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Charles Busch Ridin' High at 54 Below

I had the most splendid evening at Charles Busch's new cabaret show Ridin' High at 54 Below. In true Charles Busch fashion, Charles lit up that stage with songs, stories, humor, and lots of love! I could just tell how much fun he was having on stage and you know what, the audiences was having quite a time too. To see this show at 54 Below was also very delightful. I just adore 54 Below. It's intimacy allowed me to feel much more part of the show. With a great sound, I didn't miss a beat!

I really enjoyed Charles' new routine, especially his fun banter with musical director Tom Judson (who also got to showcase his gorgeous vocals with a solo number of his own). Charles knows how to entertain, which is why he has sustained his successful career. With nothing more than a look, Charles can leave an audience in stitches, and let me tell you, I was sewn up good with laughter.

I always learn some lesson through Charles' stories and tonight was no exception. Charles taught me two things. One was "You are only as good as the people you work with" and two, "Don't rush into judgement." Such wise statements really took to my heart.

After seeing Charles Busch in Ridin' High, I felt as though I knew him that much better. He revealed a lot of fun facts about himself. When I'm watching Charles on stage, I often feel as though I'm sitting around a campfire and Charles is the flame, heated by his warmth and comforted by his gentle delivery.

Charles has two shows left, November 7 & 24 at 9:30pm at 54 Below (254 West 54th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue). Click here for tickets!

That's Adam's Call and I Stand For Entertainment!


Kim David Smith: Nova Noir at The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge 10/2

Get your tickets now for the incredibly talented Kim David Smith who will be taking the stage in concert in his new show NOVA NOIR at The Gallery at (le) Poisson Rouge on Wednesday, October 2 at 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm).

NOVA NOIR will be an evening of decadent 1920′s treatment re-imagining works by Weimar-era composers, and modern-day artists alike, including: Friedrich Hollaender, Cher, Kurt Weill, the Supremes, Kylie Minogue, Hanns Eisler, and myriad glittering others, and incorporating electropop gems from his debut album, "Nova."

If you've never seen Kim David Smith in concert, now is the time to check him out! Click here for tickets!

Click here for my review of Kim David Smith's May concert at Joe's Pub to get a sense of just how wonderful he is in concert. To really understand Kim's talent, you do need to see him for yourself, live!

For more on Kim David Smith visit and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube!


Cheyenne Jackson and David Burtka via Funny or Die spoof

Check out this hilarious Funny or Die video spoof that Cheyenne Jackson and David Burtka made about as if it were advertising for the gay community. It's about time someone made an ad for the gays, even if it is only a spoof.



Thank You Lucas Cruikshank of Nickelodeon's Fred Series for coming out as gay

Your bravery just saved someone's life by showing them it's okay to be gay! 


Resurrecting Carrie by Michael Stever

Filmmaker and fellow "Call Me Adam" participant Michael Stever has taken "Carrie" to new heights! He has made a wonderful short about "Carrie," the film, the Broadway musical, and MCC's recent Off-Broadway revival. Check out the video below Michael's explanation of everything that went into making this labor of love.

'Resurrecting Carrie' has hands down been one of the most difficult things I've ever filmed & edited together. First and foremost because I was attempting to 'merge' so many facets of Carrie into one piece. I wanted it to be a retrospective of both stage productions, because honestly the creative team really has improved on the source materiel by leaps and bounds. But also because I simply had to show viewers Betty Buckley & Linzi Hateley's jaw drop scary rendition of 'And Eve Was Weak.'  Of course the piece also had to incorporate the film not merely because it is one of the most visually spectacular pieces of cinema ever created, but because the wonderfully complex Piper Laurie was on hand, who agreed to sit down with me on camera, and then gave me over three hours of her time. I'm still pinching myself. I wanted the piece to incorporate the book, as Stephen King and the original source material is the inspiration for everything else here. I wanted it to have a focus on bullying, as this is a blisteringly relevant social issue, and goes hand in hand with equality, one of our country's more divisive, controversial issues ever.

What's more, I purposefully chose not to create an outline before hand, and let me tell you for the three months I spent working on this, it left me on more than one occasion sitting at my computer scratching my head wondering how in the Hell I was going to piece it all together effectively. I still have tons of material which didn't make it into the final piece, as again, I felt I was trying to incorporate so much already - I had to stick with certain specific variables.

So now what do I do with the wonderful footage of Piper talking about how Sissy Spacek's husband Jack Fisk just happened to catch sight of her in rehearsals illuminated in the archway of Brian DePalma's apt with her hair down & combed out and was stopped in his tracks. "There!" he yelled.. That's how you should have your hair! "Initially I thought the character of Margaret White was quite stereotypical, and cliche" recalls Laurie. "But Brian really let me have free reign with Margaret and go into some very risky territory." What do I do with the footage of Piper talking about how DePalma actually let her and Spacek do their final 'stabbing scene' completely unrehearsed? These are all amazing moments which I simply couldn't ad to the piece, because I just thought it would distract from the focus I thought I had to stick to. Perhaps I should do this piece in chapters? There's an interesting idea...Am not sure.

All I know, is as my devotion to Carrie reaches far past the book, far past the film although Brian DePalma's cinematic masterwork still sends chills down my spine, and I'm sure will continue to do so till the day I die. One day there is going to be an incarnation of 'Carrie The Musical' which leaves audiences breathless. I can't wait when that day comes. 

For more on Michael be sure to visit!