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Call Answered: One Percent Better Interview with TITLE Boxing Club's Michael Tosto

In my latest "One Percent Better" interview, I interview Title Boxing Club NYC founder Michael Tosto. Michael has been helping me improve my life by teaching me the skills to be more self-confident and stronger with every move I make. His boxing classes are for everyone, from beginners like me to championship boxers. Michael took a chance in his own life by opening up Title Boxing Club NYC in Midtown Manhattan and the results have been a Total Knock Out! Come watch Michael talk about how this venture helped improved his life and in turn helping hundreds of others improve their own lives, including mine!



Help Find My Cousin's Children Rivka, Rachel, Yechezkel, Yekusiel Lesserson

It's been a little over 2 years since my cousin's (Shimon Lesserson) children were kidnapped by my cousin's ex-wife Sarah Lesserson and her convict husband Nick. They took the 4 children (Rivka, Rachel, Yechezkel, Yekusiel) to Mexico. They were last sighted in Sayulita (about 25 miles from Puerto Vallarta). My family and I would love more than anything to have all 4 children reunited with my cousin.

I post this video in hopes that someone will have information leading to their whereabouts. If you have any contacts in Mexico or are traveling there yourself and see them, PLEASE contact, or call 1-800-THE-LOST or 1-800-843-5678.

The search for them will not end until the kids are safely reunited with my cousin! Thank you for your assistance! We really appreciate it!


Call Answered: Interview with John Epperson, a.k.a. LYPSINKA!

UPDATE: Due to an inury sustained by John Epperson, the run of LYPSINKA! THE BOXED SET has been cancelled!

"Call Me Adam" chats with John Epperson, a.k.a. LYPSINKA! herself about the return of his smash hit show LYPSINKA! THE BOXED SET, which will play at The Connelly Theater from July 22 through September 12 in NYC!



Call Answered: Interview with musician David Geist

"Call Me Adam" chats with musician David Geist about playing in the orchestra pits of Broadway's biggest shows, moving from Broadway to the hills of Santa Fe where he opened up his own cabaret room Geist Cabaret, coaching Linda Eder and Betty Buckley as well as his newest album Inside The Flame!



Call Redialed: NEW interview with legendary Charles Busch

Live from 54 Below, "Call Me Adam" catches up with the legendary Charles Busch to talk about his new show That Girl/That Boy at 54 Below July 14, 16, 17, 23 at 7pm! That Girl/That Boy combines Charles' hilarious personal reminiscence, character sketches and superb storytelling through song into one glittering and glamorous evening in cabaret!