillian5. I actually was at this show that was recorded. I just love the way you infuse your stories with the songs you sing. My favorite story during this show was the one about your Aunt Lilian. If she were alive today, what do you think her reaction would be to the stories you tell of her? Do you think she would have you tell some others? My Aunt Lillian was such an extraordinary figure in my life. She saved me when I was at a terrible, frightening crossroads at thirteen years old. I owe everything to her. I really do. She died in 2000. I have this great need to make her known to the world. She was an extremely private person and yet I think she'd be very pleased that I've shared my stories of her. I talk about her a lot on Facebook and I get a real kick that all those people feel like they know her. She was a great storyteller and I think she'd be very pleased at the stories I tell. I tell them very much like she would. My narrative style is very influenced by her; self-deprecating but enthusiastic.

6. One of my all-time favorite songs you perform on this CD is "Those Were The Days." What is something you used to do that you would just long for to do again? I wish I had some of the great sex I had in my youth. Sex in the 1970's and early 80's was fabulous. Those were the days, indeed. I'm first generation post-Stonewall and we sure knew how to make the most of it. Little did we know of the great shadow that was going to engulf us.

Charles Busch7. Another aspect of your cabaret shows I love is when you bring "Miriam Passman" to the stage, the character who inspired your Tony Nominated play The Tales of the Allergist's Wife. What was it like to revisit her? How do you relate to her today as opposed to when you first created her? Every time I sit down to write a new "Miriam Passman" monologue, I think I've played it out. What more can I say? But then I just start to channel her. I find this embattled, narcissistic, modestly talented, minimally successful cabaret performer oddly noble. She really believes she is contributing to the preservation of the American Songbook. The more I play her the more I feel for her desperate need to be taken seriously.

8. One other song you perform on Live at 54 Below is "Taking A Chance on Love." What was it like when you took a chance on love and it stuck? When I was in my early twenties, I met an older man (gasp. He was thirty-five). He was the first person to really think I was talented and had something to offer. He paid for a famous photographer to take my picture and for posters for my early shows. He was very dashing, drank and smoked too much, was a bit dangerous. But he believed in me and I was so dazzled by him. He then told me he had a lover my own age, also an aspiring performer. I had to make a decision and I chose to continue my big romance. I also managed to become good friends with his lover. We had so much in common. But we never spoke of the true nature of my relationship to the man we shared. We were an odd trio. Eventually, I had enough and broke off with him, but I remember that romance with great nostalgia.

Charles Busch and Tom Judson9. Two final songs you sing are "Sail Away" and "The Rainbow Connection." If you could "Sail Away" to anywhere, where would you go? If you could use the Rainbow to connect anything together, what would you merge? I've been checking out real estate in Sitges, Spain and Merida, Mexico. They look like very nice places to flee to. So I might be sailing away to either of them. But I'm not ready to give up yet. We're living in dynamic times. The song "The Rainbow Connection" is about hope and when things look very grim, we have to somehow dredge up that vulnerable thing called hope and then connect it to action.

10. You've been performing your various cabaret shows for a few years now, which you used to do more of in the 1990s. What is something you've learned from going back to cabaret that you didn't know beforehand? I performed in cabaret in the early nineties and then not again until about four years ago. The biggest difference is that I used to think my audience was there to see me be funny and campy and that maybe, maybe, they would tolerate me singing one or two ballads. In my latest career as a cabaret performer, I've found that the audience really enjoys the sad songs. I come to cabaret as an actor and a playwright and I love taking a song and turning it into a dramatic monologue. I recently asked someone in the audience after the show if he felt that we did too many ballads. He replied "Don't worry. Your intros are the up tunes." He was right. I do a lot of talking in my shows. I'd say the act is 60% music, 40% comedy. I'm so delighted that it comes off so well on this recording.

Charles Busch, Photo Credit: Michael WakefieldMore on Charles:

The inimitable Charles Busch, two-time MAC Award winner, Tony nominee, and drag legend, brings his unique blend of songs both contemporary and from the past in the latest release in the "Live at Feinstein’s/54 Below" series. The New York Times critic Stephen Holden raved, "He has the gift of comic gab like few other entertainers. Innately funny, endearing and acutely intelligent, he also has claws. For an audience, the possibility of being scratched, although remote, lends his humor a bracing edge." Accompanied by his dashing longtime musical director, Tom Judson, Charles combines hilarious personal reminiscence, character sketches and superb storytelling through song into one glittering and glamorous album.


Call Answered: Donnell Turner: General Hospital

Donnell Turner, Photo Credit: Caroline WhiteFrom the moment I found out Rebecca Budig was on General Hospital, I knew I had to dive back into the world of soaps. What I didn't realize is that I would become a fan of her co-star Donnell Turner, who plays "Curtis Ashford." When I got a request to interview Donnell, I went to Port Charles! Upon arrival, I was introduced to a hot man with sexy eyes and a chiseled body, but by the time our interview was over, I found a humble man with a big heart, an infectious zest for life, and a desire to help/inspire others to overcome hardships.

Donnell may be in your night time dreams, but us Soap fans are lucky to have him in the Daytime as well! Donnell can be seen on General Hospital weekdays at 3pm on ABC.

For the latest news and happenings, be sure to follow Donnell on Instagram and Twitter!

Donnell Turner and Rebecca Budig on ABC's "General Hospital"1. Rebecca Budig is one of my favorite actresses, so we have to start off talking about her. What has been the best part working with Rebecca on General Hospital? What is one of the funniest things to happen during taping between the two of you? The best part of working with Rebecca is that she is a professional in every way. She is nurturing. I couldn’t have asked for a better actress to begin with at General Hospital than Rebecca.

Rebecca has great timing and an excellent sense of humor. On my first day of taping, Rebecca had a line that was directed to me. Now keep in mind I was initially supposed to be a grungy and dishelved character. Rebecca’s response was, "Really? Look at this man. I am not saying this line to a freaking model." The line was changed and "Curtis" became a little more hip.

Donnell Turner on ABC's "General Hospital"2. What made you want to get onto General Hospital? This is always a big question asked. I had been a fan of General Hospital when I was younger. In fact I wrote to the casting director, Mark Teschner long before I moved to LA. Before I was cast to play "Curtis Ashford," I auditioned for GH a couple of years earlier. And it was 2015 that I was offered a chance to originate the character that you now see.

3. What do you relate to most about your character, "Curtis"? What is one characteristic of "Curtis'" you are glad you don't have? The part of "Curtis" I relate most to is his heart for others. He has an unrelenting pursuit of the truth that I identify with as well. I would have to say that I am not as driven by money in the way that "Curtis" is.

4. If Donnell and "Curtis" were to meet in a bar. What advice would Donnell give to "Curtis"? I would pull him very close and say, "Look bro, don’t get romantically involved with your sister-in-law."

Donnell Turner, Photo Credit: Jim Warren5. Prior to joining GH, you were on Days of Our Lives and two episodes of The Young & The Restless. What is the best part about acting in the soap opera genre? What are the most challenging parts of it? I have had an opportunity to work on the soaps that you mention. I think for an actor you are always excited when you get the chance to work and do what you do. Soaps have traditionally been good for actors because one, there were a lot of them at one time, and they’ve given actors opportunities to grow and expand. Secondly, there is a mixture of seasoned professionals and newcomers that each brings something to the table.

What can be challenging early on is the amount of dialogue that you are given on a daily basis. After you’ve done it for a minute, you start to get it down and it becomes easier each time, ultimately building into your muscle memory.

6. With your sexy smile, irresistible eyes, and chiseled body, you must get a lot of attention from both men and women. How do you handle the craving for you? What do you like about it and what makes you uncomfortable? One of the most undeniable qualities about fans is their dedication to the people they love and admire. You can’t help but appreciate the attention. These are the people that watch our shows and comment on social media. I am very grateful to my die-hard fans. It does get sticky when you have an ultra-fan that takes it a step further by touching inappropriately or sending private messages that should be kept in ones private thoughts.

Donnell Turner, Photo Credit: Jim Warren7. In this world of acting, how do you stay grounded and when others have been lead down more trying roads? I think having a sense of who you are and what makes you tick is the very basis of staying grounded. Of course having a great group of family and friends that also know who you are helps to maintain normalcy in a world that is anything but normal. I’m an athlete. I stay healthy by keeping my body and mind focused on the things that are most important and will help me to continue doing what I do.

8. Like you, I'm very into fitness. I battle with eating healthy, but am dedicated to working out. On "Call Me Adam" I have a section called One Percent Better, where through my own fitness commitment, I try to encouragepeople to improve their own life by one percent every day. What is something in your life that you want to improve by one percent better every day? Any focus that helps to keep people on track is a good thing. Staying consistent is a challenge that we each face in our own way. With so much going on in terms of my schedule, I have to remain organized. That is the one percent for me.

Donnell Turner, Photo Credit: Jim Warren9. One thing that is very close to your heart is talking to youths at schools and motivating them for their future. Like Whitney Houston sings, "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." What is it about your story that made you want to inspire kids? Out of all the kids you have met, have any of them later contacted you with their success story or perhaps how you inspired them? What was the most heart-breaking story you have found out from the kids you've spoken to? As a kid, I was inspired by all of the professionals and motivators that I had the opportunity to listen to when I grew up. The idea that I get to do what I love for a living is an incredible gift. The fact that I also get to inspire others is a really big deal to me.

At Washington State I was speaking to group of youths at an event that was designed to reengage the young people and help them gain entry back into society. Since that time numerous students have contacted me through social media and have told me about the things they are doing because they were inspired by me. On the flip side, I have also seen either on social media, or have heard other students have succumbed to drugs and stints in jail.That is heartbreaking.

10. What are 8 things people don't know about Donnell Turner? I think everything that I want people to know is already out there. But to give you something that may be different, I would say that people might not know:

1. I played semi-professional basketball.

2. I have modeled around the world.

3. Last year’s Daytime Emmy Awards was my first award ceremony where I was asked to present.

4. I’m a Martial Artist.

5. I keep hand sanitizer on me at all times.

6. I am an ambassador for the No More organization that raises awareness against domestic violence.

7. A couple of my favorite clothing brands are Lululemon and Allsaints.

8. I am right handed but can only snap on my left hand.

Donnell Turner, Photo Credit: Caroline WhiteMore on Donnell:

Donnell Turner was born on January 8th in Tacoma, WA. When he was a baby his family relocated to Chicago. The love for acting was born as a child when Donnell participated in church plays. In high school he played basketball and played trumpet in the band. The talented athlete briefly played semi-pro basketball as a shooting guard before changing his focus to pursue acting full-time. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2001, Donnell has booked more than 100 print ads worldwide including: Nike, Pepsi, Hilton, Disney, AT&T, Coke, and Infinity. In addition to these major brands, he has also worked in nine national commercial campaigns in the United States, Europe, and South Africa. Donnell was the 2014 Mercedes Benz C-Class Spokesman. Donnell has modeled ALL over the U.S. and internationally including: Hong Kong, Thailand, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Spain. The actor has noted that one of his favorite places in the world is Florence, Italy. He trained with Northern California Casting, Van Marr Academy, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and Lesley Kahn Acting Studios.

In 2014 and 2015 Donnell was the lead in two important plays in Los Angeles including the classic, The Black Doctor (Ira Aldridge circa 1759) at the Legendary Matrix Theater, and, the modern Crescent City Ghosts (a tribute to the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina).

Some of his television credits include: How To Get Away With Murder, Dexter, Anger Management, Rizzoli and Isles, 2 Broke Girls, Revenge, The Mindy Project, Teen Wolf, CSI, 90210, and Parks and Recreation. The versatile actor is not a stranger to daytime drama. He portrayed the character of "Dr. Aiden Williams" opposite to Kristian Alfonso on Days of Our Lives for five episodes between 2009 and 2010. He also briefly portrayed a doctor on The Young and the Restless in 2015 for two episodes. Donnell's perseverance and tenacity paid off. He grew up watching General Hospital and began writing to casting director Mark Teschner in the 1990's. He auditioned for the role of the District Attorney in 2014. However ABC had other plans for this hidden gem, and later offered a 4-year contract to bring life to the original character created specifically for him as "Curtis Ashford" on General Hospital. Since November 30th, 2015 he has been gracing our screens with his good looks, talent, skill, and charisma portraying this unpredictable anti-villain.

He has given motivational speeches empowering and encouraging others across the country at high schools, colleges, religious organizations, and professional business events. On April 2, 2016 (Global Autism Awareness Day), Donnell was an honored guest speaker at the Autism Speaks Walk Now event.

Fitness is an integral part of Donnell Turner's life. Aside from a regular workout routine that includes hiking and kickboxing, which he has been practicing for 30 years. He has Firearms (9 mm) training, Knife Combat, Nun Chuckas, Submission Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Tang So Do, Muay Thai and Yoga. He is very proud to have studied and practiced Muay Thai in Bangkok, Thailand.


Call Answered: Freestyle Facetime Interview: The Q Brothers - Othello: The Remix

From the Westside Theatre in NYC, "Call Me Adam" freestyles with The Q Brothers (JQ & GQ), the creators, composers, & stars of the fun & entertaining new Off-Broadway musical Othello: The Remix, (a fresh 80-minute take on the Shakespeare classic).

Their freestyle talents are really shown off in this interview, as I asked them to freestyle their answers instead of speak them. Othello: The Remix plays the Westside Theatre in NYC (407 West 43rd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

Call Me Adam's freestyle interview with The Q Brothers:


Call Answered: Michael Crane: Nicky Silver's "This Day Forward" at Vineyard Theatre

Michael CraneThe American Repertory Theater holds a special place in my heart. So when I find an actor who has a connection to that place, I always want to talk more with them. Combine that with playwright Nicky Silver, whose work I adore and presto, I called and Michael Crane answered.

We discuss his starring turn in Nicky Silver's newest play, This Day Forward, an unforgettable play about love and marriage and everything in between, currently running at The Vineyard Theatre through December 18 (108 East 15th Street). We also talk about love, being blindsided, and improving lives by one percent better! Click here for tickets!

For more on The Vineyard Theatre be sure to visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

1. You are currently starring in the Vineyard Theatre's production of Nicky Silver's This Day Forward. What made you want to audition for this show? I thought the script was funny and sad and surprising and moving. And I felt like it would be a huge challenge.

2. What do you relate to most about your character? What is one characteristic of his you are glad you don't have? I play two characters. "Martin's" inability to let go. And, I'm glad I don't quite have his level of rage. "Noah's" maladjusted familial situation. And, I'm glad that I enjoy the pleasures of nature.

Joe Tippett, Holley Fain, Andrew Burnap, Michael Crane in "This Day Forward" at The Vineyard Theatre, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg3. What do you like most about working with Nicky Silver? How does his writing move you? He's very kind and very funny. His humor opens me up to a more empathetic view of people in pain.

4. What is something that has happened on stage or in rehearsal that made you laugh out loud? With Nicky and many of my castmates around, there's always plenty of tomfoolery. Ah man, I can't think of anything specific. Joe Tippett likes to give young Andrew Burnap, who just got out of acting school, terrible acting advice many nights before the show. That usually gets me.

Holley Fain, Joe Tippett, Michael Crane in "This Day Forward" at The Vineyard Theatre, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg5. In This Day Forward, "Martin" thinks he has just married the girl of his dreams, but when "Irene" makes a surprising confession in their honeymoon suite, all their well-made plans fall apart. When has there been a time in your life when you've blindsided by a lover? Hahaha. Well, there was that M. Butterfly incident a few years ago. No, just kidding, I don't know...the usual? (sad face)

6. Nearly 50 years later, "Irene's" children wrestle with their past. What is something from your past that you still struggle with? I think a lot of us spend our lives trying to figure out what went wrong in the first few years of our lives to make us the neurotic messes that we are.

Michael Crane, Holley Fain in "This Day Forward" at The Vineyard Theatre, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg7. Who or what inspired you to become a performer? I guess it was film and TV performances I saw as a young kid. Gene Wilder, Robin Williams, Michael J Fox, 80s movies, TV. I know that doesn't sound that cool, but it's the truth. (I grew up in the suburbs and didn't see much theater).

8. As someone who has starred in both film/television and stage acting, what is something you wish you knew before going into it that you know now? They're not exaggerating when they tell you it ain't easy.

9. One thing we have in common is the American Repertory Theater. I worked there from 1998-2001 in the box office and house management. You performed in their show Father Comes Home From the Wars (Parts 1, 2, & 3). ART has allows held a special place in my heart. What did you enjoy about your time there? I was there during the Snowpocalypse of 2014. There were 4 blizzards in 6 weeks, 9 feet of snow fell. And yet, the audiences still came out! Those Bostonians don't let anything get between them and theater.

Michael Crane, Holley Fain in "This Day Forward" at The Vineyard Theatre, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg10. On "Call Me Adam" I have a section called One Percent Better, where through my own fitness commitment, I try to encourage people to improve their own life by one percent every day. What is something in your life that you want to improve by one percent better every day? Gratitude. (And procrastinating less).

More on Michael:

New York Theater: GLORIA (Vineyard), THE BODY OF AN AMERICAN (Cherry Lane/Hartford Stage), BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON, KING LEAR and RICHARD III (Public Theater), TAKING CARE OF BABY (MTC), DORIS TO DARLENE (Playwrights Horizons), THE MAG-7 (Naked Angels), THE YOUNG LEFT (Cherry Lane), THE TENANT (Woodshed Collective), WEST MOON STREET (Prospect Theater Company), BONE PORTRAITS (Stillpoint Prods), THE LEOPARD AND THE FOX (TBG), BRACK’S LAST BACHELOR PARTY (59E59), MIDDLEMEN (Human Animals). Regional Theater: FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS (A.R.T.), HAMLET (Pioneer Theatre), HELL MEETS HENRY HALFWAY (Pig Iron Theatre Co.), Long Wharf, Williamstown, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Weston Playhouse. TV/Film: People of Earth, Barry, Damages, White Collar, Winter’s Tale, Forever, Law & Order, Kings. MFA: NYU.


Call Redialed: Michael Urie: Homos or Everyone in America presented by LABryinth Theater Company

Michael UrieWhat a thrill it is to catch up with Michael Urie, known to millions as "Marc St. James" on Ugly Betty and "Gavin Sinclair" on Modern Family. A genius comedic actor, Michael can make me laugh in a second. His dramatic roles always make my jaw drop. But what makes Michael the award winning actor he is, is when he combines his comedic chops with his dramatic side and that is just one reason I LOVED seeing him in Homos or Everyone in America, a new play by Jordan Seavey presented by LABryinth Theater Company. This show will make you laugh, cry, think, and be glad you spent a night at the theatre!

Starring Michael Urie and Robin De Jesús, Homos or Everyone in America is about two young men who traverse the ups and down of being gay in the 21st Century, where progress is always just around the corner – but so is hate. This timely, hilarious and heartbreaking play believes love is love, and that while we may sometimes lose a battle, we will never stop fighting the war for what is right.

Homos or Everyone in America plays at The Bank Street Theater (155 Bank Street) in New York City through December 11. Click here for tickets!

For more on Michael be sure to visit and follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

For more on LABryinth Theater visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

1. You are currently starring in LABryinth Theater Company's production of Homos, or Everyone in America, a bitingly tender new play about trying to live and love in New York. What made you want to be in this show? Jordan Seavey is a brave new voice in American theater - I’ve been working with him on this play for a few years and have been dying to put it on a stage. He tells a modern New York gay love story, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

2. What has been the best part about working with Robin De Jesús? What are some common interests you have found out you share and what are some things, you were like, "Oh, that's so cool you like that. I want to learn more about that."? I knew I’d adore Robin and I was right. His spirit is infectious and his heart is enormous. I love working with him and look forward to seeing him at the theater every night. We have a lot of mutual friends and he’s got a huge musical theater brain, which I love.

Robin De Jesús and Michael Urie in "Homos or Everyone in America", Photo Credit: Monique Carboni3. What do you relate to most about your character? What is one characteristic of your character you wish you had and one you are glad you don’t have? My character and I both have a short fuse, we’re easily set off. I think I’m better about keeping a lid on it when necessary than my character, but alas sometimes I get ragey…"The Writer" is extremely intellectual, likely more than me… :)

4. Since Homos, or Everyone in America is about trying to live & love in New York, what has been the most rewarding part of living in New York and what are the challenging parts for you? From the moment I stepped foot in New York, I knew I needed to live here. The pulse, the energy, the character of New York are exactly my speed and I can’t really imagine being based anywhere else. It’s not easy though, in addition to the huge expense of living here, we all regularly have to endure what I call "FU NY days" where you get caught in a downpour, or stuck on a train, or step in garbage, or gag from a smell. But, it’s worth it.

Aaron Costa Ganis, Michael Urie, and Robin De Jesús in "Homos or Everyone in America", Photo Credit: Monique Carboni5. What has it been like trying to find love in New York? Do you find it more complicated today then say, 5 or 10 years ago? What do you think has made it more complicated? I was lucky enough to find love 8 years ago, so I can’t really speak to modern dating in NY, but I never remember it being all that hard to find other lonely hearts when I was one…. :)

6. What are some of your favorite places do go on a date in New York? What would you be or what was (if you are dating someone already) your ideal first date? I am a dinner and a movie guy. Always.

7. What are you thoughts on monogamy? Have you ever considered being in an open relationship? I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 8 years, let’s leave it at that!

Stacey Sargeant and Michael Urie in "Homos or Everyone in America", Photo Credit: Monique Carboni8. Homos, or Everyone in America gives a glimpse into the life of an everyday couple who's unexpectedly confronted by a vicious crime. What event has happened to you that you never thought would happen to you, catching you off-guard? I’ve been lucky and never faced any violence, but have certainly had close calls or wondered if something could turn. It’s a scary prospect, I knock on wood whenever I think of it.

9. Homos, or Everyone in America is also described as a fearless, funny, heart-on-its-sleeve examination of the moments that can bring two people together – or pull them apart. While dating or in a relationship, what is something you've done that was fearless? What have done that was funny? How do you wear your heart on your sleeve? I find devotion pretty fearless - I would do anything for my other half, and that’s pretty fearless. Our dog is a constant source of comedy. My partner and I often ask each other if we like each other and almost always say yes.

10. On "Call Me Adam" I have a section called One Percent Better, where through my own fitness commitment, I try to encourage people to improve their own life by one percent every day. What is something in your life that you want to improve by one percent better every day? I try to smile at anyone who makes eye contact with me. It’s not always easy and not always reciprocated, but when it is, it’s very satisfying.

Michael UrieMore on Michael:

For originating the role of "Alex More" in Jonathan Tolins’ Buyer & Cellar Off-Broadway, on tour, and in London, Michael received the Drama Desk Award, Clarence Derwent Award, the Lucille Lortel Award, LA Drama Critics Award, and nominations for the Drama League and Outer Critics Circle Awards. Michael recently reprised Buyer & Cellar at Westport Country Playhouse where WNET recorded it and will air it on PBS as part of their Theatre CloseUp series in the fall of 2016. New York theater credits include How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Broadway), Shows for Days (Lincoln Center Theater, Drama League nomination), The Cherry Orchard (Classic Stage Company), Angels in America (Signature Theatre), The Temperamentals (Lucille Lortel, Drama Desk and Theatre World awards, Drama League nomination), The Revenger’s Tragedy (Red Bull Theater), Another Vermeer (HB Playwrights). Regionally, Michael has worked for Two River Theater, The Old Globe, Vineyard Playhouse, South Coast Rep, Seattle Rep, Folger Shakespeare, Barrington Stage, Hyde Park (Austin), and The Blank (L.A.) Film: He’s Way More Famous Than You (also directed), Thank You for Judging (co-director/exec. producer), Beverly Hills Chihuahua, WTC View, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, The Decoy Bride, Petunia, Such Good People, The Hyperglot (director), and Grantham & Rose (exec. producer). TV: "Gavin Sinclair" on Modern Family, Younger, Workaholics, The Good Wife, Hot in Cleveland, Partners and "Marc St. James" on Ugly Betty. Web series: What’s Your Emergency (director). Training: Juilliard.