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Call Answered: Jeremy Duncan Pape: Woyzeck, FJF

Jeremy Duncan Pape"Call Me Adam" chats with director Jeremy Duncan Pape about his adaptation of Georg Büchner's Woyzeck. Presented by No-Win's Productions, Woyzeck, FJF will play at the New Ohio Theatre in NYC (154 Christopher Street between Greenwich and Washington Streets) through March 21.

Using Büchner's original dialogue, Woyzeck, FJF, examines the end of a man’s life through the lens of his own insurmountable madness. It has been radically re-imagined as the haunting story of a condemned man desperate to uncover the truth in a dangerous world. Click here for tickets!

1. From February 28-March 21, your adaptation of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck will be playing at the New Ohio Theatre in NYC. What made you want to adapt and direct this show? I first read Woyzeck in undergrad and immediately felt a connection to it. Büchner’s stunning language was just too much for me to ignore. Over the years I would occasionally pick it up and read it and eventually I decided to completely re-approach the play. Things crystalized and Woyzeck, FJF came to be.

2. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing Woyzeck, FJF? The long answer is that I want people to have a better understanding of what it means to live without being able to relate to the world as everyone else seems to; a better understanding of what it means to be mad. The real person that this play is based on was almost certainly a schizophrenic, a condition that we know very little about, much less understand. If a better understanding ultimately leads to compassion for a murderer, then I will feel that we have accomplished our goals.

The set of "Woyzeck, FJF"3. What excites you about having this cast bring Woyzeck, FJF to life? I trust each and every one of them, they trust me, and they trust each other. They are creative, passionate artists who bring everything that they have to every role. To have them invest themselves in this idea is an honor. You really just have to see them at work to understand.

4. What makes The New Ohio Theatre the perfect venue for this production of Woyzeck, FJF? As with many productions, the space in which these characters live is a character in and of itself. Wide open, unique, challenging, the New Ohio stage is just right for a play like this. Then you add in the wonderful people who make up the New Ohio and you get something perfect. Robert, Marc and Alan have been so welcoming and supportive and I cannot imagine our first production happening anywhere else.

"Woyzeck, FJF", Photo Credit: Scott Wynn5. This production of Woyzeck, FJF is set within the claustrophobic confines of a hospital. Tormented by the figures of his mind, memory and reality, "Woyzeck" struggles to understand why he is being held, and must finally face the terrible truth of what he has done. When has there been a time in your life when you had to face the truth of something you've done that you didn't want to see? August 2003.

6. Additionally, Woyzeck, FJF examines the end of a man’s life through the lens of his own insurmountable madness. If you were at the end of your life, how would you want to be remembered? A teacher, a father and maybe a little bit mad.

Cast of "Woyzeck, FJF", Photo Credit: Russ Rowland7. What has been the best advice you've ever received? Don’t take yourself too seriously.

8. What have you learned about yourself from being a director? I have learned how much I like listening.

9. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? Pyrokinesis.

10. If you could create your own signature drink, what would you call it and what ingredients would you put in it? Bourbon. Or rye. Or both. And cigar bitters. And I’m not telling you the rest. I think I’ll call it a Last Breath.

Jeremy Duncan PapeMore on Jeremy:

Jeremy Duncan Pape holds an MFA in directing from the New School for Drama and a BFA in acting from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. His directing credits include Carlos Cisco’s The Last Days, Bill Winegardner’s Waste of Space and William Whitehurst’s Knuckleball, which won Best Drama and Best Overall Production at the 2008 San Francisco Fringe. Jeremy’s directing and design work was seen in the Amoralists’ critically acclaimed 2008-2011 seasons at P.S. 122 and Theater 80. From 2006-2010 he was the Associate Artistic Director and Technical Director of EndTimes Productions. Currently, Jeremy is the Production Manager for The Amoralists and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and the founding Artistic Director of No-Win Productions.


Call Answered: Facetime Interview with Broadway newcomer Micah Stock from It's Only A Play

"Call Me Adam" went backstage at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre for an exclusive interview with Broadway newcomer Micah Stock who is making his Broadway debut in Terrence McNally's hit show It's Only A Play starring Matthew Broderick, Martin Short, Stockard Channing, F. Murray Abraham, Katie Finneran, and Maulik Pancholy. Click here for tickets!

For more on Micah be sure to follow him on Twitter!

Call Me Adam's Facetime Video Interview with Micah Stock:


Micah StockMore on Micah: 

Broadway Debut. Off-Broadway: World Premiere of Terrence McNally’s And Away We Go (The Pearl). Regional: Sundance Theatre Lab, Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana Festival, Long Wharf Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival. Film: King Kelly (Official Selection: SXSW, Puchon Film Festivals). TV: Pan Am, Law & Order: SVU, and a recurring role on NBC’s Deception. Education: BFA, SUNY Purchase Conservatory.


Call Answered: 54 Below Conference Call: The Altar Boyz: 10 Year Anniversary Reunion Concert

"Call Me Adam" chats with the original cast of the hit Off-Broadway musical Altar Boyz, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, and David Josefsberg (due to scheduling Tyler Maynard was not able to be part of this interview) about their upcoming 10 Year Anniversary reunion concert at 54 Below on March 1 at 9:30pm and 11:30pm! 

March 1, 2015 marks the 10th Anniversary of Altar Boyz opening Off-Broadway. To celebrate, 54 Below is bringing back a multitude of boyz, in addition to Andy, Ryan, David, and Tyler to perform their hit songs including Andrew Call, Jim Daly, Mitch Dean, Tim Dolan, James Royce Edwards, Carlos L. Encinias, Neil Haskell, Kevin Kern, Joey Khoury, Kyle Dean Massey, Travis Nesbitt, Mauricio Perez, Ryan J. Ratliff, Nick Sanchez, and Daniel Torres.

1. On March 1, you are performing at 54 Below to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Altar Boyz. What are you looking forward to most about this celebration reunion concert?

Andy Karl: It's always the best feeling to see the cast that I felt a brotherhood with. That's what it's like really. Seeing my brothers, my family. No matter how much time has passed we always have a great time together.

Ryan Duncan: I'm really looking forward to singing with the Boyz again. The show is about brotherhood and it's hard to avoid when singing with the guys who I collaborated with to create the show. I'm also looking forward to hearing what our stories about the experience might be...and a wee bit nervous about them.

David Josefsberg: Altar Boyz was definitely one of my favorite shows to perform in. We had a real opportunity to put a lot of ourselves into our characters. So, probably, getting to get back into "Abe," singing these awesome songs....and most of all, getting to sing these harmonies with the guys!

2. What excites you about having this celebration at 54 Below?

Andy Karl: Always a pleasure to be at 54 Below I've appeared on stage and watched performances there. Your always gonna have a good time at FITTY-FOW-BALOW.

Ryan Duncan: I think that there will be fans and friends there to celebrate the show which excites me. It's also exciting that the show ran so long which is so rare nowadays for a book musical Off-Broadway.

David Josefsberg: I love 54 has become THE place to do it all for our community. Fantastic, classy space!

Cast of "Altar Boyz" left to right, Scott Porter, David Josefsberg, Andy Karl, Tyler Maynard, Ryan Duncan, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg3. What do you hope fans will enjoy most about this celebration reunion concert?

Andy Karl: I liken it to fans of New Kids On the Block going to one of their concerts. Good time to remember the fun and also see how old we've gotten...but they still "got it." They still got it.

Ryan Duncan: I hope the fans will enjoy some of the background stories and information that went into making the show. Also seeing some of their favorite replacements and understudies.

David Josefsberg: For those who have seen the show it will be amazing to see the different casts come together, and for newbees? I guess they get to see what I say is a great, great show!

4. For someone who has never seen Altar Boyz, what is one reason you would tell them to attend this reunion concert?

Andy Karl: Come hear the music that is really cleaver & cool, and characters that are hilarious. This show will live on and on with many companies because it's a rare piece of theatre that is a highly entertaining.

Ryan Duncan: The show has been done around the world and continues to be done around the country. I hope people that haven't seen it will go out and see one of these productions. It's a really special show. I think the night will be very accessible to those who don't know the show since we'll talk about creating a show with the composers and writer.

David Josefsberg: I would say to come see some old men, um, Altar Boyz was funny, had amazing songs, and was really moving 10 years ago.....and guess still is! And who doesn't want to see Tony nominee Andy Karl and other Broadway folks riffing and beatboxing!

Cast of "Altar Boyz", left to right, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, David Josefsberg, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg5. Since this concert is 10 years after Altar Boyz opened, will you perform this concert with the 10 years of living life you've had or will you perform it with the experience you had 10 years ago?

Andy Karl: My experience over the past ten years has made me so aware to look back and enjoy those wonderful times I had on stage. If I can even get close to what we felt every night back then, I will be more than thrilled.

Ryan Duncan: Oh, I think we'll perform with 10 more years of experience while giving the flavor of what we did back then. I know I'd get a kick out of guys that are well out of their 20s singing boyband songs anyway.

David Josefsberg: I have a feeling I will fall right back into 2005 Joberg....I have been singing the music in the car (with my 10 year old who was born just about the time we started rehearsals) and all the riffs and old feelings come flooding back! 

6. If you had to pick one song from the show that you are looking most forward to performing at this 10 year anniversary celebration, which one would it be?

Andy Karl: I just hope I remember the words to my solo "Body Mind and Soul."

Ryan Duncan: I'm excited to sing the entire "La Vida" as I did on the album but I think "Number 918" will be a crack up. There's a riff I threw in there in the show and on the album that I'll laugh at as a personal joke with myself.

David Josefsberg: All of them....but for your question.....I will say "I Believe".......Maybe I can make it through without crying!

Cast of "Altar Boyz", left to right, Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg7. Two of my favorite songs in Altar Boyz are "Everybody Fits" and "I Believe." "Everybody Fits" is a song about how no matter what our differences are, everybody should feel like they belong. Can you tell me a time when you felt like you didn't belong? "I Believe" is a song about feeling lucky for meeting someone in your life. Who are one or two people that you are grateful you met in your life? What makes them important to you?

Ryan Duncan: I love "Everybody Fits" because firstly, who doesn't love puppets? But also the message of the show was inclusion, acceptance and love and I think that's why our audiences were so diverse from non-religious to clergy. I'm really proud that we didn't alienate anyone and we walked a great line that I think, made everybody fit into our Altar Boyz family...a real message of Jesus right? I have felt I didn't fit or belong several times during my life, one that comes to mind is continuing this youth group from one high school after I transferred to another high school which they called the "ghetto school." Aside from the fact that people don't know what ghetto is (cause they're trifling and racist), they treated me like I suddenly didn't belong. Some of the people were super-douchey...then my school beat them in EVERYTHING my senior year so...they can eat it.

"I Believe" ends with the Boyz all looking at each other. I love that. There are so many people in my life that I know I met for a reason and sometimes the circumstances were really less than desirable to meet them, but we were meant to be in each others' lives. I think sometimes oppression and frustration makes people bond in the right way. We're all connected. Some people though are there to teach us about ourselves, ya know, the ones you meet but need to cut loose after a while.

David Josefsberg: First of all, is everyone answering these questions? Because I see you picked two songs where I sing the lead....good choices (sorry guys)...Anyhoo, sure, I bet everyone, everywhere has felt like they didn't belong at some point. Being in theater as a kid? Being Jewish? Everyone has something. You just have to trust that we all have felt it, and it is all okay!

As for I believe....I will go with my wife Liz, who makes me better everyday, and my children, Cooper and Benji, who have made me the man I am today.

Cast of "Altar Boyz", left to right, Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg8. Looking back on your time in Altar Boyz, what are some of your most cherished memories?

Andy Karl: Backstage whipping each other with a plastic boot-shoe-horn to get revved up for the show. Sounds awful but it was hilarious! and The friendships that only a fake-Christian-boy-band can bring.

Ryan Duncan: My Altar Boyz experiences were super dreamy. Exhausting and dreamy. The release of the cast album at the Virgin Megastore was great. Performing at the MTC Gala and the Drama Desk Awards were great. The way the audience took to the show was just amazing. It's rare to be a part of something that wonderful. Dressing room antics are cherished memories and I'm a little afraid of which ones will be shared on March 1.

David Josefsberg: Wow, dressing room whiffering, 3 years of creating the show before it happened Off-Broadway, the rotating television, tight harmonies, having my wife and Cooper (my son) at the show and thinking of his birth during "I Believe" (didn't get through that without crying), great friends, kick-ass dancing, Arbata, many!

9. What's the best advice you've ever received?

Andy Karl: Brush your teeth. Dental hygiene and fresh breath are a top priority for your health.

Ryan Duncan: Before I did Altar Boyz, someone told me to enjoy the down time I had. The time I had "nothing" going on, because soon you'll be really busy and wish you had a little break. Be grateful, remember how many people would love to do what you're doing. Also, it's for the audience or we wouldn't be there.

David Josefsberg: Wipe from front to back....wait that wasn't for, you don't have to cry to make the audience cry (David Hyde Pierce)

Cast of "Altar Boyz", left to right, Andy Karl, Tyler Maynard, Scott Porter, Ryan Duncan, David Josefsberg, Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg10. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer?

Andy Karl: Aside from singing above an "A", I will try not to put any limits on myself. I will try everything.

Ryan Duncan: I've learned that the audience really informs your character and the show. When you finally get in front of an audience, you see what they need for their experience and what they need to get the story. It humbles you sometimes but really teaches me that it's for them. Being generous with your show and other actors on stage, enriches you. Also, you don't really need to poop before a show. It's just nerves. They lie to you.

David Josefsberg: That I am pretty good at hearing NO, until I can get to a YES!

11. How do you want to be remembered?

Andy Karl: Putting smiles on faces and affecting people's lives for the better. I hope that's how I'm remembered anyway.

Ryan Duncan: I want to be remembered for always being full-out. And having bouncy hair.


12. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose?

Andy Karl: Turning anything I want into money.

Ryan Duncan: My magical power would be to to make chicken wings appear when or wherever I want them.

David Josefsberg: I will ask my son Benji....he says Tiger power....I said what is that.....he said it means I can turn into a tiger....makes sense. Oh, and Nancy Opels vocal power....yes! P.S. come see Honeymoon in Vegas!

13. If you could create your own signature drink, what would you call it and what would the ingredients be?

Andy Karl: The Dancing Martini. Vodka, vermouth and pure adrenalin. Nice buzz and no sleep.

Ryan Duncan: If the drink was Altar Boyz themed: Juan's Bloody Maria Madre de Dios (Juan's Bloody Mary Mother of God). It would be a really spicy bloody mary with chili powder and garnished with a cross of celery with Jesus shaped bacon on it. Story: one time for Cinco de Mayo, I ("Juan") put out Mexican candies and decorations and trinkets on the merchandise table for the audience and the candy all had chili powder in them.  Audience members were complaining and spitting up and I was told my candies created an issue. I felt terrible, but then I threw chiclets out at the end of the show and the audience seemed to get over it. Oops.

Cast of "Altar Boyz", left to right, Andy Karl, Ryan Duncan, Scott Porter, Tyler Maynard, David JosefsbergDavid Josefsberg: Everyone knows my signature drink is bourbon and sudafed! One ice cube!

14. Boxers or Briefs?

Andy Karl: Boxer/briefs. Full coverage and keeps all things secure.

Ryan Duncan: Briefs!

David Josefsberg: Boxer Briefs!


Call Answered: Aaron David Gleason: 54 Below: Midnight at 9:30

Aaron David Gleason, Photo Credit: Prospect Photography"Call Me Adam" chats with actor, producer, and singer/songwriter Aaron David Gleason about his upcoming show at 54 Below (254 West 54th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue) Midnight at 9:30 on February 18 at 9:30pm! Click here for tickets!

Midnight at 9:30 is an evening of songs from every genre about "midnight." Joining Aaron in this special evening are his Tony Award winning mother Joanna Gleason, Chris Sullivan, Lucas Papaelias, Brittain Ashford, Or Matias, Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Andromeda Turre, Daniel Ballen, and David Ballen.

For more on Aaron be sure to visit and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

1. On February 18, you are presenting Midnight at 9:30, an evening of songs about Midnight. What are you most excited for about this concert? Getting this crew together. I'm a huge fan of these other artists.

2. What made you want to produce an evening of songs about Midnight? What does this bewitching hour mean to you? My first band was called The Midnight Radio, of course I was inspired by Stephen Trask's song. That song encapsulates all of Hedwig's emotions at that time. It's heavy and exalting all in one. As for "midnight songs": Funny, that a lot of songs with that word in it end up being blues. The non-blues ones end up being epic. Once you get into that subject matter, there's no messing around. You must have something to say. When I posted that I wanted suggestions on songs with "midnight" in them, I got about 100 replies.

3. What do you love most about performing at 54 Below? Nice ambiance. Great history. The other people performing on a nightly basis there are incredible. It's been a fantasy to play there.

Joanna and Aaron Gleason performingAaron and Joanna Gleason in Aaron's music video for his song "Mastermind"4. Joining you on February 18 will be a host of Broadway performers including your mother, Tony Award winner Joanna Gleason, whom you have performed with before at 54 Below. She was also featured in your music video for your song "Mastermind." What are looking forward to most about having your mom as part of this evening? What do you like most about performing with her? My mom asked if she could make soup for everyone. I said, "I've had your soup, how about you sing one song." She agreed to that deal. All kidding aside, I'm as much a fan of hers as anyone. Her interpretations are inspired and inventive. Some people try in vain to distill her talents -- that's pretty tough because she is so nimble and electric.

5. Some of the other performers performing with you in Midnight at 9:30 are Chris Sullivan, Lucas Papaelias, Brittain Ashford, Or Matias, Nikka Graff Lanzarone, Andromeda Turre, Daniel Ballen, and David Ballen. How did you decide that you wanted these particular performers to be part of this concert? This is my favorite part. These artists all have something that's impossible to pin down. Anytime I saw them perform, they changed the way I saw theater. I saw Brittain and Or in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and it blew my mind, to be honest. Lucas and I used to play basketball, before I knew anything about the guy. Then, I see ONCE and he damn near steals the show. Nikka and I grew up together, and her mother and my mother were in I Love My Wife. Nikka has infectious charm. I'm a big fan of The Knick, and Chris Sullivan is incredible on that show.  He also happens to sing blues and folk like a mountain man. The Bailens are an up and coming great band and Drew Cooper, my MD, is literally my next door neighbor. I heard his playing coming through the wall, and thought, yeah I have to get that guy. Andromeda and I were in a reading of The Happy Hooker, and she knocked my socks off with her killer energy and voice.

Aaron David Gleason6. What do you hope audiences come away with after attending Midnight at 9:30? Their money's worth. Just having a nice night out. Excitement. Whimsy.

7. In addition to performing in Midnight at 9:30, as mentioned earlier, you are also producing the concert. What do you get from producing that you do not get from performing? Ownership, for better or for worse.

8. What's the best advice you've ever received? If someone ever tells you their way is the only way, it probably isn't.

9. What have you learned about yourself from being a performer? It's what I live for, totally, completely. It CAN make you take a long look in a close mirror, which is fairly horrifying at first, but then you learn to be at peace with it. What I've learned most though, is that if I go too long between performances, I start to lose my sense of self.

Aaron David Gleason, Photo Credit: Prospect Photography10. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose? The ability to play music at a high level.


11. If you could create a signature drink, what would you call it and what ingredients would you put in it? The Midnight Special. Ingredients: Gin, Bitters, Grand Marnier.


Call Redialed: Conference call with Charles Busch and Carl Andress about 92Y Lyrics & Lyricists: Here's to the Girls: Hollywood's Leading Ladies

Charles BuschCarl Andress"Call Me Adam" catches up with the legendary Charles Busch and Carl Andress as they bring you their evening Here's to the Girls: Hollywood's Leading Ladies to the 92Y's Lyrics & Lyricists series which will celebrate the leading ladies of Hollywood's Golden Age musicals from February 7-9. This installment of Lyrics & Lyricists will feature the talents of Nancy Anderson, Andréa Burns, Cady Huffman, Erin Maguire, and Zakiya Young. Click here for tickets!

For more on 92Y be sure to visit and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

1. The second installment of the 92Y Lyrics & Lyricists concert is taking place from Feb 7-9, entitled Here's to the Girls: Hollywood's Leading Ladies. You both co-wrote this concert together. What made you want to write a concert about the Leading Ladies of Hollywood's Golden Age of musicals? What is it about this genre that you like best?

Charles Busch: This series has become such a fixture of the NY cultural scene, it's wonderful to part of this tradition. To be perfectly frank, I'm not an expert on the lives of the great songwriters, but I do know quite a bit about actresses. I've wanted to murder a number of them and yet still find the species endlessly fascinating. And even invite a few of them over on Christmas Day. I hide my most valuable possessions. Seriously, there is something valiant about a woman who commits herself to a life on the stage or screen and none of the great woman stars had it easy. They share not only great talent but a kind of gallantry and vulnerability and have to use that vulnerability in their work.

Carl Andress: When the call came inviting us to create a new show for the Lyrics & Lyricists series, we immediately thought it would be fun to take the opportunity to salute our favorite leading ladies of the musical silver screen and the songs that are associated with them as well as to explore some of the myth and lore of Hollywood itself. It’s a subject that we both find endlessly fascinating, plus what could be more enjoyable than to create an evening dedicated to these fascinating ladies, with songs written by the crème de la crème of composers, to be performed by some of the brightest talents of the New York stage?

Marilyn MonroeJudy Garland2. How did you decide which Golden Age actresses you wanted to focus on?

Charles Busch: That was tough. There is of course the pantheon of brilliant female musical stars that you have to include, Garland, Marilyn, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Doris Day, Alice Faye, Ann Miller. But there are so many. You want to include some of the famous sopranos, but if you have Jeannette Macdonald and Jane Powell and Deanna Durbin, do you leave out Kathryn Grayson?  It ain't easy. Ultimately, it comes down to choosing your favorites but not excluding stars who fit your theme.

Carl Andress: There are so many celebrated female movie musical stars, but the problem was how do you narrow down the field? We had to set ourselves some limits. For instance, we decided to focus on the years 1930 to 1960, considered the Golden Age of the movie musical, and on original movie musicals rather than film adaptations of Broadway shows. Within that framework, we would focus on women who had honest-to-goodness movie careers within the studio system. We also decided that since we made the rules, that we had full authority to break them!

Cady Huffman, Photo Credit: Josh WoolAndrea Burns3. How did you pick the ladies of today's musical theatre that you want to be part of Here's to the Girls: Hollywood's Leading Ladies?

Charles Busch: It's a very brief rehearsal period and so in those cases, it's always best to work with people you know and have worked with before. It's great having a kind of short hand and not risking having a nut aboard the ship. Carl and I both are friends with a number of wonderfully talented ladies who don't mind working very hard and memorizing a ton of lyrics.

Carl Andress: Since we were focusing on the leading ladies of Hollywood musicals it was pretty clear that our cast would be comprised of 5 supremely talented women with the ability and talent to evoke the comic and vocal styles of the past while bringing their own personal and contemporary flair to the material. Fortunately, our five incredible leading ladies said yes without a moment’s hesitation. They make our work incredibly easy.

4. What excites you about being part of 92Y Lyrics & Lyricists?

Charles Busch: These shows have been very successful for many years. They don't need us to reinvent the concept but it is fun to twist it around a bit and it really is a subject that I love. In the narration, we've been able to delve into our favorite show biz books and share some of our favorite anecdotes about these fascinating women and the songwriters who gave them some of their finest work and the studio heads that turned them into stars.

Carl Andress: I love working with the folks at the 92Y. The leadership of the program is incredibly passionate and completely supportive and it’s an honor to be back with them. I created a show with Phyllis Newman celebrating the work of Comden & Green for the series a couple of years ago and being invited back to develop a new show with Charles and our maestro John McDaniel this year has been a total joy. It’s like having our own production unit at MGM!

Nancy Anderson5. What do you hope audiences come away with after seeing this installment of Lyrics & Lyricists?

Charles Busch: Rather than telling the history of the Hollywood musical chronologically, we're dividing the evening into explorations of each major studio and how the immigrant background of each studio boss affected their aesthetic choices and thus the kind of musical female star they developed.

Carl Andress: I hope people come away with a desire to seek out the films and biographies of the delightful women we are celebrating. It’s important to remember and cherish the glories of the past and we are honoring the legacies of these women and their gifts in a fresh and rather personal way.

Erin Maguire6. If you created your Golden Age Musical today, who would cast in the leading parts?

Charles Busch: Naturally all the girls in our show. I'm in the show as well and I've gotta share a dressing room with these dames. Other than them, hmmmm. I think Lady Gaga has all sorts of potential and it's fun seeing her experiment with more traditional looks and material.

Carl Andress: Nancy Anderson, Andréa Burns, Cady Huffman, Erin Maguire and Zakiya Young for starters! Plus I’m crazy about Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Maybe we could do a remake of "The Opposite Sex!"

Charles Busch7. You have worked together on so many projects together, so what do you enjoy most about your collaboration? What have you learned from each other?

Charles Busch: We're so in sync, we rarely have an opposing point of view. Carl sometimes has to tone down some of my more outré notions. For instance, a few years ago when we did a biblical epic play called Judith of Bethulia at Theatre for the New City in the East Village. I wanted to have an enormous cast of extras for the opening scene where, I as the beautiful "Judith," first enter the market place in Ancient Bethulia. I thought it would be cool to place a weekly ad in Backstage. "Be in an Off-Off Broadway show! No experience necessary! Call this number!" And then whoever shows up, we'd hand them some rags and have the assistant director show them where to enter and exit and voila, a cast of thousands. Oh, Carl nixed the idea with all sorts of objections such as how would we pay them, where would they dress, what if they were insane, that sort of thing. I still think it could have worked.

Carl Andress: Well, we certainly laugh a lot! And Charles is never anything less than an inspiration. He’s incredibly smart, so I’m always learning something new. And even though putting on a show requires a great deal of hard work, focus and concentration, we always have a great time. When work doesn’t’ feel like work, you’re doing something right.

Carl Andress8. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose?

Charles Busch: I wish I could divide myself into several highly energized and motivated people who could write many different projects simultaneously. I get so many ideas and can't seem to work on more than one of them at a time. Most of them just drift away.

Carl Andress: I have to answer this question a lot when taking those Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook that will supposedly tell you what your spirit animal is or what you should have for dinner. I always choose the ability to fly.

Charles Busch9. If you could create your own signature drink, what would you call it and what would the ingredients be?

Charles Busch: Well, I've only recently discovered that I'm mad for Jack Daniels on the rocks. Maybe I could add some extra little ingredient that might turn it a vivid fuchsia and then set it aflame. What would I call it? The Charlot Volcano.

Carl Andress: Well, vodka would most definitely be involved -- Tito’s because it’s my current brand of choice. Add in a little bit of the classic liqueur Crème d’Yvette and a little bit of lemon and you’ve got something rather special. I’d call it Dignified.

10. How do you want to be remembered?

Charles Busch: I'd like to be remembered as good company, a tough hard working pro and that there was more to me and my work than met the eye.

Carl Andress: I’d like to be remembered as one who was a kind and sensitive friend, who was a smart and sensible professional possessed of unique sense of style.

Charles Busch, Photo Credit: Marc YankusMore on Charles:

Making his Lyrics & Lyricists debut – is the author and star of such plays as The Divine SisterThe Lady in QuestionRed Scare on SunsetYou Should Be So Lucky and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom; one of the longest running plays in the history of Off- Broadway. His play The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife ran for 777 performances on Broadway; it received a Tony nomination for Best Play, and Charles won the Outer Critics Circle’s John Gassner Playwriting Award. In 2003 Charles received a special Drama Desk Award for career achievement as both performer and playwright, and he was given a star on the Playwrights Walk of Fame outside the Lucille Lortel Theatre. Given his love and knowledge of film and theatre history, Charles has been invited to appear in numerous documentaries for Turner Classic Movies, including programs on Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo, and he has lectured and conducted master classes at many colleges and universities including NYU, Harvard, UCLA and Amherst. He is the subject of the acclaimed documentary film, The Lady in Question is Charles Busch, and he is the author of the auto-biographical novel Whores of Lost Atlantis. For more on Charles visit and follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

Carl AndressMore on Carl:

Is an American theater director whose credits include the world premieres of Charles Busch’s critically acclaimed comedies The Tribute ArtistThe Divine SisterThe Third Story, starring Kathleen Turner; Judith of Bethulia; the children’s musical Bunnicula; and Shanghai Moon. He has also directed New York productions of the Busch plays Die! Mommie Die! and Queen Amarantha, as well as regional productions of The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife. Other credits include Carmen Pelaez's Rum & Coke, Douglas Carter Beane’s The Cartells, the New York concert premieres of Kander, Ebb and McNally's The Visit; Sheldon Harnick and Joe Raposo’s A Wonderful Life and Bob Merrill and Jule Styne’s Mister Magoo’s A Christmas Carol all for The Actors Fund, as well as productions of Tenderloin, Harold & Maude, I Love My Wife and The Mad Show all for "Musicals in Mufti" at The York Theater Company. Carl made his Lyrics & Lyricists debut in May 2011 as stage director for Phyllis Newman’s Carried Away: Being Comden & Green. For more on Carl visit!